Tips for Selling Your Rolex Watch to Get the Best Price

May 10th, 2024

Tips for Selling Your Luxury Rolex Watch

Looking to sell your Rolex watch or a used luxury watch and get the best price? Finding the right buyer is key to maximizing your payout when selling a used Rolex. Rather than going through auction houses or pawn shops, you’ll get the highest offers by working with trusted watch buyers like Sell Us Your Jewelry, the buying division of Gray and Sons Jewelers. Established in 1980, Gray and Sons is a leading fine jeweler known for exceptional personal service and offering the industry’s best prices when buying or selling pre-owned watches. As an industry expert for over 44 years, their buying division Sell Us Your Jewelry specializes in buying pre-owned Rolex watches and paying premium prices. Whether you have a DatejustDaytonaSubmarinerGMT-MasterDay-DateExplorerYacht Master, or any popular or rare model, we evaluate each watch and make fair offers to sell rolex based on current market values. By going through our easy, hassle-free selling process, you can get immediate payment for your pre-owned Rolex without having to market it yourself. 

Our Worry-Free Way to Sell a Rolex or Used Luxury Watch

The process of selling your Rolex watch to Sell Us Your Jewelry is simple and convenient. First, request a free quote online and provide details about your Rolex model. We will provide packing materials with our address label. Simply take it to the post office and send it through registered mail and make sure to insure your item. Once received, our experts will thoroughly inspect your Rolex for condition and authenticity, evaluating factors like the movement, dial, bezel, and bracelet. After inspection you will promptly receive payment for your Rolex via check or bank wire. Sell Us Your Jewelry eliminates the hassle by handling shipping logistics and providing secure transportation.

Rolex Watches Worth Selling

Rolex Date/Datejust

The Rolex Datejust is one of the most iconic and popular Rolex watches. First introduced in 1945, the Datejust has maintained its classic yet modern style over the years. With its versatile 36mm case size, variety of dial colors, and options between different bezel and bracelet types, the Datejust appeals to diverse watch buyers. The date complication is both useful and complements the clean dial design, making it an easy-to-wear everyday luxury watch. Being made by top Swiss watchmaker Rolex, the Datejust retains excellent value - both new and on the second-hand market. Whether one keeps a Datejust for life or sells it down the road, many see the Datejust as a safe investment piece when looking to sell Rolex watches. This winning combination of great looks, usefulness, and comfort is why the Rolex Datejust remains so popular year after year.

Rolex Submariner

Introduced in 1953 as a watch built for diving and aquatic activity, the Rolex Submariner has evolved into one of the most iconic and widely recognizable luxury sport watches on the market. With its 40-41mm case size, rotating timing bezel, and solid construction, the Submariner exudes rugged capability and refined style in one striking package. Its water resistance to 300 meters makes it overqualified for nearly every wearer's lifestyle, but its versatility to be dressed up or down and withstand daily abuse continues the Submariner's appeal. Combine its imposing watch face with Rolex's excellent reputation for making precision timepieces, and the Submariner has built a stellar reputation as a key model for Rolex collectors and fans. 

Rolex GMT-Master

Introduced in 1955 for pilots, the Rolex GMT-Master has become an iconic aviation-themed luxury watch. Designed in collaboration with Pan Am Airways, the GMT-Master features a distinctive 24-hour bezel and an additional GMT hand to display a second time zone. Combined with the GMT-Master's storied history and unique color variations over the years, ranging from the ‘Pepsi’ blue & red bezel to the ‘Batman’ black & blue bezel, the GMT-Master has a broad collector appeal amongst Rolex enthusiasts. And much like the Submariner, the GMT-Master holds its value well in the second-hand market due to its steady popularity. Whether selling to fund another watch purchase or make some profit, owners know the GMT-Master can attract high demand when they decide to let go of this iconic aviation watch.

Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona is a chronograph model that has become hugely popular to sell due to its prestige, exclusivity, and skyrocketing valuations. As Rolex's only chronograph watch, the Daytona already had an heir of luxury status since its release in 1963. However, over the past few decades, the Daytona has turned into a white-hot commodity watch that sells great on the second-hand market.

Much of this demand stems from extremely long waiting lists and limited supply that has made the Daytona extremely hard to acquire from authorized dealers. The difficulty of getting a brand new Daytona at retail price has given rise to the perception that the watch is a true status symbol and grail timepiece. Both new and pre-owned Daytona command premium resale prices, with sellers often capitalizing on the model's collectability and the market's unrelenting appetite for one of the most coveted Rolex sports models ever released.

We Unlock Your Rolex's Full Resale Potential

When the time comes to sell your Rolex, you want assurance you’ll receive the highest payout. With over 44 years of experience dealing in pre-owned Rolexes, Sell Us Your Jewelry have specialized expertise getting owners top dollar for their timepieces. Our in-house watchmakers and experts understand the sales trends and added values of keeping original paperwork, boxes, booklets, and purchase docs. Having these desirable complements can greatly boost a Rolex’s resale value. Trust our knowledge and appraisal capabilities to thoroughly assess your full set, factoring in collector demand, to leverage the optimal market price when you sell your Rolex or used luxury watch.

Sell used Rolex Datejust in Wimbledon dial
Learn to sell rolex with this pre-owned Rolex Datejust 41 126333 Wimbledon dial 18k & Stainless Steel

Range of Payout Alternatives Available For Your Rolex or Used Luxury Watch

Outright Sale

For a fast payout, we can purchase your used luxury watch and issue payment quickly via check or bank wire transfer. After inspecting your watch and providing a fair valuation, we'll send payment right away so you receive payment as soon as possible. Selling to us ensures a streamlined process from appraisal to payment, getting you the money fast when you need it.


If you prefer maximizing your payout rather than getting a quick payout, we also offer consignment. We work diligently to sell your Rolex watch on consignment and send payment once it the sale is final, which aims to secure an even higher price than our outright purchase offers. This route takes more time but focuses on obtaining the absolute highest market value for your model.


At Sell Us Your Jewelry, we simplify trading in your Rolex. Whether you're looking to swap your current Rolex for a different pre-owned model, or exchange another luxury watch brand, we make it easy. Our knowledgeable team handles the entire trade-in process, appraising your Rolex's value and the watch you want, and facilitating a smooth trade transaction. With our extensive experience buying and selling high-end watches, you can trust us to ensure you receive maximum value for both your existing and future pre-owned Rolex watches. 


Sell Us Your Jewelry is a trusted buyer of pre-owned Rolex watches with over 44 years of experience. We specialize in providing premium prices for popular models like the Datejust, Submariner, GMT-Master, Daytona, Day-Date, Milgauss, Yacht Master, Explorer, and many other models. Our simple, hassle-free process involves requesting a shipping label, sending the watch registered mail for inspection, and promptly receiving payment. Factors that can increase resale value are original paperwork, boxes, booklets etc. As experts, we leverage optimal market prices and offer customers options like outright purchase, consignment to maximize sale price, or trading in to simplify getting a different model. For those looking to sell a Rolex or luxury watch, Sell Us Your Jewelry aims to provide the best price through their knowledge and appraisal capabilities.


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