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Older and newer Rolex watch models are worth more

The Rolex watch brand, what many believe to be the Mercedes Benz of luxury watches has a rolled out a 2020 price increase on their watches. The reasons exactly are unknown for the increase in Rolex value but many stipulate that the increase is done simply to preserve the brand image in terms of being a top watch brand and maintaining its elite position as a status symbol for top earners, especially since a Rolex price increase has not occurred in the US since 2012.

The increase in price is seen in different Rolex watch lines, both in stainless steel and two-tone watch models.

Here are some examples shown below: 


how much is your rolex submariner worth

For example; the industry-leading divers watch, the Rolex Submariner (Ref.114060) has seen an increase of 5.33% shifting from $7,500 to $7,900.

rolex daytona buyer


The top racing chronograph watch, the Rolex Daytona (Ref. 116500) have seen an increase of 6.04% with an increase from $12,400 to $13,150.

The popular travelers/pilots watch, the GMT-Master II (Ref. 126710) shifted by 4.86% from $9,250 to $9,700.

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The watches mentioned above are stainless steel models so the price increase cannot really be associated with a precious metal value increase as steel is not considered one.

Two-tone watches have seen an increase in price as well. Some may attribute to the fact that gold is reaching prices it has not seen since 2013, however it is unlikely that if gold was to drop that the Rolex would respond with a drop in the price of its gold and steel watch models.

sell two tone rolex watch

The Rolex two-tone Submariner (Ref. 116613), has seen the biggest shift in Rolex’s price hike moving up 8.46% from $13,000 to $14,100 reaffirming its position as one of Rolex’s most sought after sports models.

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Rolex continues to be an industry leader with releasing watches that grow significantly in value. The Rolex Submariner featuring a green dial and bezel, commonly known as the powerhouse Marvel superhero, the Hulk, is listed at $9,350 at a Rolex retailer however is unavailable at almost all auhtorized dealers; leading Rolex connoisseurs to the secondhand market which has seen the watch being traded for as much as $16,500 during the summer of 2019 and now dropping back to a $13,000-$15,000 range, still well above the retail price.

rolex hulk buyer

Many would try to correlate this shift in relating to the values of commodities throughout the year however the Rolex Hulk is another stainless steel watch meaning that this rise in price is seen as commodity/currency like a top trading blockchain-based cryptocurrency, making Rolex brand watches almost a commodity of its own.

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This price shift conducted directly by Rolex along with the collectability and market generated growth in value of Rolex watches makes owning a Rolex more sought after than ever thus reaffirming it as an investment you can enjoy more than ever. Due to the rarity and shift in prices by Rolex, the secondhand market has now become almost the primary market due to the variable yet increasing demand for the watches.

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used luxury watch buyer near me

The solution to selling your Rolex watch

This is a key point in time where it is a buyer’s market in terms of potential future growth and a seller’s market due to the upward shift in value for the watches. So whether you are looking to buy, sell, or consign, SellUsYourJewelry, the buying division of Gray & Sons jewelers have you covered for all your Rolex watch needs.

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