The Ultimate Guide to Selling a Damaged Rolex Watch

March 7th, 2024

Sell My Rolex: Selling a Damaged Rolex Watch

“Can I sell my Rolex even if it is damaged?” Yes, you can! However, a damaged Rolex's value will be lower than one in pristine condition. It may be that your broken Rolex can be repaired and still have some value.

Rolex is known to build watches with the highest standards. The Oystersteel (Rolex 904L) uses stainless steel alloy that is stronger than that used by most other manufacturers. Thus, it has exceptional corrosion resistance. Its crystal glass is also highly durable. Rolex also uses scratch-resistant materials and top-of-the-line movements that are shock-resistant. 

Nevertheless, even the most robust Rolex watch can get damaged. So, what do you do with your damaged Rolex? Do you sell a Rolex watch in its current broken condition, or is it worth paying to have it repaired? 

This article will discuss what causes Rolex watches to get damaged, factors that influence the value of a damaged Rolex watch, and where can I sell my watch

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What Causes Rolex Watches to Get Damaged

When you invest in a Rolex, you want it to last a lifetime because the brand is known for its craftsmanship and durability. You want your Rolex to function perfectly forever, but your timepiece will inevitably incur some damage during its lifespan. Here are some factors that may damage your Rolex. 

  • Physical Impact

Accidental drops, knocks, or impacts against hard surfaces can cause dents, scratches, or structural damage to the case, crystal, or bracelet. The glass over the face of your Rolex can break or chip when dropped or bumped against a hard surface. 

  • Extreme Temperatures

Exposure to extreme heat or cold can affect the performance and integrity of your Rolex. This can cause damage to the watch’s movement, lubricants, or materials.

  • Water Damage

Rolex watches are highly water-resistant. However, exposure to water beyond their rated depth or a malfunctioning or worn-out gasket can lead to water ingress and damage to the watch’s internal components. 

  • Wear and Tear

Over time, normal wear and tear from daily use can gradually degrade the appearance and functionality of the watch. A cracked glass allows moisture to penetrate inside your watch, causing the rusting of internal components. Most bezels will have some wear and tear, such as scratching or scuffing. One or more gems may also fall out of the bezel. 

Neglecting regular maintenance or servicing, such as lubrication, cleaning, or adjustments, can lead to premature wear and tear or mechanical issues that may damage your watch. The strap of your watch, whether leather or metal, is one of the most common places for wear and tear on your Rolex. 

A Rolex is a complex timepiece, and detecting a malfunction or defect can be difficult. You may not even know that something is already wrong with your watch.

Conversely, here are some signs of a damaged Rolex Watch:

  • Showing Incorrect Time

A Rolex watch is made with the highest standards to ensure the accuracy of the time displayed.  If your watch is running too fast or too slow for several days, there may be something wrong with its movement and lubrication. It may also be that your timepiece’s gasket needs replacement because it has been subjected to excessive water, dirt, or other elements. 

  • Rattling Sounds

This can be due to the malfunction of any of the tiny components inside the watch or getting dislodged caused by a strong impact. 

  • Lack of Lubrication

The lack of lubrication or rusting components inside your Rolex in charge of making manual adjustments can become stiff.  Thus, changing the time and date in your timepiece can be difficult. 

You have two choices for your damaged Rolex: have it repaired or sell Rolex watch. A badly damaged Rolex may cost more to repair than buying a new timepiece. If you do not want to pay for restoration, approach a professional Rolex buyer like Sell Us Your 

How Much Is My Damaged Rolex Worth?

If selling a Rolex watch is a better option than having it repaired, it is best to know the factors influencing the value of your damaged Rolex timepiece. The value of a damaged Rolex will understandably be less than one in excellent condition. Several factors influence the value of a damaged Rolex watch:

  • Extent of Damage

Minor or surface scratches or cosmetic wear have less impact on value than broken elements, significant mechanical issues, and structural damage. 

  • Model and Rarity

Rare or highly sought-after Rolex models still retain a higher value despite damage. 

  • Age and Vintage

Vintage Rolex watches, even when damaged, can hold significant value due to their historical significance and rarity. 

  • Materials and Components

The materials used in the watch, such as stainless steel, gold, or precious stones, affect its value. Additionally, the condition of components like the dial, hands, bezel, and bracelet can impact overall value.

  • Originality

Rolex watches with original, unaltered parts typically command higher prices, even when damaged.

  • Market Demand

Specific Rolex models and high-demand styles may help maintain or even increase their value despite the damage.

  • Professional Repair Possibilities

The potential for professional repair or restoration can impact the perceived value of a damaged Rolex. If the damage is repairable by skilled professionals without compromising the watch's integrity, it may retain more value.

  • Authentication and Documentation 

Proper authentication and documentation, such as certificates of authenticity or service records, can increase buyer confidence and positively impact the value of a damaged Rolex.

Should you sell a Rolex watch or have it repaired? Whether it is wiser to sell a damaged Rolex or have it repaired also depends on your personal preferences and financial considerations.

Sending your Rolex watch to an official Rolex Service Center for repair can be extremely expensive. Depending on the damage, it can be more expensive than its current resale value or original retail price. 

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Why Sell Us Your

Sell Us Your is the top Rolex buyer in the United States. We are interested in buying your Rolex even if it is in less than perfect condition. We have been buying pre-owned luxury watches and jewelry, diamonds, and sterling silver pieces in any condition since 1980. 

Our master-trained watchmakers are experts at restoring the internal components of your Rolex to its original condition. We also have a team of jewelers and polishers who assist our watchmakers in restoring your Rolex to almost mint condition. 

Start the process of selling your Rolex watch now. Request a free quote, and be assured we will offer you the most money based on the condition of your damaged Rolex. 

Final Thoughts

A damaged Rolex is not a waste of your investment. Don’t let your damaged Rolex gather dust. Contact Sell Us Your to turn your broken Rolex into cash.  Find out how much your  Rolex is worth and sell the Rolex watch. Trust Sell Us Your to offer the most money for your  Rolex watch. 



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