How Much Is My Ring Worth, and What Are the Challenges of Selling It?

Do you have a ring that you're looking to sell? It’s possible that you want to make room for another purchase, or your ring is just collecting dust. In either case, selling your luxury ring can be a daunting task.

How Much Is My Ring Worth, and What Are the Challenges of Selling It?

Are you looking to find out the value of your ring and understand the challenges associated with selling it? The process of finding out how much a ring is worth and selling it can be complicated but with the tips in this article, you’ll quickly learn how to accurately determine its value as well as any potential pitfalls when selling.


Oval Blue Topaz ring 2.5 cts in baguette round & marquis diamonds in platinum setting
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Knowing Your Market


Before going ahead and listing or selling your ring, research the current market for similar items to get an idea of what buyers are willing to pay. Knowing what kind of demand there is for your type of ring will help you set a realistic price point that hopefully results in a faster sale.   


GIA certified emerald cut diamond 2.03 carat (J color, SI2 clarity) ring set in 18k white gold
GIA certified emerald cut diamond in 18k white gold


Getting an Accurate Appraisal


The next step is getting an accurate appraisal which can be done by either taking it to a professional jeweler or using an online service such as WP Diamonds. Having a professional assess your item will ensure both accuracy and credibility when setting a price point as well as when showing proof of authenticity if needed.


Determining Price Point


Once you have determined your market and gotten an appraisal, you can determine how much money you would like to get out of selling it. When setting a price point, make sure that it is realistic; if the price is too high, buyers may be less likely to purchase your item. Additionally, consider any fees associated with selling online (eBay may charge higher than average) before settling on a final amount!


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Find a Trust Worthy Buyer for your Ring


Selling fine jewelry like a ring is a tricky situation.  You have to do your research about your ring and also about the buyer.  Typically, when you try to sell your jewelry to a personal buyer you are not going to get the most amount.  You have to know what your ring is worth and then make sure you use a transaction method that keeps you and your property safe.  If the process of selling your ring this way is scary, stick with reputable businesses like a jewelry stores or pawn shops.  Again, if they know what they are doing, you can get a fair offer and a hassle-free transaction.  



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