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Where do I sell my used Girard | Gray & Sons Jewelers

April 12th, 2023

Where do I sell my used Girard Perregaux watch in Miami?

sell your Girard Perregaux Watch

Sell My Used Girard Perregaux watch online

Sell Your Girard Perregaux in Miami – #1 Highest Prices for your watch. Get Instant Cash. 

The possibilities to sell my used Girard Perregaux watch in Miami have never been better. Sell your luxury watch on Sell Us Your Jewelry.com for the highest price in the shortest time ever! 

Want to sell used Girard Perregaux watch and get the best price? Sell Us Your Jewelry is the buying division of Gray and Sons Jewelers, the top-rated watch and jewelry company in the U.S. Sell Us Your Jewelry is the best place to sell your used luxury watch online or in person. With Sell Us Your Jewelry, you will get the highest payment for your used Girard Perregaux watch and other luxury watches and jewelry. Sell Girard Perregaux Bridges, Girard Perregaux 1966, Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945, Girard Perregaux Cat’s Eye, Girard Perregaux Laureato, and every Girard Perregaux watch model on Sell Us Your Jewelry to get the best price for your luxury Girard Perregaux watch. 

The Gray and Sons Jewelers Showroom in Bal Harbour/Miami has been recommended by thousands of customers for always offering the highest price, best service, and immediate payment for luxury watches, including Girard Perregaux, Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, and many others.

How do I sell my used Girard Perregaux watch?

Girard Perregaux is at the forefront of the world of watchmakers. Owning such a luxury Swiss watch means you can get a good amount of cash if you decide to sell it, but only if you know how to do it. Most people don’t know how and where to start when they want to sell luxury watch. Be ahead and learn the few easy steps to sell used Girard Perregaux watch. Follow these steps and get the best amount of cash quickly.

  1. Visit www.sellusyourjewelry.com and fill out the form, which will only take a few minutes. When you submit the form, our specialist Viktoria will get back to you within 24 hours. 
  2. The next step will be to send your watch to our store (click here to get your free shipping box). When we get your watch, our qualified watch experts will evaluate your watch and give you the highest price possible. That’s how you will get to know “what’s my watch worth”.
  3. Now, the best part – our procedure is free of charge.

 If you don’t feel like doing it online, there is another way for you. Simply visit Gray & Sons’ Jewelers showroom, where you can meet our qualified watch experts on-site. Open six days a week, Monday to Saturday at 9595 Harding Ave Surfside, Florida, across from Bal Harbour Shops.

Where can I get the highest price for my used Girard Perregaux watch in Miami?

Get the highest price in Miami for used luxury watches from Sell Us Your Jewelry – the buying division of Gray & Sons Jewelers. We offer fast payment through cash, bank wire, or check. Come and see our professional sales team and get a FREE QUOTE from Sell Us Your Jewelry.

Sell Your Girard Perregaux Watch with Sell Us Your Jewelry.

Can I get cash for my used Girard Perregaux watch?

Sell Us Your Jewelry offers various payment options including cash, bank wire, and check for used Girard Perregaux watches. Sell your luxury watch to a company that always prioritizes the customer’s satisfaction. Sell Us Your Jewelry – best prices in the shortest time for used luxury jewelry and watches. 

Can I trade my used Girard Perregaux watch? 

With Sell Us Your Jewelry you can sell or trade vintage, inherited, old, or unwanted watches and jewelry, including fine luxury Girard Perregaux watches. Trade your watch now when it is in high demand to get the maximum amount back. Don’t want to keep your watch or jewelry? Exchange it for something you really want from Gray and Sons Jewelers’ vast in-stock inventory of luxury watches and jewelry.

Does Sell Us Your Jewelry buy and trade all Girard Perregaux models?

Sell Us Your Jewelry will buy and trade all Girard Perregaux Watch models, including all vintage Girard Perregaux watches. See some of the most popular Girard Perregaux watches to sell and trade on Sell Us Your Jewelry below:

  • Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk Automatic Ref. 49960-19-631-FK6A in Steel
  • Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk Automatic Ref. 49950-11-633-FK6A in Steel
  • Girard Perregaux Ferrari Automatic Ref. 9020 in White Gold
  • Girard Perregaux Laureato Automatic Ref. 81040D11A771-BB7B in Steel
  • Girard Perregaux Laureato Automatic Ref. 90190 in Rose Gold
  • Girard Perregaux 1966 Automatic Ref. 49535-52-151-BK6A in Rose Gold
  • Girard Perregaux Classique 1966 Automatic Ref. 4952 in Yellow Gold 
  • Girard Perregaux 1996 Chronograph Ref. 49529-52-231-BA6A in Rose Gold
  • Girard Perregaux Richeville Perpetual Automatic Ref. 2740 in White Gold
  • Girard Perregaux Bridges Automatic Ref. 84000-21-001-bb6a in Titanium
  • Girard Perregaux Classic Bridges Automatic Ref. 86000-52-001-BB6A in Rose Gold

Can I consign my used Girard Perregaux watch and get even more money?

To answer shortly, yes you can! Sell Us Your Jewelry buys luxurious watches directly, but if you leave your watch with us on consignment, then you can get even more money back. Gray and Sons Jewelers will take your consignment, and then refurbish it for a showroom condition. Everything is insured by Lloyds of London for your safety and comfort.

Sell Us Your Jewelry And Watches

Gray & Sons Jewelers has more than 42 years of experience in the watch and jewelry industry. Gray & Sons Jewelers with its buying division Sell Us Your Jewelry is the top place to buy, sell, trade, repair, and consign used and pre-owned watches and jewelry, including estate, used, pre-owned, vintage, antique, and heirloom watches and jewelry. 

Who to contact to sell used Girard Perregaux watch?

WEBSITE: www.sellusyourjewelry.com

CALL: 305-770-6955. 

TEXT:  Vika at 786-266-4763 for a quick response. 

EMAIL: sell@grayandsons.com

Gray and Sons Jewelers specializes in Pre-Owned, Estate,

Vintage, Antique, Heirloom, Used Watches & Jewelry

We Buy, Sell Trade, Consign and Repair Used and Pre-Owned Watches and Jewelry

Our customers say; “There are no better certified pre-owned Watch Specialists & Jewelers than Gray and Sons Jewelers in all of Florida and US”

Visit www.grayandsons.com


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