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March 8th, 2024

How to Sell Your Engagement Ring: The Best Advice

Are you planning on selling your engagement ring? Perhaps you have just been through a divorce, are in deep financial trouble, or want to upgrade your engagement ring with a piece you love more. It can be challenging to sell engagement ring if you do not know how much it is worth and where to sell it.


Close-up of a Brilliant-Cut Diamond Ring in Display
GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond 3.02 carat (L color, Internally Flawless clarity) solitaire ring set in platinum ring


Selling your engagement ring is a bittersweet experience because of its sentimental value. However, when it is time to let go of your ring, the first question that comes to mind is, what is the best way to sell engagement ring? 

Finding a trustworthy buyer who will offer a fair price can be a daunting task. You need to work with reputable and trustworthy buyers to avoid scams or receiving less than your engagement ring’s worth. 

You can sell your ring to another customer via online platforms like eBay. At eBay, you may get the good value for your engagement ring, but not close to the value you want. Besides, selling directly to the customer is a tedious and time-consuming process. You must talk to many prospective buyers before you can close a sale. 

You can also sell your engagement ring to a local jewelry shop or pawn shop. This method will give you quick cash. However, a local jewelry shop or pawn shop will not pay as much or close to what you paid for your ring. The only advantage is you can sell your engagement ring quickly. is the best place to sell engagement ring if you are looking for a safe, secure, transparent, and hassle-free selling process that will give you the most money. You do not need to talk to a lot of people. You only need to communicate with the jewelry expert assigned to assist you. 


The Best Place to Sell Your Engagement Ring is the online purchasing platform of Gray & Sons Jewelers for pre-owned jewelry, watches, and diamonds. Gray & Sons Jewelers has been in business since 1980.


Close-up of Brilliant Cut Diamond Rin
GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond 3.04 carat ( D color, SI2 clarity) ring mounted in an 18k white and yellow gold setting with approximately 0.75 carats in round and marquise diamonds transformed the pre-owned jewelry market by abandoning the old-fashioned buyer/seller relationship. Every pre-owned jewelry seller is a valued customer. is a reliable online platform where you can sell your engagement ring. understands that when you want to sell engagement ring, you expect these guarantees:

A fair market price for your engagement ring has in-house gemologists whose expertise and experience make how to sell engagement ring online quick and simple. is the top pre-owned luxury jewelry buyer in Florida and nationwide.  

More importantly, offers the best value for your engagement ring.  Its professional in-house jewelers provide expert appraisals allowing them to make fast and free quotes and payments.


Reliability, trustfulness, and professionalism of the buyer

Sell Us Your Jewelry and Gray & Sons Jewelers have a considerable client base. Thus they can offer the top money for your engagement ring. Over the years, Sell Us Your Jewelry has become a reliable and trustworthy online platform earning the trust of countless sellers and buyers of pre-owned jewelry.  As says, “See Us Last” because they are sure to beat the competition.


A quick and convenient selling process

You can start the selling process by filling up the online form at to receive a free quote for your engagement ring.


Safety and security of the transaction

Most pre-owned jewelry sellers are concerned about the safety of their jewelry and security of their personal information and privacy. Sell Us Your Jewelry’s website protects your personal information and privacy. 

When you sell engagement ring in, the entire selling process is transparent and professional to ensure your satisfaction. When you send your engagement ring to our store, we insist you get insurance which we will reimburse.


Close-Up of Rectangular Brilliant Diamond Ring Sparkle
GIA certified, cut-cornered rectangular modified brilliant Diamonds eternity band in platinum


The Simple Selling Process 

Sell Us Your Jewelry has a simple and user-friendly selling process when you sell engagement ring. 

  • Request a free quote by filling up the online form. Provide your personal information and description and photos of your engagement ring. 
  • A jewelry buyer expert will contact you for a general non-binding estimate of your ring. 
  • Request for an Easy Ship box and send your engagement ring to through the post office. Make sure to get insurance for your piece. will reimburse you for the shipping and insurance costs. 
  • The jewelry experts will inspect and appraise your engagement ring. 
  • will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your engagement ring to give you an offer. 
  • You receive payment for your engagement ring. 

Working with is the best way to sell engagement ring. is known for its quick response times, accessible communication, and personalized service throughout the selling process.


Best Choice to Sell Your Engagement Ring offers personalized service to everyone who wishes to sell engagement ring. Highly trained specialists and the massive reach and customer base allow to offer the best prices for your engagement ring.


Close-up Detail of an Exquisite Halo Diamond Ring
GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond 2.03 carat ( I color, SI1 clarity) ring set in platinum "Halo" diamonds mounting with round brilliant cut diamond is the only jewelry buyer that has three channels of distribution for your engagement ring:

  • A safe and secure digital platform. 
  • A 76-page catalog mailed to about 50,000 customers every month. 
  • A physical showroom where expert jewelers are ready to assist you. 

If you are looking where to sell engagement ring, you can get a free quote from the platform, or if you are within the area, you can meet the expert jewelers of at Surfside, Florida. You can also easily reach us through phone, email, or chat. 


Conclusion is the best place to sell engagement ringThe in-house gemologists and jewelry-buying experts of offer the most money for your engagement ring. 

The easy and convenient selling process is what makes the top pre-owned jewelry buyer in Florida and across the country. 

For whatever reason you may have in selling your engagement ring, trust for a safe, secure, and seamless selling process ensuring a stress-free and rewarding selling experience. Request for a free quote now!




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