Selling Your Preowned Jewelry for More Money

July 1st, 2024

Sell Your Jewelry: How to Sell Your Jewelry to Make the Most Money

What do you do with jewelry you no longer use or want? Sell your jewelryMany people will tell you, though, that it can be a hassle to sell jewelry. Well, it can be, but selling your jewelry to Sell Us Your is different. 

You may have a feeling of guilt when selling your jewelry, especially if it is an inherited piece. You may also experience some separation anxiety, especially if you have had the piece for many years. But, if your jewelry is a reminder of a traumatic past, parting ways with it may be a relief. 

This article will discuss the reasons many people choose to buy pre-owned jewelry, how you can take advantage of this trend, and how to sell your jewelry for the most money.

Used Infinity Link Chain in yellow gold for Jewelry Buyer
Pre-owned Infinity Link Chain in 18k yellow gold. 32 inch length.


The Pre-Owned Jewelry Market

The pre-owned jewelry market is booming. It has become a lifestyle choice for many to buy second-hand jewelry for many reasons:

  • Buying pre-owned jewelry allows consumers to own high-quality pieces with budget-friendly costs. 
  • The pre-owned market is a source of a wide range of rare jewelry materials, styles, and designs.  
  • Pre-owned jewelry has withstood the test of time. Pieces are proven to be in excellent condition, so they will not break soon after they are sold. 
  • Many consumers prefer to buy pre-owned jewelry to help lessen the environmental impact of newly mined pieces, diamonds, and other materials. 

With that said, wouldn’t you like to get a share of the market by selling your jewelry to a reputable jewelry buyer who, in turn, will find new owners for your pieces? 

Who is most likely to Sell Pre-Owned Jewelry? 

Every year, more and more people are wanting to sell their jewelry.

  • People Experiencing Financial Difficulties

Many people sell jewelry to cover unexpected expenses such as a medical emergency or a house repair. Some people may have lost their jobs and need the cash to make ends meet. 

  • People Who Have Just Been Through a Divorce

Selling your jewelry, which is a reminder of your failed marriage (e.g., wedding and engagement rings, other jewelry gifted to you), can help you cope emotionally. The cash proceeds can also help you start a new life. 

  • People Who Have  Inherited Jewelry and it is not their taste 

The jewelry you inherited may not always be within your style, and you won’t wear it. The cash from the jewelry is contributing to fund something more practical, such as a child’s education. 

  • People Who Want to Clear Space for New Jewelry

Unused jewelry can take up so much storage space. Selling your jewelry can free up some precious space.

Used Bvlgari Diamond Pave Heart Earrings for Jewelry Buyer
Pre-owned Bvlgari diamond pave heart earrings in 18k.

Selling your Jewelry for the Most Money 

Selling your jewelry for the most money should be a top priority when parting ways with your precious pieces. Given that many consumers are out to get hold of second-hand jewelry, selling your pre-owned jewelry can be a profitable venture. 

So, how do you get the most money when selling your jewelry?

 Know the Market Value of your Used Jewelry

Several factors affect how much you can sell your jewelry. Based on these factors, jewelry buyers near me can determine the value of your jewelry.


The value of gold is determined according to its purity (karats), weight, and current market price.

Platinum has a higher value because of its limited supply and intrinsic value.

Silver is a more affordable option, but well–crafted silver jewelry with intricate designs commands high prices.


Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are precious gemstones commanding premium prices.

In diamonds, the 4Cs (cut, carat weight, clarity, and color) are considered when determining their worth. Diamonds with higher carat weights, better cut, clarity, and color have higher values.

The rarer the gemstone, the higher the jewelry’s price.


Vintage, antique, or estate jewelry with unique designs fetch high resale values.

Modern designs from luxury jewelry brands such as Cartier and Tiffany & Co. are sought after and, therefore, command higher prices.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Well-made jewelry is characterized by symmetrical and harmonious construction and finely finished jewelry.

Meticulous attention to detail, from the setting of gemstones to the finishing touches.

Durability and wearability add to the longevity of your jewelry, increasing its value.


The rarity and uniqueness of your jewelry make it stand out from the pack and attractive to collectors, contributing to its desirability.

Collectors are also willing to pay a premium for jewelry with limited availability, especially if it has a documented provenance or history.

The law of supply and demand increases the value of your piece.


Well-preserved jewelry with no visible signs of damage or wear commands higher prices.

Jewelry, with its original parts such as gemstones, settings, and clasps, has increased value.


Vintage jewelry generally has higher values.

Jewelry with historical significance due to its age or previous ownership enhances its value.

The patina (tarnishing or discoloration) developed by your jewelry over time can enhance its character and appeal, adding to its overall value.

Jewelry Brand

Pieces from luxury brands fetch top dollar when you sell your jewelry. Jewelry from Cartier, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co., David Yurman, and other luxury brands retain their value well.

 Know Your Options

Knowing where to sell your jewelry can help maximize your returns. You can sell your jewelry personally to a private person. You can also sell through online marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, and Facebook. However, these options can take so much of your time and effort.

You can also opt to sell your jewelry to pawn shops. However, they will offer you the lowest prices. Conversely, you can seek the help of auction houses. But auction houses will charge you commissions and fees, lowering your net proceeds from selling your jewelry.

Your best option is to sell your jewelry to a specialized and professional jewelry buyer. At Sell Us Your, you can get the most money for your pieces.

Sell Us Your is the dedicated buying division of Gray & Sons Jewelers. For over 40 years, we have been buying luxury jewelry and watches, diamonds, and sterling silver pieces. 

You can sell your jewelry online or in person at our showroom at 9595 Harding Avenue, Bal Harbour, Florida, 33154. You can opt to sell your jewelry for outright cash, consignment, or trade-in for store credit.

We are the top jewelry buyer in the United States.

We have a team of GIA-certified jewelry appraisers, master-trained watchmakers, and sales specialists. Our staff has 150 years of combined experience buying pre-owned luxury jewelry.

We are a reputable and trustworthy jewelry buyer with thousands of satisfied customers who get the most money for their pieces.

We have a safe and secure selling process, ensuring our customers' jewelry is in good hands with us.

We provide top-notch customer service. You can reach us anytime through telephone number 305 770 6955,, or chat. We offer the most money for your jewelry.

We offer the most money for your jewelry.

This is our quick and easy selling process:

Step 3

full jewelry inspection


Once we receive your jewelry our qualified experts will inspect its condition and authenticity.

Step 4

receive payment


Once finalized you will quickly receive payment via check or wire payment.

Get started nowSell your jewelry to us and make the most money! 



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