Discover the Best Way to Sell Sterling Silver Flatware

June 27th, 2024

What is the Best Way to Sell Sterling Silver Flatware?

Is the sterling silver flatware you inherited from grandma gathering dust in the closet? Expert and professional sterling silver flatware buyers can offer you a fortune for your set!

Sterling silver flatware is a common family heirloom passed down through generations. While these pieces are a treasure to behold, maintaining them can be a challenge. You need to regularly polish each piece to maintain its luster. And, oh, when was the last time you used your sterling silver flatware set? 

That sterling silver flatware lying idle in your closet can be worth more than you think. A silver buyer may be interested in what you have. 

This blog will show you the best way to sell sterling silver flatware,  how to know the value of your set, and the best place to sell your silver. This is a must-read for everyone who has sterling silver flatware stashed away in their homes.  

Do You Have Sterling Silver Flatware? 

Pure silver is 99.9% silver alloy and 0.1% trace elements and is valued for its high purity. It comes with quality stamps such as “99.9” or “.999FS.” However, pure silver is a soft metal that easily changes shape, scratches or dents. While it comes with a unique luster and beauty, it is not suitable for flatware. 

Sterling silver is a mix of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, such as copper. Sterling silver is perfect for flatware because it is shiny, durable, and more resistant to deformation, scratches, and dents. 

Is your flatware made from genuine sterling silver? Is it only silver-plated with a thin layer of silver?  Closely inspect your flatware pieces to remove the confusion. 

A surefire way to know if you have genuine sterling silver flatware is to look for the “Sterling” stamp or “925” “and “.925.” The pieces may also have the maker’s mark identifying the manufacturer.  

You can find these markings on the back of spoons, below the tines near the wide part in forks, and on the ferrule or collar of knives. You can also find the markings on the bottoms of teapots, serving trays, bowls, and candlesticks. 

Silver-plated flatware can be made from any metal, such as copper or nickel, coated with a thin layer of silver on top. They can also come with markings such as EPNS (electro-plated nickel silver) and EP (lector plate). A1 or B1 are also silver-plating markings that indicate the quality of the silver plate. 

Genuine sterling silver flatware can tarnish over time due to exposure to air and other elements. Its copper content can minimize tarnishing to a certain extent. A quick polishing, though, can take care of the tarnish and bring back its shiny surface. Repeatedly cleaning silver-plated items will wash away the silver coating and expose a yellow hue showing the base metal. 

Sterling silver flatware is lighter and looks  more gorgeous than silver-plated ones. Lastly, sterling silver pieces are rich in history and feature more detailed patterns and designs. 

It is best to have an expert appraiser determine whether what you have is genuine sterling silver or silver-plated flatware. If you know what you have, you can confidently seek a sterling silver buyer who can offer the best price for your pieces. Besides, a silver buyer does not buy silver-plated pieces. 

Used French Renaissance Sterling silver flatware set
PRE-OWNED "FRENCH RENAISSANCE" sterling silver flatware set patented in 1941 by Reed & Barton. Sterling silver buyer’s dream! Total pieces: 100. 6 place settings for 12 + 11 serving pieces.

Selling your Sterling Silver flatware 

You can sell your silver for the most money when dealing with an expert and professional sterling silver buyer. Having sterling silver flatware does not mean you can fetch top dollar for your pieces. Certain factors affect the resale value of your flatware set. 

Markers and Hallmarks

Look for purity marks such as “sterling,” “.925,” or “925” marks in your flatware. These pieces also have the manufacturer’s logo or name.

Distinguished sterling silver flatware makers like Tiffany & Co. are marked with “Tiffany & Co.” Gorham has an anchor lion and the letter G mark. Sterling silver flatware by Wallace comes with the “RW&S” mark for R. Wallace & Sons or just “Wallace.” Similarly, Reed & Barton flatware has a lion, eagle, and letter “R” mark for “Reed & Barton.

Sterling silver flatware with monograms or custom markings (e.g., family names and personal initials) can lower the value of your flatware.

Patterns and Designs

Sought-after sterling silver flatware patterns and designs with exceptional craftsmanship will most likely have a high resale value. The 19th century Faneuil design featuring a classical, simple design with a fiddle-shaped handle and the Audubon design of 1871 with intricate foliage and bird motifs of Tiffany & Co. are highly prized by collectors.


Sterling silver flatware in excellent condition despite its age (e.g., minimal dents, scratches, or tarnish) will always fetch higher prices.

Complete Sets

Sterling silver flatware with serving pieces can command higher prices.

Individual Pieces

Individual flatware pieces such as hard-to-find carving knives and forks, cocktail forks, demitasse spoons, and barware have higher resale value. Common individual pieces such as spoons, forks, and knives are worth less.

Market Demand

Your sterling silver flatware will be worth more if there is a high demand for it. Sterling silver flatware patterns such as the Francis 1 by Reed & Barton, Wallace Silversmiths’ Grand Baroque, and the Chantilly by Gorham Manufacturing Company continue to be in high demand due to their exquisite craftsmanship, historical significance, aesthetic appeal, and brand prestige.

Market Price of Silver

The value of your sterling silver flatware is also dependent on the spot price of silver. If silver is worth more today, your sterling silver flatware will also be worth more.

Used Ashmont Sterling Silver Flatware
PRE-OWNED "ASHMONT" Sterling Silver Flatware Set patented in 1990 by Reed & Barton- 58 Pieces total. 4 place set for 8 with 5 Serving pieces. As new Condition. Most of the pieces still in their original unopened plastic sleeves. Perfect for any Sterling silver buyer.

Where Can I Sell My Sterling Silver Flatware

Sell Us Your, the buying platform of Gray & Sons Jewelers is the best place to sell your silver! 

  • We have been a top buyer of sterling silver flatware in the US since 1980.
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With Sell Us Your,  you can sell your silver online with confidence. You can also drop by the Gray & Sons showroom at 9595 Harding Ave, Surfside (Miami Beach), Florida. You can sell us your flatware for instant cash, trade-in, or consignment. 

Whether you have heirloom sterling silver flatware or pieces you have collected over time you no longer want to keep, selling them to Sell Us Your can be a profitable move. 

See us last because we offer the best prices for your sterling silver flatware! Click here to start step 1 of the selling process. 

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