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Sell Your Diamonds in Orlando

The majority of Americans are leaving the “diamond is forever” attitude to trade their diamond jewelry. Now, change of heart derives from the necessity for money to go towards home improvements, education, or even a holiday. Others believe that antique jewelry is no longer in usage and see no purpose in keeping it. So, if you are expecting to sell your diamond jewelry in Orlando and want to get the highest offer, you can have the reliable services of Sell Us Your Jewelry.

While selling a piece of diamond jewelry may seem money-making, but it isn’t as easy as selling gold jewelry. Though the gold possesses a good melting value, the resale rate for diamond pieces does not have one measuring criteria, making the entire procedure troublesome for people who are not expert diamond buyers or appraisers.

 About Sell Us Your Jewelry

Sell Us Your Jewelry is an authorized jewelry and watch trading firm in Florida that has been serving the greater Miami to coral gables and in between locations with its services. Since 1980, the jewelers at Sell Us Your Jewelry have been buying the diamond, gold, sterling silver, and platinum jewelry. The jewelry and watch buyers are well versed in the process of selling and buying the jewelry and thus assist you in the entire process. 

sell diamond rings in orlando
Sell your diamond rings for a decent price in Orlando.

Why look for a certified diamond buyer?

While you may be inclined to visit the local jewelry buyer, you should consider their reliability above all. The probability of a local diamond buyer offering you a higher rate solely based on the market’s condition and the worth of your diamond style at any given time. 

The purchasing power of a local buyer, especially of a jewelry buyer, is minimal. It is a possibility that you can lose your amount when you sell your diamond or any other jewelry to a local seller or a pawn shop. Therefore, look for a certified diamond buyer at Sell Us Your Jewelry to add value to your diamond.

loose diamond buyer in orlando
We also buy loose diamonds in Orlando.

Choose a reputable diamond buyer – Sell Us Your Jewelry

When you trade your diamonds for cash, you need to be 100% assured with the method you select. Ensuring that the buyer has a better business bureau (BBB) rating is an incredible place to begin. Sell Us Your Jewelry has an amazing BBB grading. More importantly, we only trust the best yet expert buyers to deal with the diamond ratings – GIA certified. 

Sell Us Your Jewelry is also 100% transparent and objective throughout the selling procedure. All evaluations and estimates are made to give information to both you and buyers bid on it. We are the network of expert diamond buyers that will assess the value of your diamond. 

Diamond evaluation at Sell Us Your Jewelry 

At Sell Us Your Jewelry, Diamonds are evaluated based on the” four Cs” that are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

diamond buyer orlando
We buy all types of pre-owned diamond pieces in Orlando.
  • Cuts 

Due to clean cuts, the value of modern diamond pieces is better than vintage pieces as per the accuracy of the cuts.

  • Carat

Diamond jewelry owners are usually aware of the carat weight of their jewelry as it indicates its size. So, the bigger the diamond stone, the better the carat value and weight will be.

  • Clarity

 Appraisers are watching out for blemishes and flaws on the stone. The lesser the flaws, the higher the value will be of a diamond.

  • Color

 Many people believe that diamonds are totally colorless, which is not valid. They usually contain the basic brown or yellow hints. However, the diamonds that are rated to be entirely colorless have higher weight and overall value. This does not apply to colored diamonds that contain their evaluation scale. 

Keep a realistic rate target for diamond

Assuming the retail price for your pre-owned diamond jewelry is the quickest way to be disappointed with the sale. There is a big difference between the resale and retail value that requires to be considered when setting the resale value of your diamond. 

When your diamond arrives at the Sell Us Your Jewelry showroom, it is cleaned, photographed, and get a complimentary grading by our GIA certified diamond buyer. Our buyers will evaluate your item accurately on the basis of the market value and nature of the jewelry piece. 

Ensure to be emotionally ready to trade your diamond for cash 

It is a fact that diamonds represent passion, love, and respect for most of us, which makes it harder to sell than another jewelry type. You may consider the value of your diamond way higher due to your sentimental attachment, but the market and buyers as a whole do not have the same sentiment.

In such transactions, diamond jewelry is a material item. So, if you feel that you are ready to sell the symbol that reflects someone or something from the past, then you are possibly prepared to let your diamond go. 

Steps to selling the diamond at Sell Us Your Jewelry  

At Sell Us Your Jewelry, we make it easier and hassle-free for our customers to sell their precious diamonds. Moreover, our entire process of selling diamonds relies on the overall inspection and market value. Our GIA certified diamond buyer is always accessible for our customers throughout the United States of America.

To sell a diamond at Sell Us Your Jewelry, you will bring your jewelry to us after scheduling an appointment as per your availability. Once you visit us, our diamond buyer will appraise your item keenly using the right tools to ensure the proper appraisal of the diamond. 

diamond jewelry buyer in Orlando
Sell Us Your Jewelry is a top-rated diamond buyer in Orlando.

After the complete appraisal process, your item will be given an accurate offer. Once you acknowledge the offer given by our buyer, your money will be given to you immediately.

Hence, the entire process of selling diamonds is easy, quick, and secure with Sell Us Your Jewelry. 

Considering selling diamond jewelry? Contact us?

So, if you liked the idea of selling your diamond with ease, then don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our GIA certified diamond buyer. Our buyer will ensure to give you a smooth selling experience of your precious jewelry that means a lot to you. So, call us at 1-305-770-6955 to schedule your appointment. 

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