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February 14th, 2024

Trade Your Watch in Fort Lauderdale for Instant Cash! We Are the Number One Watch Buyer in Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to Sell Us Your Jewelry, where we are more than happy to let you trade your watch for cash. The vintage and antique watches might mean useless to you but are of high demand in the market. Using our robust selling platform, people can sell their premium watches at the most accurate and high value of the market.

At Sell Us Your Jewelry, our expert watch buyers go the extra mile by careful cleaning, assessing, and photographing your luxury watches with the help of contemporary equipment available. From the start to the end of the deal, we are fully committed to giving you the most accurate money for your precious items and makes the process of selling a watch is carried out in a professional way that is completely secure and convenient. 


sell used rolex watches like this Oyster Perpetual to the number one watch buyer in fort lauderdale


We buy pre-owned authentic Rolex watches near you. Call us for Rolex prices.

Reasons to Sell Watch to Sell Us Your Jewelry?

The common question that we usually come across by our customers is, “for what reasons should I sell my watch to Sell Us Your Jewelry?” The answer is quite simple. Sell Us Your Jewelry’s customers are our priority, and we believe in processing every transaction with absolute care and complete transparency. Moreover, we understand the importance of comfort and convenience to you, and we work hard to make sure that selling watches is a smooth and easy process. 


We are a luxury watch buyer in fort lauderdale and can buy an audemars piguet like this one.


You can also sell luxury watches from other brands.

With our experienced watch buyer, you don’t have to waste your time looking for an appraiser who knows the type of watches you are selling. Nor you have to do the other important tasks such as photographing and cleaning. With Sell Us Your Jewelry, you don’t have to wait for an interesting premium or antique watch buyer to make the deal. Instead, you will benefit from the offer we will have for you, enabling us to manage this process for you.

When you use our services to sell your premium and vintage watches, you attract pre-selected and interested global watch buyers to make a deal. This is the reason we give you the top dollars for your watches as compared to the market. 

At Sell Us Your Jewelry, reliability, absolute transparency, and customer satisfaction are the top priorities which are reflected in our accurate, objective appraisals throughout the process of buying your watch. We are highly licensed and accredited by the better business bureau (BBB).

The Perk of Objective Appraisals 

When you sell your luxury and vintage watches to us, you get an elite service that you will not find in other selling platforms. Our expert and experienced watch buyers work with an independent appraisal without costing you any charges. Since each and every luxury/vintage watches are unique, we take absolute care in choosing the watch buyer who can inspect it and accurately give you its valuation. Our appraisals are quite different than other platforms in so many ways.


#1 Patek Philippe watch Buyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Patek Philippe Watch Buyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We just don’t give you a value of your price instead do a thorough inspection based on the market’s climate, watch material, and the current buying trends. Thus, be it a vintage or a luxury watch, our watch buyer will not disappoint you in any way during your selling process. Come see our experts for your jewelry quotes.


Trade Your Watches for the Highest Offers

With our platform, you can converse with world-class experts with extensive knowledge needed to evaluate your items accurately. Our watcher buyers will give you top offers by conducting a fair evaluation of your watch.


Are Vintage Watches in Demand?

The term “antique watch” refers to antique and vintage pieces of high-end quality and aesthetics, including pocket watches and wristwatches. Collectors and watch buyers who trade antique watches globally are constantly discovering antique pieces with high quality that they can serve to their discerning clientele. Since modern and luxurious watches are constantly in demand, and this is the reason the market is flooded with such items.

In contrast, the antique wrist and pocket watches are the pieces that aren’t registered, or only a few are in existence. This is the one main reason to collaborate with the Sell Us Your Jewelry when you are planning to sell your vintage or antique watches. Our watch buyers have expertise in appraising processes and know-how to determine the value of antique pieces carefully.


Sell Your Antique/Luxury Watch


Sell Philippe Patek Watch in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Factors that can Affect the Offer of a Luxury Watch

Many premium and antique watches are, no doubt, precious and are absolute to give you a high return on investment. Regardless of the brand and age of a watch, there are specific factors that can affect the value of a watch. The factors are mentioned below :

  • Age 
  • Rarity 
  • Popularity 
  • condition
  • Clarity 
  • Accuracy of indicating time 

Why Sell Your Antique/Luxury Watch?

The main reason for selling your watch is that you can easily transform your unused, unwanted, and vintage watches into cash. Regardless of the condition of the watches, they are increasingly in demand. You are going to be positively impressed by the offers you are going to receive by the watch buyers of Sell Us Your Jewelry.


pre-owned cartier watch buyer in fort lauderdale


We area a used luxury watch buyer of all major watch brands including Cartier.

Brands We Deal in

Are you wondering where to sell a Cartier watch or some other brand? We buy watches of various brands locally regardless of the age and condition of it. To simplify the brands for you, we are going to list down the brands we deal in :

By the way, we are also a trusted place to consign your watch in Miami.

Trust the Experience of Sell Us Your Jewelry, the Number One Watch Buyer in Fort Lauderdale

Has the question “where to find watch buyers near me” been revolving on your mind? You have an unwanted watch that you think can be traded for a good amount of cash, but then you come up with a dozen questions like “where to sell my watch at best prices” or “how much money is my watch worth? And then you just find it convenient to put your watch in the drawer and manage it another day. 

At Sell Us Your Jewelry, we give the best offers for your watches, and you can sell your watch in a few easy steps.

Visiting Our Office

You can visit us in our office by making an appointment on call, or you can have a walk-in appointment with us during our visiting hours.

Contact Us Online

You can also contact us online at www.SellUsYourJewelry.com and get more information about our services. 

Come see us last and that we will pay you more!



Are You Visiting Fort Lauderdale?


Fort Lauderdale has a lot to offer to visitors and residents. Although it’s a way more relaxed and calm place than the famous Miami, where the party never ends, there are still many exciting things to do in Fort Lauderdale for people of all ages. If you’re planning to visit this area, stay with us, and get to know the top things to do in Fort Lauderdale.

Have The Best Experience With The 

Top Things To Do In Fort Lauderdale

  • Arts

For every fan of performing arts, the famous Broward Center is the place to go and one of the best things to do in Fort Lauderdale. Jazz concerts, musicals, theater, and all kinds of events, including events for children. Check out their calendar of events, and we assure you that you will find something for yourself.

  • Museums

Spend some quality time at the top-rated museums in Fort Lauderdale. Bonnet House Museum & Gardens and Museum of Discovery and Science are one of the most interesting places and top things to do in Fort Lauderdale.

  • Beautiful Beaches

For a chilled day at the beach or an unforgettable sunset by the sea, we recommend the three most beautiful beaches in Fort Lauderdale. That includes Las Olas Beach, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Beach, and Central Beach. Choose your favorite one and enjoy the soft, white sand and clear water.

  • Dining, Drinking & Shopping

Las Olas Boulevards offers pretty much everything to spend some quality time doing things everyone likes the most. There are a variety of amazing restaurants, including Asian, Argentinian, Brazilian, Cuban, Greek, seafood, steaks, healthy organic restaurants, cold press juices, wine bars, and much more. Just a short drive from Fort Lauderdale, you’ll find the Gray & Sons Jewelers showroom located next to the luxury Bal Harbour Shops. Gray & Sons Jewelers is a great place to include in your shopping time. You’ll always find the best-priced watches and jewelry there, including CartierRolexPatek PhilippeAudemars PiguetHublot, or Breitling. If you want to sell your luxury jewelry and watches for the highest price at Sell Us Your Jewelry, a renowned company with top ratings and 42 years of experience in buying and selling luxury jewelry and watches. For more details, chat with our specialist Victoria.

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