Spot Fake Cartier Glasses: Simple Identification Tips

June 18th, 2024

How to Tell Fake Cartier Glasses From Authentic Ones?

The Cartier brand has been known all over the world since 1847. Spanning decades of elegance and luxury, the Cartier name has captured jewelry, watches, and accessory enthusiasts. Because it's synonymous with elegance, it is no wonder Cartier is the most coveted item among collectors and fashion icons. Cartier’s impression of enduring quality and innovation etched a name even in the eyewear industry.

Cartier glasses’ fame and prestige have also made them a target for counterfeiters. If you’re not one of the avid Cartier wearers, it isn’t easy to spot that the one you possess is fake. This poses a challenge for consumers who carry genuine Cartier glasses in fear of losing huge investments in their merchandise.

How can you tell if your Cartier glasses are real? 

How to Identify Your Cartier Glasses Is Authentic

Sell Us Your Jewelry deeply understands whether a certain jewelry or accessory is fake. With many years of buying and selling luxury goods bearing different brands, including Cartier, we know exactly if your high-end Cartier eyewear is a counterfeit. 

We have an intricate and meticulous process of the Cartier’s fine craftsmanship and design, which makes it easy for our expert appraisers to judge the authenticity of your Cartier glasses. 

We scrutinize your Cartier eyewear according to some product features:

Material and Design

Genuine Cartier eyewear is made from premium materials and precious metals. Cartier craftsmen use titanium or acetate with impeccable construction and a luxurious feel - well-seamed joints and hinges.

Logo and Markings

You can easily tell if your Cartier eyewear is fake through its iconic logo. If it isn’t meticulously etched, with imprecise details and dull lines, it’s probably a counterfeit. Other details to check include serial numbers and other markings. Genuine Cartier pieces have consistent placement of every detail.

Sell Your Jewelry: Used Cartier with purple lenses
PRE-OWNED C De Cartier sunglasses with purple lenses N516933, perfect for the Cartier glasses buyer. 


Lens Quality

Authentic Cartier eyewear has crystal clear, high-quality lenses with no distortions and is crafted with UV coatings using advanced technologies. 

Packaging and Documentation

Authentic Cartier glasses come in luxurious boxes with a protective case, cleaning cloth, and authentication card. Those papers are proof that the frames came from a specific company and can add a lot of deal-sweetening resale value to the eyewear.

Sell Us Your Jewelry handles every Cartier eyeglasses suit, ensuring you receive a fair price. We guarantee a hassle and pain-free selling experience.

Overall Quality and Craftsmanship

In addition to the above features, meticulously check some of the eyeglasses’ parts:

  • Frames: Check the frames for rough spots, uneven areas, or gaps in the joints. Genuine Cartier frames should be smooth and well-defined, perfectly put together.
  • Nose pads: Check the nose pads for proper attachment and comfort. Materials should be soft and hypoallergenic to the face with a comforting feeling shape around the nasal area.
  • Temples: Temples must be solid and evenly balanced, and the Cartier logo or engraved markings should be engraved clearly. Check to see if there is any kind of misalignment or if it flexes in any way.

Counterfeit sites usually skip manufacturing details, which makes the differences between the products quite evident in overall quality and craftsmanship. Some common examples include:

  • Low-quality materials: Fake Cartier glasses are usually made of plastic or metal, which appears flimsy and lacks genuine materials’ weight.
  • Unfinished edges: You may see rough edges indicating that the frame has not been sanded or circulated enough and, therefore, not carefully crafted.
  • Crooked hinges: Counterfeit Cartier glasses feature crooked or misaligned and loose hinges, and they may open and close lopsidedly or feel wobbly.
  • Fading chipping or peeling finishes: Finishes on knockoff Cartier eyewear easily fade, chip, or peel over time, exposing the subpar materials beneath.

If you pay attention to these differences and compare them to original Cartier glasses, you will have no problem knowing what is authentic and what is fake. If you have no way to know, Sell Us Your Jewelry's experts are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Sell Your Jewelry: Used Cartier Rimless Panthère de Cartier eyeglasses
PRE-OWNED Cartier Rimless Panthère de Cartier eyeglasses N516079 for the discerning Cartier glasses buyer.


Getting the Best Price for Your Authentic Cartier Glasses

Some people lost in the selling process often ask, “Where can I sell Cartier glasses?” If you’re one of them and you own an authentic Cartier, sometimes parting with your cherished possession is a tough decision. But when you decide to sell Cartier sunglasses, we are the go-to platform with the best offer.

At Sell Us Your Jewelry, we respect your Cartier authentic sunglasses. We have a pricing model that is designed to be fair and competitive by considering various factors and giving you the best deal we can.

These are the things we look for in your Cartier eyewear:

  • Model: Certain Cartier models might be rare or more popular than others, affecting their value.
  • Condition: A big consideration when determining the value of your eyeglasses is their condition. Anytime you have a nice pair of glasses in great overall shape. You can expect to get more for it with minimal wear and tear.
  • Market demand: The value of particular Cartier pieces is largely influenced by current market demand. Our team is always ready to discuss with you about market trends and to provide you with honest pricing for your Cartier eyewear.

We invite you to avail our no-obligation quote so we can assess the true value of your Cartier glasses. All we need is to provide you with ballpark pricing, basic information, and photos of your glasses. 

How do you maximize the value of your Cartier glasses? Follow these tips: 

  • Clean thoroughly: Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe and clean dirt and fingerprints off the frames, lenses, and nose pads.
  • Gather accessories: If the original case, authenticity card, and cleaning cloth are still in your possession, add them to the box. These items serve as a testament to the authenticity of your eyewear. 
  • Research current prices: Make yourself accommodated with the market price for the Cartier and other similar models. This should help you gauge the worth of your glasses, giving you an idea of what you can expect to sell them for.

At Sell Us Your Jewelry, we offer a safe, fair, and easy solution for selling Cartier glasses. We are ready to offer you the best price with a simple and clear process. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Rest assured that you are in the right Cartier glasses buyer when you decide to sell it. Contact us today to learn more about the quick and hassle-free buying process.




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