Best Easy Comprehensive Guide to Selling Your Omega Watches

June 5th, 2024

A Comprehensive Guide to Selling Your Omega Watches

Omega watches are one of the most valued and prestigious luxury watch brands in the world. With a reputation of being high-quality workmanship and holding their values over time, you can sell your pre-owned Omega watch and get a good return on it. Selling your luxury watch can be an intimidating task to take on, however with proper preparation and planning it can be easy and rewarding. 


Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 18k rose gold Black dial 43mm
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 18k rose gold Black dial 43mm


About Omega Watches

Omega watches have a rich history. What was to become one of the most popular luxury watch brands worldwide began at a small workshop in the small village of La Chaux-de-Fonds. 

It was here where Louis Brandt, a young watchmaker, developed the most accurate watches at the time.  Within a few years, he earned a reputation for crafting quality watches in Switzerland and shortly the word spread throughout Europe. 

Brandt’s sons, Louis Paul and Cesar took over the family business after his death in 1879. The brothers created various watch models through the years.  In 1894, the Omega brand was born 

In 1900, the entire Omega collection was given the Grand Prize at the Universal Exposition in Paris, the greatest honor to be bestowed to any brand at that time. 

In 2023, Omega continues to be one of the leading luxury timepiece brands.

Omega luxury watches are known for their superior quality and accuracy. Their excellence is mirrored in the timepieces’ and described as;

  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Precision
  • Unmatched magnetism resistance
  • Co-axial escapements

Each Omega timepiece model line also radiates unique style and sophistication. 


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Resale Value of Omega Watches

When the time comes to sell your Omega watchyou will be extremely happy to know that your timepiece has a very good  resale value in general. 

The value of a particular Omega watch, however, can vary greatly. These are the most important factors  Omega watch buyers take into consideration:  

  • Condition. The better the condition of your watch, the higher its value. 
  • Model. Some Omega models, especially specialty edition pieces, have a higher value.  
  • Omega Speedmaster is known as the most popular and admired model. The other famous models include; Omega SeamasterOmega Constellation, Omega De Ville Tresor, Omega Museum CollectionOmega Aqua Terra.
  • Materials. Does your Omega have precious metals such as gold, platinum  or diamonds ? The precious metals and precious stones will result in higher sale prices. 
  • Complications.The watches' complications, combining the complications and superior functions may result in higher sale price even if the watch is made in Stainless Steel. The following examples are; High end chronograph, world time functionality, tourbillon. 
  • Serial Number. This determines when your timepiece was made and where. It helps determine if your watch is authentic. 
  • Market Trends. This refers to the demand and supply of your Omega.

Sometimes, Omega watch buyers can offer an equal or greater value than what you originally paid for your Omega timepiece. This is especially true if what you own is an Omega limited edition, unique timepiece  or a vintage one. 

The Seamaster and Speedmaster lines are the most sought-after Omega models on the secondary market, thus they hold the best value: 

  • Seamaster Professional Chronometer
  • Seamaster 300
  • Seamaster Aqua Terra
  • Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 
  • Constellation 
  • Planet Ocean
  • Omega De Ville

While some Omega models are more valuable than others, a Luxury watch buyer may also be interested in buying all Omega watch models including mens

How to Sell your Omega Watch

If you are ready to sell your Omega, you will get the best price possible price by knowing the right way to sell your timepiece: 

1. Research your Omega model. 

Research is the most important aspect when you sell an Omega watchOmega has crafted several luxury watch models since its inception in 1848, some more valuable than others. 

To determine the exact value of your Omega timepiece, you need to find out its model and the serial number. The model and serial number of your Omega timepiece are the keys to a successful transaction when dealing with an Omega watch buyer. 

The serial number determines the model of your Omega. Most Omega serial numbers are printed on the inside of the case back or outside of the case back.  Some have the model name printed on the face of the watch or the dial. 

You can also find the model number and serial number on the warranty card, paperwork, or watch appraisal. 

Modern Omega watches will have a product identification code (PIC) which can only be found on the warranty card and is not engraved on the case back. 

Never attempt to open your Omega to find the model number. 

Ultimately you can contact your local watch specialist to assist you with locating those numbers. 

2. Identify the material of the bezel, case, and bracelet. 

The most common materials are: 

  • Stainless steel
  • Steel 
  • Steel and gold
  • Gold (yellow, white, or rose)
  • Platinum

3. Identify the characteristics of the face or dial.

The style of the hour markers and the color of the dial are two of the most essential aspects of an Omega dial. 

Typically the hour Breitling markers are roman numerals, Arabic numerals, diamond markers, index markers, luminous index markers, arrowhead, etc. 

4. Identify the type of crystal.

Most Omega crystals are acrylic, mineral, and sapphire. 

5. Determine the movements of your watch.

Does your Omega have a manual, quartz, or automatic movement? 

6. Determine the condition of your watch.

Is your watch working? What is the condition of the dial, bracelet, bezel, and crystal? Check if your watch has any dents, scratches, or scuffs. 

7. Know the condition of your Omega bracelet. 

Know the stretch of your bracelet by holding it by the case. A bracelet in perfect condition is perpendicular to the ground. A bracelet that bends toward the ground means it is in a bad condition. The stretch in a bracelet is unrepairable. 

8. Know if your Omega model is still being manufactured.

It may be a factor if your Omega is no longer being manufactured. Research how much on average, it sells in the pre-owned market focusing on the price points for the latest 10 watches of that model sold. 

9. Research who you can sell your Omega. 

Finding a legitimate, specialized, professional, and trustworthy Omega watch buyer is the most important part of selling your Omega watch. 

  • Is the company you are trying to sell your Omega to an experienced luxury watch buyer? Limit your choice to a buyer that specializes in luxury watches. 
  • Does the company have a staff that is a master watchmaker? 
  • Is the watch buyer knowledgeable of the current second-hand prices? 
  • Are there any commissions or fees? 

It is also important to check on client reviews and testimonials related to customer satisfaction and how the Omega watch buyer handled the selling process. 

More importantly, limit your choices to watch buyers who specialize in buying luxury watches and watches only. 


Final Thoughts

Omega watches are a popular brand, too with a rich history. If you decide to sell your Omega, it will have a good resale value

Similar to nearly all brands of luxury watches, the price you will get for your Omega depends on the model, the materials it is made of, and its condition. Limited edition Omegas in mint condition hold their value better. 

There is no better time to sell an Omega watch than today. Do your research. Know everything you need to know about your watch. More importantly, sell your timepiece only to a qualified and trustworthy Omega watch buyer.  




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