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Maximize Profit: Expert Guide to Sell Used Watch

September 6th, 2023

Sell Used Watch for Top Dollar: Tips and Tricks When Selling Your Used Watch

Luxury fashion and style change over time because trends come and go. Luxury watches, though, have a timeless appeal because they never go out of style. Luxury watches overcome fading trends. Thus, it is always feasible to sell used watches.


Discerning luxury watch buyer choosing the best.
As a discerning luxury watch buyer, you'll appreciate that the Patek Philippe Squelette 3887 watch is made out of yellow gold on a Black Alligator strap with a 18k tang buckle


Understanding the Brand - Audemars Piguet

The timeless appeal of luxury watches is due to their blend of superb craftsmanship, aesthetic beauty, historical significance, and emotional connections they create with their owners.

A luxury watch is not characterized just by how it looks but also by how it feels on the wrist. Luxury watches crafted by reputable brands are high-quality and enhance the reputation of anyone with them on their wrist.

Luxury watches hold their value and last a long time. Thus, selling your used luxury watch can fetch you top dollar. In this guide, Sell Us Your Jewelry presents expert tips and tricks on how to sell used watches.


Why Choose SellUsYourJewelry.com

Has the question, “Where can I sell my watch for cash”, puzzled you? SellUsYourJewelry.com is a luxury watch buyer and the buying division of Grays & Sons Jewelers.

Sell Us Your Jewelry is one of the top luxury watch buyers for many reasons:


Trusted Reputation

Gray & Sons Jewelers has been selling pre-owned luxury watches for 43 years. Sell Us Your Jewelry is a reputable used luxury watch buyer and vintage watch buyer with extensive knowledge and experience in inspecting and appraising used watches.

Sell Us Your Jewelry ensures accurate appraisals to offer the best possible price for your pre-owned luxury watch.

Through the years of being a watch buyer, Sell Us Your Jewelry has had several satisfied customers, earning the company an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for superior customer satisfaction. Sell Us Your Jewelry always prioritizes providing a hassle-free selling experience.


Specializes in Luxury Watches

Sell Us Your Jewelry has in-house Swiss-trained watchmakers with unmatched expertise in evaluating and grading luxury watches. These watchmakers ensure you get an accurate appraisal for your pre-owned luxury watch.

Your luxury watch's brand, age, model, rarity, and condition impact its final resale value. So does the market trend or demand for your pre-owned timepiece. Sell Us Your Jewelry has the expertise to consider all these factors to ensure you get the most money for your luxury watch.

Are you still asking “Where can I sell my watch”? Sell Us Your Jewelry buys Rolex, Audemars Piquet, Patek Philippe, and other luxury watch brands.

Watchmakers at Sell Us Your Jewelry can restore your luxury watch to mint condition. Thus, you can still sell your watch even if it is not in its original condition.


Offers Top Dollars for Pre-Owned Timepieces

See Us Last! Sell Us Your Jewelry is confident they are the best luxury watch buyer, offering the most money for your watch. Why is that so?

The expert Swiss-trained Sell Us Your Jewelry watchmakers always ensure accurate appraisals of your luxury watch. Their in-depth knowledge of the complexities of luxury watches and a good understanding of current market trends, availability, and demand for your luxury watch allow them to offer top dollar for your timepiece.


Watch buyer selecting the perfect wristwatch
An experienced watch buyer will appreciate the exquisite details of this Rolex Daytona 116515 watch on a Brown Alligator strap, complete with an 18k rose gold Fliplock buckle


Unveiling Your Watch’s Worth

A luxury watch appraisal assigns a monetary value to your luxury watch, while an evaluation analyzes every attribute of your timepiece to ensure its authenticity. What transpires during a luxury watch appraisal and assessment?

The expert watchmakers at Sell Us Your Jewelry will look into these factors to determine the value of your luxury watch:



The condition of your luxury watch includes the appearance of the watch face, internal parts, band, and other external elements. Cracks, tarnishing, and scratches on your timepiece can lower its value.


Brand Reputation

The reputation of your timepiece's brand has a substantial impact on its value—reputable brands craft high-quality watches with the best mechanics.



The appraiser will check your timepiece's model and serial number to determine its authenticity. Having the original box and documents that came with purchasing your luxury watch is one helpful way to prove its authenticity.



Limited-edition luxury watches fetch higher prices. The appraiser will research the watch’s serial number to determine its manufacturing history to learn how many pieces were in circulation.


The SellUsYourJewelry.com Advantage

When you want to sell used watch, it is crucial to have a seamless selling process. Sell Us Your Jewelry is an online platform with an easy 3-step selling process:

  1. Fill out the online form for a free quote. You will receive a preliminary quote within 48 hours.
  2. If the initial quote is acceptable, request an Easy Ship Box and send your luxury watch to Sell Us Your Jewelry. Make sure to get insurance.
  3. Upon receiving your luxury watch, the expert watchmakers will inspect it, and you will receive a final offer. If the final offer is acceptable, you will receive immediate payment.

You can also sell my watch near me by visiting the Gray & Sons Jewelers showroom at 9595 Harding Ave., Surfside (Miami Beach), Florida.


Display of luxury sell used watches collection.
Upgrade your collection and sell used watches like this Panerai Radiomir PAM395 watch on a Leather strap with an 18k rose gold Deployant buckle


The Trust Factor: SellUsYourJewelry.com’s Commitment

Sell Us Your Jewelry ensures transparency in every step of the selling process. The online platform is safe and secure. Your information is kept confidential throughout the selling process, and you will receive payment via check or wire transfer.

Gray & Sons Jewelers has been in business for over 40 years, gaining the trust of their customers. Its online buying platform, Sell Us Your Jewelry, enjoys the same trust from satisfied customers.



A seamless selling process and seller satisfaction are the ultimate goals of Sell Us Your Jewelry when you sell used watches. The online platform is user-friendly and guarantees the safety and security of all users.

Sell Us Your Jewelry is a luxury buyer that offers top dollars. Expert Swiss-trained watchmakers appraise and evaluate your luxury watch to ensure a fair quote. With Sell Us Your Jewelry, you can confidently sell your luxury watch, knowing that you will get the real value of your timepiece.

Where can I sell my watch for cash? Visit Sell Us Your Jewelry and start the selling process now.




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