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The Solution To Selling Your Silver In Miami

If you are a silver jewelry owner situated in Miami and is looking for the best jewelry buyer, then you are the lucky one as Miami is the home to well-reputed jewelry buying firms. One of them is Sell Us Your Jewelry.

Sell Us Your Jewelry has been in a jewelry buying business for decades. We have been helping people of Miami in getting the accurate appraisal and offer for their jewelry. 

 Sell Us Your Jewelry- An Authentic Spot For Jewelry Sellers 

As an outlet of well known Gray & Sons Jewelers, Sell Us Your Jewelry is an authentic yet convenient online platform for sellers. Since 1980, professional buyers have been helping the sellers from all over the USA. The buyers of Sell Us Your Jewelry helps people selling their jewelry of different metals and watches. So, if you are someone from Miami and have been struggling to get your silver jewelry appraised. Or, you want your items valued adequately, we are more than happy to assist you in the entire process. 

sell silver in miami
You can sell your pre-owned silver pieces in Miami.

What Sort Of Items Do We Purchase At Sell Us Your Jewelry?

Almost everyone has some jewelry and watches in their possession as inherited, or a received present. They might want to trade it for money in the hour of need. At Sell Us Your Jewelry, we buy jewelry, stones, and luxury watches of different brands. So, if you own a bar of silver, gold, diamond and platinum jewelry in any of below forms, bring it to us

  • Necklaces
  • Earings
  • Wedding rings
  • Coins
  • Bangles
  • Bracelets 
  • Nose rings
miami silver buyer
We buy silver items for cash in Miami.

If you own any of the above jewelry in silver, gold, diamond or platinum, you can bring it to us or avail our online services to get the high prices. 

Top Silver Buyer In Miami

Though Miami is the home to the best jewelry buyers, our customer services, accurate offers, and easy evaluation process cannot be beaten. We are the top team of jewelry buyers in Miami who has been in the industry for more than 40 years with extensive knowledge about different metals and watches. We have employed the well qualified, experienced, and trained buyers who are constantly learning more about the jewelry industry. The continuous cycle of learning has enabled our buyers to deal with their customers most professionally.

So, our dedication to keeping learning and striving to be the better version of us makes us among the top buyers of Miami. 

The Most Accessible Silver Buyer In Miami

With our user-friendly online platform and various outlets all over the USA, we are most accessible to our customers. We are not only an online purchasing organization but also available for in-person meetings for those who want to make the transaction face to face. We have our various outlets in the United States of America, including Miami, Aventura, Orland, bay harbor, Hollywood, and more. So, if you want to make an in-person appointment, you can visit us at our showroom, which is most nearer to your place. 

Objective Measurement 

At Sell Us Your Jewelry, our silver buyer measures the weight and size of your silver jewelry and coins accurately. Measuring your product is one of the significant factors in determining the valuation of our product. A slight difference in the weight or size measurements can cause a significant difference in the valuation. Therefore, ensure to bring your product to our professional and reliable buyers who will measure your product accurately to give you a justified rate offer. 

silver jewelry buyer miami
Sell Us Your Jewelry is the number 1 silver jewelry buyer in Miami.

A Thorough Inspection

Other than objectively measuring your product, it is essential to get your product appraised properly and thoroughly. A thorough inspection can shed light on each and every nook and cranny. At Sell Us Your Jewelry, our buyer takes a significant portion of time to evaluate and appraise your product in a professional manner. The accurate and comprehensive appraisals are what makes us unique to other buyers. So, please don’t trust any local buyer and get your item appraised accurately by us. 

Sell Silver Online With Easy And Fast Process

Selling silver has never been this easy with Sell Us Your Jewelry. We have an online platform and also enable our customers to visit our showroom. The selling process at Sell Us Your Jewelry is easy and fast, combined with the high rate of your silver jewelry. So, what’s better than selling your silver easily without facing any inconvenience. The selling process at Sell Us Your Jewelry begins with online when you fill an evaluation form. The online form requires accurate and comprehensive details regarding your product. Once you fill the form with the accurate details, you will receive a shipping box by us to send your precious product to us. Follow the safety tips before sending your product to us. Once your product arrived at our showroom, our buyer will start a comprehensive appraisal process to evaluate your product in terms of offers. 

After the complete evaluation, our buyer will issue a price offer for you, and you will receive your cash as soon as you accept our offer. 

So, ensure to follow the necessary steps to make your selling process smooth with us. 

 Why Are We Different? 

The thing that makes us different from other buyers is that we are dedicated to providing the sellers with the best and exceptional services. We have a team of professional buyers and executives who are there to assist the sellers with their precious jewelry pieces. Moreover, our commitment to giving our customers the highest offer for your product has made a remarkable buying company in the region. 

silverware sets buyer miami
You can also sell your pre-owned vintage silver items.

Avail The Highest Offers: Contact Us

Still wondering where to sell my silver jewelry or you want to know more about the jewelry selling? We are here to assist you. Our competent team of jewelry buyers is always available for people from all over the USA. So, if you own a vintage or a modern piece of silver, gold, or diamond jewelry and watches, you can ship it to us or schedule your appointment. For further information, please contact us at

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