Maximize Your Luxury with Consignment Jewelry

February 28th, 2024

The Benefits of Consigning Luxury Jewelry

If you have the luxury of time and are not in such a rush to receive cash for your jewelry, you can opt for jewelry consignment. The concept of consignment entails you entrusting your jewelry to Gray & Son’s Jewelers to sell it. You will receive payment once your jewelry is sold., the buying division of Gray & Sons Jewelers, is a trusted and top luxury jewelry buyer in Florida and across the United States. You can sell your jewelry to Sell Us Your Jewelry two ways: through outright sales, wherein you will receive immediate cash for your item, or you can consign jewelry, in which case you will receive payment after your item is sold.

For a variety of reasons it can be a difficult decision to sell your jewelry. But if you believe it is time to let go of your precious piece, Sell Us Your Jewelry, the Buying Division of Gray & Sons Jewelers can offer you top dollars. Whether you opt for an outright sale or jewelry consignment, you are with the reliable jewelry experts trusted since 1980.

We beat other offers. Come See us Last! Sell Us Your Jewelry is known to offer top dollars for your item.


Glamour Resold: Discover Exquisite Jewelry Consignment Deals Today
Elevate your jewelry pieces like this four-strand draping diamond necklace and dangling earring set in 18k white gold by considering jewelry consignment as your next step


The Simplicity of the Consignment Process

Consignment jewelry is as straightforward as selling your luxury jewelry outright. Gray & Sons Jewelers will offer you two different quotes: one quote is for an outright sale (you will receive immediate payment after terms are agreed on), and a second quote if you choose to consign your luxury jewelry (you will receive prompt payment after your item has been sold).

The quote for a jewelry consignment may be higher than an outright sale. The higher selling quote for a consignment is your premium for waiting for your item to be sold before receiving a payment.

If extended time to receive a payment is not a concern and a goal is to maximize the payout, please mention “ consign jewelry “ in your online quote form so you can receive both outright and consignment quotes.

You may be wondering how to sell jewelry on consignment.

  • You request a free quote for your jewelry.
  • If you agree to the outright sale or consignment price, send your item via registered mail using the Easy Ship Box we will provide. Don’t forget to get insurance for your jewelry.
  • Your jewelry will undergo valuation by expert jewelry appraisers at Sell Us Your Jewelry to determine its final outright and consignment prices.
  • You decide whether to sell outright or go for consignment.
  • If you choose to consign your item, Gray & Sons will include your consigned piece in its catalog, website, and other selling platforms visible to millions of visitors per year.
  • You will receive an immediate wire transfer payment once your consigned item is sold and the 10-day return policy is completed at the price you agreed to.
  • NO HIDDEN FEES & COMMISSIONS ! You will get the price you agreed to from the start.

Choosing to consign jewelry means you agree to receive payment once your item has been sold.


Treasured Finds: Elevate Your Look with Premium Jewelry Consignment
Embrace jewelry consignment with your own cherished pieces like this exquisite Barry Kieselstein Cord Alligator Cuff Bracelet crafted in radiant 18k yellow gold


The Consignment Timeline

When you agree on the Gray & Sons Jewelers consignment jewelry option, Gray & Sons will market your item to find the perfect customer willing to pay top dollar for your jewelry.

Gray & Sons will work on finding a buyer for your jewelry for as long as you allow it. Consigned jewelry typically takes about 30 to 90 days to sell.


Consigning Luxury Jewelry

The experts at Sell Us Your Jewelry and Gray and Sons are passionate about exceptional luxury brand jewelry, especially pieces with diamonds and gold, silver, and platinum metals. Desirable brands such as Cartier, Tiffany, Chopard, Graff, David Yurman, Bulgari and Pomellato sell fast. But you are able to get a top dollar for your non -branded jewelry as well.

When your consigned luxury jewelry is featured in the Gray and Sons catalog and online platforms, it is visible to millions of actively interested buyers. Consider consigning your luxury brand jewelry with Sell Us Your Jewelry.

Do you have a Cartier Love Bracelet or other highly desirable brand jewelry like Tiffany or David Yurman? These items are in high demand from interested customers who appreciate its craftsmanship and design. Consigning your piece with Sell Us Your Jewelry and Gray and Sons Jewelers is a great option to liquidating your jewelry and raising needed funds.


Hassle-Free Transactions

When you consign your jewelry to Gray & Sons Jewelers, you free yourself of the hassles of handling inquiries, negotiations, and the overall sales process from prospective customers. This will save you a lot of time, effort, and stress. Once your item has been sold, SUYJ at Gray & Sons will send you immediate payment.

Like all items in stock, Gray & Sons will advertise your consigned item in the luxury monthly catalog, on their website, via email campaigns and other selling platforms to find the right buyer. Gray & Sons will not deduct any fees for photography, marketing, commissions, interests, or any repairs done on your item from the agreed consignment price.

Opting for jewelry consignment is a hassle-free transaction and allows you to fetch a higher sale price than when selling your jewelry outright.

Many customers can vouch for the trust and transparency in Gray & Son's consignment services. They immediately received the amount promised at the beginning of the transaction, regardless of how challenging and complex the sale was.


Reviving Tradition: Discover Pocket Watch Jewelry Consignment Finds
Are you looking to get jewelry consignment for your pocket watch like this Swiss Classic 38490 watch made out of 18k yellow gold



If you are in immediate need of cash, you can sell your jewelry outright. If you are willing to wait until your jewelry is sold to an end consumer, jewelry consignment is the correct route and a more lucrative option for selling your jewelry.

See Us Last because we give the highest offers for your precious luxury jewelry.

Contact us now and get started with the jewelry consignment process by requesting a free quote.



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