Vintage Watch Buyers: Top Tips for Selling Luxury Watches

February 26th, 2024

Selling Your Vintage Luxury Watch : Get The Best Tips From Vintage Watch Buyers

Looking for reputable vintage watch buyers? Did you know that is the buying division of Gray & Sons Jewelers, a renowned watch specialist since 1980? That’s over 40 years of being in the industry, and the company has proven enough to be one of the most trusted jewelers; selling, buying, repairing and restoring pre- owned watches and estate jewelry.  And therefore, has earned a reputation as the go-to vintage watch buyer in Florida and across United States.


Sell Your Timepiece: Unlock Its Value Today
Vintage Rolex Datejust 16018 watch is made out of yellow gold on a 18k bracelet with a 18k Deployant buckle


By placing your timepiece in the hands of a reputable company like ours, you gain invaluable advantages. Ensuring that you are dealing with trusted individuals is a means to guarantee that both you and your watch will receive expert advice throughout the selling process and you get the best price. After all, when it concerns something as valuable and unique as a vintage watch, you want to be confident that you’re making the right choices. 

In this blog post, we have expert tips to share, featuring insights from to help you successfully sell your vintage watch and maximize its value.


Researching Your Timepiece’s Value

When you research the phrase “sell my vintage watch near me,” you will see different platforms offering to buy your watch and offering the same watch as yours for sale at different prices. 

This may be confusing as watches offered for sale may be offered at asking prices that don’t reflect actual sale prices. Also prices of what watches are selling for and the price you can actually realize differ greatly. 

Although it is good to get a general idea of the value of your watch by researching it. The real value will be determined by the watch professionals carefully inspecting your timepiece.. Your particular watch will be compared against other watches of the same brand and model , scrutinized for original parts, condition, rarity and market desirability.  If your vintage watch is really special, provenance and heritage may contribute to its worth. Based on those factors vintage watch buyers will make an offer to buy it or consign it. 

With Sell Us Your Jewelry, we can offer you expert insights into the current market for vintage watches. Our in- house Swiss trained watchmakers with over 100 years of combined expertise  will inspect and accurately assess the value of your timepiece. Rest assured; there’s no guesswork involved. Not all vintage watch buyers bring 43 years of expertise in evaluating, repair and watch restoration , like us.


Past Sales of Vintage Watches

Preparing Your Timepiece for Sale

Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to prepare your vintage watch for sale. If you decide to sell directly to another consumer via platforms like Ebay, Etsy or Craigslist you may ensure your timepiece is in satisfactory condition. 

If you decide to sell it safely and quickly you may select one of the  “vintage watch buyers near me,”, will buy your timepiece either online or if you come in person to our Miami Beach / Bal Harbour Showroom. We will buy the watch in As- Is condition.  All refurbishing and necessary service will be done in - house ensuring professional work done. 


Unleash the value of your Rolex watch
Vintage Rolex Bubble Back 3348 watch is made out of Gold and steel on a 14k Pink Gold & Stainless Steel bracelet with a 14k Pink Gold & Stainless Steel Deployant buckle


Choosing the Right Selling Platform

Choosing the right selling platform is also important to ensure a successful sale. Look for platforms specializing in vintage watches or having a dedicated audience interested in such timepieces. 

When you search “sell my vintage watch near me,” you might have found a list of different selling platforms in your local area. But keep in mind that not all the stores in your search results are reputable vintage watch buyers. goes beyond being a mere watch buying platform. With 43 years of experience selling and buying, restoring vintage watches, we have gained the expertise needed to assess true value and give the best offer.  We beat other offers. Come see us last !


Submitting information about your watch online 

When submitting information about your watch online, take good quality photographs and write detailed description. Showcase the watch’s history, specifications, and any unique features that may apply.

Feel free to include any details you believe are relevant in determining its value. Providing vintage watch buyers with detailed information about any repairs, servicing, or modifications may increase the final price of your vintage watch.

Don’t forget to gather all the documentation related to your watch, such as the official receipt, authentication certificates, warranty papers, and even accessories. They serve as a valuable reference point during negotiations. 


Maximize profits selling your watch
Vintage Breitling Navitimer a40035 watch is made out of Stainless steel on a Stainless Steel bracelet with a Stainless Steel Deployant buckle


While a reputable watch appraiser like can authenticate vintage watches without all of these, including them can potentially help increase their value. aims to assist you in securing the best price for your vintage watch, so you might want to include all these documents to help increase its value. 

If you don't have any of the above information, don't worry we are interested in buying your vintage watch. 


Trusted Vintage Watch Buyer 

At, we value the importance of a fair and transparent transaction. We recognize that you want to ensure a mutually beneficial experience, so you can trust us to close a transparent deal. Our credibility and commitment to secure transactions are unmatched followed by the prompt payment.



Navigating the process of vintage watch selling can be complex and overwhelming. Do your research, prepare your timepiece, choose the right platform to sell, and present it effectively. By working with, you can confidently avoid challenges and achieve the best value for your vintage watch.   

Next time you ask yourself, “Where can I sell my vintage watch?” You’ve got your answer. It’s! 

Maximize the value of your vintage watch. Take advantage of our expertise, extensive knowledge, and commitment to provide the best possible experience and the best price.  Contact today and discover how selling vintage watches doesn’t have to be a hassle. 

Remember, your vintage watch deserves the best, and so do you! 




Claudine Faifer: Estate Jewelry & Sterling Silver Specialist

Meet Claudine Faifer: Estate Jewelry & Sterling Silver Specialist

Meet Claudine Faifer an estate jewelry, watch and sterling silver specialist with a professional career spanning over 50 years, including an impressive 30 years career at Gray and Sons Jewelers, the premier destination for selling, buying, repairing and consigning luxury watches and estate jewelry… Read more about Claudine Faifer's Story Here




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