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June 27th, 2024

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Have you ever been on a tight budget? Do you need quick cash? Maybe you’re facing unexpected expenses and have nothing to spare but your precious watch.

If you own a luxury watch of any brand, you may consider turning it into cash. However, where do you start? How do you know you’re dealing with the right luxury watch buyer?

We know how riddled the market is for preloved or pre-owned luxury watches. And finding a watch buyer seems challenging. At first, offers may look enticing, but you’ll be surprised that you’ve bumped into unscrupulous watch buyers. Where can you entrust your valuable watch? You’ll ask yourself, “Where can I sell my watch for cash without the hassle?”

The Best Place to Sell Your Watch

Sell Us Your Jewelry is the best place to go if you’re looking for legit luxury watch buyers. We have been selling and buying luxury watches and jewelry for over four decades. We have established a reputable trade, offering the best price.

We employ Swiss-trained experts and watchmakers on-site, making us a premier destination for your luxury watch. Whether you plan to sell a luxury or vintage watch, we’re the best buyer you can count on.

What we do best is to ensure our customers' satisfaction. We have been upholding the highest ethical standards when buying watches. Our previous customers are a true testament to such commitment. Like them, you will enjoy the following top-notch services from us:

  • Hassle-free transactions - Our procedure is streamlined so we can communicate better. We value your time as much as we value your watch. Expect not more than 48 hours to discuss pricing.
  • Competitive pricing - We know how valuable your time is, so we don’t rely on pure guessing but on a fair and transparent evaluation of your possessions.
  • Transparent evaluation - Our expert watchmakers are confident in their assessment.
  • Expertise in the industry - Experience in our craftsmanship is a solid foundation for why we stay in the business.
  • Secure handling - Our shipping process ensures your piece is handled with care.
  • Professional evaluation - Our honest appraisals ensure you get a fair and competitive price for your watch.

Here’s a simple but step-by-step guide when you sell your watch to us:


Our watch evaluators will examine your watch, its condition, model, age, and if it still has the box and papers. These factors determine the saleability of your luxury watch.

Request a Quote

Get a watch quote through our online platform. Just fill in the required information and photos for a more accurate valuation.

Shipping and Insurance

We’ll send you an Easy Ship box and then ship the watch to us via registered mail with insurance coverage.


After careful inspection, we’ll make an offer. And then, we can proceed with finalizing the transaction through payment. Payments will be disbursed by wire or check. Or you can get the cash if you visit on-site.

Used Rolex Datejust perfect for watch buyers
PRE-OWNED Rolex Datejust 69174, 26mm, Automatic, Stainless Steel, Metal Bracelet - Ideal for Watch Buyer.

Types of Watches We Buy

The industry of luxury watches is very varied and broad, attracting different buyers with sophisticated tastes and preferences. For one, Sell Us Your Jewelry has been a reputable luxury watch buyer for decades. It has been known to acquire watches of the highest quality and reputation.

Here are the types of watches Sell Us Your Jewelry is eager to acquire:

Luxury Brands

We’re not just after the name but after the value. Watches that hail the brands RolexPatek PhilippeOmegaAudemars Piguet, and more equate with craftsmanship, timelessness, and prestige. These branded watches have lasting value, and their price and aesthetic appeal constantly increase as time goes on.

Buyers like us are drawn to these brands as they embody the meticulous engineering bestowed on them and the precious materials they’re made of. If you have invested in these luxury watches, you believe in their appeal, status symbol, and reputation as wearable art.

Antique or Vintage Watches

When it’s vintage, it’s priceless - metaphorically speaking. But because they have been tested through time, their historical appeal and timeless charm make them unique and valued. Also, these types of timepieces require specialized knowledge to evaluate their authenticity, rarity, and condition.

Limited Edition Models

Why are they called “limited?” Watches of the limited edition are crafted for a certain reason. Sometimes, it’s to commemorate a special event, thus produced for limited or restricted numbers. That’s why they're expensive; they are rare, and only a few own them. With the historical significance and unique features embodied in limited edition models, their scarcity results in high prices and demand.

Used Audemars piguet royal oak for watch buyers
PRE-OWNED Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, 25995IP.OO.1000TI.01, 44mm, Automatic, Titanium, Metal Bracelet for Watch Buyers.

Why Sell Us Your Jewelry is the Best Luxury Watch Buyer

Looking for the best luxury watch buyer couldn’t be better with us. For many years, we have offered our customers the best selling experience, hassle-free and straightforward.

Our customer-focused selling thrust defines the following:

  • Industry expert
  • Stellar customer reviews
  • Free, no-obligation quotes
  • Competitive pricing
  • Convenient payment process
  • Hassle-free and secure shipping

Sell Your Watch Today

Now, you’ve learned everything. Are you ready to offer your watch?

Choosing the right buyer for your luxury or vintage watch shouldn’t be as difficult. With the right partner, like Sell Us Your Jewelry, expect the best outcome for your watch-selling transaction.

As your ideal watch buyer, we pride ourselves on our transparent and fair pricing, expertise in the luxury watch industry, comprehensive years of buying and selling luxury watches, secure selling process, and commitment to customer happiness.

Don’t let your watch hide in your drawer for long. Bring it out and make an investment out of it. Begin with the rewarding experience of selling your watch to us. Talk to us today about the smooth and profitable watch-buying procedure.



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