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Bay Harbor Diamond Buyer

Gray and Sons Jewelers: #1 Bay Harbor Diamond Buyer

Pre-owned diamonds and jewelry can be difficult to sell off, especially when you are looking for a reasonable price. Although there are several options available but selling your diamonds and fine jewelry at a gold buyer or a local pawn shop can never allow you to bag good money. Furthermore, if you are not careful enough, you are also at risk of getting robbed or defrauded.

 The solution to selling your diamond with complete confidence online lies with the best Bay Harbor Diamond Buyer, Sell Us Your Jewelry. They are backed with the experience and reputation of Gray & Sons and provide you an excellent opportunity to sell your precious belongings at a competitive price.

Step by Step Guide to selling your diamonds Online to best Bay harbor diamond buyer

Before going into the simple steps of selling your jewelry online with complete peace of mind, there are a few prerequisites that you can do to improve your jewelry selling experience online.

Gather all your Possessions

The first step to selling your jewelry both online and in-store is the same. Gather all your items and pieces together. When you sit and think about it, you will find several things that you have but remain unused. These items can be the used diamond and gold jewelry in your, your old designer watch in the drawer that stopped working or maybe even some old silverware that you haven’t seen for years now. The extra pieces that you find can also be exchanged for cash.

Make Up Your Mind

We humans can get attached to our possessions we love the most. Wearing an old diamond ring every day or having a vintage watch with you can have sentimental and emotional value to it. Probably, you might not want to sell all of your diamonds or jewelry pieces. You can pick the ones that you wish to exchange for money and keep the rest. But you must be sure about the ones you want to sell so you can stay firm throughout the selling process.

You can also consult an expert jeweler or geologist to remodel your jewelry into something of your liking. Re-polishing and re-designing antique jewelry can also yield some articles that you can wear again and even save your money. If you are not in a hurry and can afford a few days for your piece, you can negotiate a consignment deal. Some jewelry shops and diamond sellers give their customers the consignment option and forward the profits to the sellers accordingly.

Know the worth of your diamonds

Diamonds can be of several types, colors, carats, and cuts. Based on these characteristics, the diamonds can be graded and distinguished. The price of each piece varies according to the combination of all these traits. For instance, genuinely colorless or near to colorless diamonds are the rarest and also the most expensive. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has graded these colors alphabetically. The weight or carat also adds to the price of the diamond, and so does the cut.

The diamond-cut determines the amount of light the diamond can trap in itself and thus give the ‘sparkle’ or shine. It depends on the quality of marksmanship and the precision of the designer to convert a raw diamond into a piece of art.

All of these details make it difficult to assess the value of your diamond, especially if you are not an expert. Diamond buyers know that and can exploit it against you.  A professional gemologist, however, can quickly gauge a diamond and can offer you a reasonable price if he is an honest one like the Bay Harbor diamond buyer. You can search the market or check the certificate of authenticity of your diamond to know its worth. If you have a fair idea about the price of your diamond, you can have two following benefits:

1-      You cannot be ripped off by a cunning shopkeeper or a jewelry dealer.

2-      You will have a realistic estimated price in your mind even before you get a preliminary quote.

We Buy Gold Diamond Rings in Bay Harbor
We Buy Gold Diamond Rings in Bay Harbor

Choose a trusted Jeweler

Where is there a Bay Harbor diamond buyer near me? Where to sell diamonds in Bay Harbor? These are the most commonly asked questions for sellers of pre-owned jewelry. The issues become even more critical when the buyers are in a hurry, or they need cash urgently. You must have a satisfactory answer to all of these questions if you expect top dollar for your well-kept diamond.

A professional jeweler can assess the worth of your diamonds, and an honest one will offer you its market price. As a seller, you need a jeweler that is both a genuine expert and is trustworthy as well. Gray and Sons is a name that has tons of experience in jewelry, diamonds, and watches, they are the top Bay Harbor diamond buyer. You can trust blindly. With their online service (Sell Us Your Jewelry), now you can benefit from anywhere in the US with the top Bay Harbor diamond buyer.

Why Sell at Gray & Sons?

1-      Get the best price

Gray & Sons are the Bay Harbor diamond buyer that pays the most. You can confidently walk into the family-owned chain of stores spread in Florida and expect the same professional service and fantastic price. The competitive market prices of your pre-owned diamonds, jewelry, and antique watches make them your first choice as Bay Harbor diamond buyer. And that’s not all if you like their offer, you get cash at the very point. You walk out happy with yourself and tour the decision to sell your diamonds with Gray & Sons, the finest Bay Harbor diamond buyer.

 2-      The Diamond experts

When it comes to professionalism and diamond experts, Gray & Sons and their online service ‘Sell Us Your Jewelry’ have a team of talented and experienced individuals at Bay Harbor diamond buyer. Sammy H. is a 71 years old expert from Israel and has been working with the diamonds for almost 50 years now. Imagine your certified diamonds being examined by such accomplished experts who can recognize a diamond just by looking at them under the magnifying glass.

Sammy H diamond expert

3-      Exceptional Customer service

Sell Us Your Jewelry facilitates its customers on call, on the online chat, and emails. If you have any queries at any stage of the process, they are more than happy to help you out.

Visit Sell Us Your Jewelry today and fill the simple e-form for your diamond to get a free preliminary quote from the best Bay Harbor diamond buyer. The service has no hidden charges, extra costs, or taxes. Even the shipping of your articles to the store has no additional cost.

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