Discover the Silver Lining: Why Choose SellUsYourJewelry?

March 8th, 2024

Discover the Silver Lining: Top Reasons to Choose as Your Trusted Silver Buyer!

Silver is a precious element that remains relevant and is continuously admired by many. The prices of silverware and other silver prices are reaching new peaks. Finding a reliable and trustworthy silver buyer is essential if you want to sell your sterling silver for the most money. 


Showcase of luxurious flatware set perfect for an interested sterling silver buyer
Sterling silver collection for discerning buyers


Discover the timeless elegance of the AUDUBON sterling silver flatware set patented by Tiffany & Co in 1871. Perfect for an interested sterling silver buyer


The price of silver can be established by considering the buyer's willingness to pay. As a result, the price of silver fluctuates regularly, be it daily, weekly, or monthly, in response to changes in demand.

Fine silver does not tarnish because it is 99.9% pure silver. Silver is a malleable metal that isn't resistant to everyday wear and tear. Hence, it's often combined with other metals to enhance its durability. This resulting alloy is commonly referred to as sterling silver.

Sterling silver is real silver consisting of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, typically zinc or copper, to make it stronger and easier to mold. This is why sterling silver pieces come with a 925 mark to show authenticity. 

The price of sterling silver bullion coins, flatware, complete tea set, or hollowware depends on its silver content. Silver items with 950, 925, 900, and 800 marks are the most valuable silvers. Objects that are silver-plated possess limited value due to their thin layer of silver, as opposed to being made of pure silver.

Sterling silver prices also depend on the brand, hallmarks, age, rarity, style and design, and condition of your pieces. Current trends and market demands also affect the value of sterling silver pieces. 

If you want to sell your silver items for the best price, looking for a reputable sterling silver buyer specializing in appraising and buying such items is best. If you want to sell your sterling silver, is where to sell your jewelry online


"Romance of the Sea" sterling silver flatware for silver buyers
Sell your silver to experience the elegance of the ROMANCE OF THE SEA" Sterling Silver flatware set patented in 1950 by Wallace. is the best place to sell your silver for many reasons. 

1. Sterling Silver Buyer: Expertise Matters is the online purchasing site of Gray & Sons Jewelers for your pre-owned sterling silver pieces. Gray & Sons Jewelers has been buying pre-owned watches, jewelry, diamonds, and sterling silver since 1980. Their expertise speaks for itself. 

A sterling silver buyer who understands the value and authenticity of your sterling silver brings significant benefits to you and the seller. 

  • Accurate valuation. The team at Sell Us Your Jewelry (Sell Us Your Jewelry) can precisely evaluate your sterling silver pieces, guaranteeing an equitable transaction. The specialists at Sell Us Your Jewelry possess a comprehensive understanding of the worth of sterling silver, minimizing the possibility of either underestimating or overestimating its value.
  • Fair pricing. Sell Us Your Jewelry comprehends the artistry and excellence of sterling silver workmanship. Therefore, they serve as sterling silver buyers capable of offering you the highest compensation for your items. is the best place to sell your silver.

2. Sell Your Silver Online: Convenience at Your Fingertips

At Sell Us Your Jewelry, the primary advantage is convenience in terms of time and effort. There are two ways to sell your silver with Sell Us Your Jewelry, each offering convenience at your fingertips.

If you are in South Florida, Sell Us Your Jewelry has a showroom at 9595 Harding Ave., Surfside (Miami Beach), right across the world-famous Bal Harbour Shops. You can drop by the showroom anytime from Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you are far from the South Florida area, you can visit to request a free quote for your sterling silver pieces. When you sell your silver online, you can do it from the comfort of your home anywhere in the U.S. 

3. Trust and Transparency: Building Confidence in Your Decision

When you're in the process of selling your sterling silver, it's crucial to locate a silver buyer that is known for their credibility, reliability, and openness. This guarantees that you can have confidence in your choice of buyer. Opting for a reputable buyer ensures that you'll receive the maximum value for your sterling silver items, rather than receiving less than you deserve.

Sell Us Your Jewelry is the most trusted silver buyer because they offer the most accurate value for your sterling silver pieces. Thus, over the years, Sell Us Your Jewelry has earned the trust and confidence of countless sellers of pre-owned sterling silver pieces.

Sell Us Your Jewelry goes beyond merely valuing the silver based on its weight and treating it as scrap material. Sell Us Your Jewelry operates as a sterling silver buyer that takes the extra step to identify the manufacturer and pattern of your pieces, ensuring you receive the highest possible payment for your items.

The experienced silver buyer at Sell Us Your Jewelry will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the offer for your sterling silver items. This approach guarantees a transparent and clear transaction process.

Sell Us Your Jewelry is the only online sterling silver platform with a showroom. Sell Us Your Jewelry has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), meaning they have countless satisfied customers, including sterling silver collectors.


Gorham 8 Piece sterling silver coffee set perfect for sterling silver buyer
Exquisite Gorham 8 Piece sterling silver tea/coffee set including a sterling silver water kettle and tray is stunningly perfect for sterling silver buyer.


4. Secure and Insured Transactions: Peace of Mind Guaranteed knows you want to ensure the security of your transactions. Sell Us Your Jewelry respects the confidentiality of your personal information and protects your information through secure information transmissions. follows strict security protocols to protect customers' goods and information. The unboxing of all items is digitally recorded and stored to avoid any and all problems. With over 42 years of customer trust, you can rest assured that your luxury goods are in the best hands.

5. Streamlined Process: Sell Your Silver Hassle-Free has an easy three (3) step buying process, making it easy and hassle-free for you to sell your silver. 

  • Request a quote by filling up the online form with the description of your sterling silver piece, photos of your piece, and your contact information. 
  • Send your sterling silver item through registered mail using Sell Us Your Jewelry’s Easy Ship Box (available upon request). Make sure to get insurance for your sterling silver pieces.  
  • The qualified experts of Sell Us Your Jewelry will inspect the condition of your sterling silver item.

Once you've accepted the offer, you'll receive your payment through either a check or a wire transfer, followed by sending out your sterling silver pieces.

The online platform of SellUsYourJewelry is accessible and easy to use.

Conclusion has been an expert silver buyer with countless satisfied customers for years. Sell Us Your Jewelry offers the most money for your heirloom pieces, making it the best place for your silver. 

Trust only for an easy, hassle-free, and secure selling process of your sterling silver pieces. The well-trained and experienced silver buyer of Sell Us Your Jewelry ensures you get the best experience when you sell your silver online 

Visit and get the most money for your sterling silver pieces. 



Claudine Faifer: Estate Jewelry & Sterling Silver Specialist

Meet Claudine Faifer: Estate Jewelry & Sterling Silver Specialist

Meet Claudine Faifer an estate jewelry, watch and sterling silver specialist with a professional career spanning over 50 years, including an impressive 30 years career at Gray and Sons Jewelers, the premier destination for selling, buying, repairing and consigning luxury watches and estate jewelry… Discover Claudine Faifer's Captivating History






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