Strategic Steps to Successfully Sell My Rolex Watch

June 24th, 2024

Where to Sell my Rolex for the Highest Price?

No luxury watch brand comes close regarding value, volume, and desirability like Rolex watches. If you want to “ sell my Rolex, “ you have an excellent chance to get a good return on your investment, sometimes even  above its retail price. 

Rolex continues to develop and launch new luxury watch models yearly.  However, demand for new Rolexes exceeds supply. As a result, used  Rolex watches also remain in high demand, and the reselling Rolex market remains attractive despite price fluctuations. Therefore, Rolex owners often ask, “Where can I sell my watch?"

Some Rolex models have increased in price in recent years, unmatched by other luxury watch brands. The GMT-Master II, Cosmograph Daytona, Rolex Daytona, and the Rolex Submariner belong to the group, just to name a few models. 

This guide will explore how you can sell your Rolex watch for the highest price. 

Table of Contents 

  1. How much is my Rolex Worth? 
  2. How to Determine the Authenticity of a Rolex
  3. Where Can I Sell My Rolex? 
  4. Send your Rolex to Sell Us Your
  5. Why Choose to Sell Us Your
  6. Top Rolex Brands We Buy
  7. Sell Your Rolex Watch Now!
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How Much is My Rolex Worth? 

Your Rolex will be authenticated and inspected, considering the following: 

Serial Number

The serial number documents your Rolex's age and manufacturing date.  It is one of the most crucial aspects of determining your Rolex's resale value.

If you lost the paperwork of your Rolex that tells its serial number and model, these are engraved on your watch. The serial number is engraved on the watch lug at the 6 o’clock side. This is the spot where the case and bracelet come together.

 Reference Number:

The digits and characters in a Rolex’s reference number give information about its model type, material, bezel type, and color. 

  • The first two to four digits refer to the model/ collection/ or family of your Rolex. Each model has a designated set of numbers.
  • The sixth digit refers to the type of metal used in the watch. If your Rolex’s reference number is less than 6 digits, the last digit refers to its metal type. 
  • The second to the last number indicates the bezel type. 

The reference or model number is engraved on the watch lug where the bracelet and case come together. 

Materials and Features

The materials used to construct your watch (stainless, gold, or platinum) will affect its resale value. Additionally, unique complications or special features like diamond bezels can increase your timepiece’s desirability. 


  • Significantly impacts the value of your Rolex.
  • Take note of the wear and tear. 
  • New, old (NOS), or pre-owned Rolex watches that have not been worn are worth a lot because they are in pristine condition. 

Original Components:

A Rolex with genuine components (dial, bezel, and bracelet) is highly desirable and fetches a higher value. Also, never have vintage Rolex watches polished when serviced. Polishing devalues your timepiece. 

Market Value / Demand 

The true market value of a Rolex depends on how much a buyer is willing to pay for it and is affected by market desirability and current market trends. Of course, rare pieces will have higher selling prices

Box and Papers 

  • The original box and papers of your Rolex increase its value because they reaffirm  the timepiece's authenticity. 
  • A Rolex stored in its box when not on its owner's wrist rather than placed loosely somewhere means it is in better condition. 


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How to Determine the Authenticity of a Rolex

Serial Number and Model

The careful examination of the  serial number and model number of your Rolex and the way it is engraved will help determine your timepiece's authenticity. Some counterfeit Rolex will not have a serial number engraved on it. Other fake Rolex watches will have a serial number on them, but the serial number does not match the watch’s design. 

Rolex Logo 

The Rolex crown logo is placed on the dial with precision. A small Rolex logo is also etched on the glass for models produced from 2002 onwards. This etching is only visible through a magnifying glass or a trained eye. Fake Rolex watches are less likely to carry this feature. 

Date Magnification

Authentic Rolex watches have Cyclops (magnification lens) over the date window that magnifies the date 2.5 times. 

Cyclops Date Window Alignment

The date should be centered precisely under the Cyclops lens. 

Hands and Luminosity

Rolex watches use  Chromalight (a substance) for luminosity. The glow should consistently be a blue color. 


While the watch’s movement is not visible without opening the case, a fake Rolex watch may have noticeable differences in its movements, functionality, and appearance. 


A genuine Rolex has a smooth, plain case back and is not transparent. It will also have a hologram-encoded silver sticker on the case back. Newer models may also have a laser-etched Rolex crown on the crystal at 6 o’clock. 


A Rolec is a lot sturdier and heavier than standard watches. Anyone used to handling watches or wearing a Rolex will immediately notice the discrepancies in weight or construction. 

Where Can I Sell My Rolex?

You can find a Rolex buyer online or at a location near you. However, some are better than others.  Where can I sell my watch?

Do personal selling 

Ask family and friends if they know someone who wants to buy your Rolex. You can get the highest price for your Rolex, but this process is time-consuming. 


Pawn Shops may offer you the lowest price for your Rolex because their staff is not trained and qualified to assess luxury watches. 

List your watch in online marketplaces. 

You can find a watch buyer for your Rolex in online marketplaces, but the selling process can be tedious. You may need to gain experience listing your item, how to price it, and then hassle with delivery and collection. 

Send your Rolex to Sell Us Your

Sell Us Your is the purchasing division of Gray & Sons Jewelers. We have been buying pre-owned Rolex watches since 1980, making us the top Rolex buyer in the United States. 

Selling your Rolex to is a simple process:

  1. Request a free quote to determine how much you can sell your Rolex.
  2. We will evaluate your timepiece based on your uploaded photos and description.
  3. Send your Rolex to us via registered mail using the Easy Ship Box. 
  4. We will physically inspect your Rolex and give you a final offer. 
  5. If you accept our final offer, we will send payment via check or wire transfer. 

Make sure to insure your Rolex when you mail it to us.

Request a free quote and start selling your watch with the best Rolex buyer!

Why Choose Sell Us Your

Simple… We pay top dollar for your Rolex Watch! 

  • We have master trained watchmakers, expert watch buyers, and jewelry appraisers with a combined experience of 150 years in the luxury watch and jewelry industry. 
  • We provide honest, fair, and competitive offers for your timepiece. 
  • We have a transparent selling process. 
  • We ensure a fast and hassle-free selling process. 
  • We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau from our thousands of satisfied customers. 
  • We take care of your Rolex while it is with us. We are insured and bonded to ensure your item is safe with us. 
  • We make immediate payment upon finalization of the transaction. 
  • We have a safe and secure online platform. 

We make it easy for you to sell your Rolex, ensuring you have a rewarding selling experience.

Top Rolex Models We Buy

We buy all Rolex models including: 

Sell your Rolex for the highest price now! Request for a free quote and turn your watch into cash!  


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