Number 1 Best diamond engagement ring buyer in the US

August 9th, 2023

Number 1 Diamond Engagement Ring Buyer in the US

Looking for an honorable diamond engagement ring buyer in the Miami area? As an expert engagement ring buyer, we are here to purchase your engagement ring. 

As an expert team of engagement ring buyers, we fully comprehend that selling an engagement is emotionally challenging, especially after a breakup or a divorce.

 As such, we take pride in providing discreet, fast, professional, and highly secure services. Sell engagement rings easily and quickly today at the best price and Sell Us Your Jewelry. Being an A+ BBB rated company, we offer free consultation and answer all the queries you may have regarding diamond engagement ring buyer for you. 

diamond engagement rings buyerdiamond engagement ring buyer

Sell engagement diamond rings and have cash in your account instantly.

Diamond Engagement Ring Buyer Online?

Selling to a diamond engagement ring buyer online is hassle-free. It can be as long as 24 hours from start to end, with no costs or charges involved. To sell engagement diamond ring to us, you only have to undergo the following steps :

  • Fill an online form to enter the details of your engagement ring. 
  • Ship your engagement ring to us with our fully insured and free shipping services. 
  • Our executive team member will contact you with a final offer made by our expert buyer. 
  • Accept the offer and receive an amount in your account, or we will return your ring free of cost. 

If you prefer to have an in-person appointment with your diamond engagement ring buyer to us, you can call us to book your appointment. Our appointments are available all over the USA, including Miami, Orlando, Hollywood, and Pinecrest.

top-rated diamond engagement ring buyerWe are the top-rated diamond engagement ring buyer in the US.

Selling An Engagement Ring 

You can sell to diamond engagement ring buyer from any part of the USA from Miami to Hollywood and in between locations. Sell Us Your Jewelry helps you sell your engagement ring with free shipping and insurance when you sell your engagement ring online. You can also sell engagement rings of various styles and stones with Sell Us Your Jewelry in an appointment at one of our outlets. 

Sell Us Your Jewelry is unique from other buyers. We have taken a traditional purchasing model and made the princess simple, easy, and secure. We are unique to auctions. You will get your cash within 24 hours, and we don’t charge any costs. Hence, you will be able to sell your precious items with the surety in the results you will get, unlike auction.

Appraisal Process At Sell Us Your Jewelry

Diamond engagement ring buyers know they are shockingly complicated jewelry to asses. Diamonds contain more than 20 main factors that determine their worth. At Sell Us Your Jewelry, we have world-class diamond buyers that have years of experience in evaluating and determining the actual value of diamonds. We will give you the most competitive offer in the market context. Below are the main factors on which our experts will determine the value of your diamond ring. 

  • Is the diamond ring GIA certified? Certifications of diamond vary, and some are more authentic than others and result in impacting the initial estimate of the item. 
  • Condition of the diamond? Are there any crevices, abrasions, or chips? If so, the price of the diamond will be impacted.
  • Market trends and conditions? Is the shape of your diamond in vogue? Are the measurements of the diamond in demand?
  • 4’Cs- clarity, color, carat, and cut weight are the basic components of determining the diamond value. 

In case you own a GIA certified diamond with excellent grade of cut, and your item is likely to fetch a premium. 

Sell your branded diamond engagement ringsYou can also sell your branded diamond engagement rings.

Where To Sell Engagement Diamond Ring?

Choosing the right diamond engagement ring buyer or outlet to sell engagement rings is essential as it helps you achieve your desired price and to sell in a secure and safe manner. The highest initial offers do not always ensure the good final returns as some companies will use initial estimates for advertising purposes only.

What Sort Of Engagement Rings Do We Buy?

To Sell Us Your Jewelry, we are trained in purchasing engagement rings with at least a stone of 0.5+ carat. Also, we buy diamond engagement rings from various high end and local brands such as Cartier, Tiffany, Harry Winston, Piaget, Bvlgari, and Van Cleef & Arpels.

If you own a certified diamond from IGI, EGL USA, or GIA, for instance, the initial offers given to you will be quite close to the final offer made. Our assessment labs are experts and independent assessing diamonds. GIA is the most famous and leading gemological lab. You can send us the details of your GIA certificate that will enable us to give you an accurate initial estimation. 

How To Find The Right Diamond Engagement Ring Buyer

Finding the right diamond buyer for your items shouldn’t be an ordeal. By following our advice, you can shortcut the challenges and can make an ideal sale. 

  • Research their online and offline reputation, if required, look at Google, Facebook, or Instagram. 
  • Find a diamond buyer with a rating of BBB and see their history on the website of BBB.
  • Evaluate their means of communication. Do they respond actively? Are their messages or emails professional enough? Are they accessible via telephone?

Why Sell Engagement Rings Online With Sell Us Your Jewelry?

Selling a diamond in any form, be it an engagement ring or bangles, can free up money and help you restyle your jewelry or buy the bigger one.

best diamond engagement rings buyerWe also purchase all sorts of pre-owned diamond engagement rings.

When you sell diamond engagement rings to us, you will experience various plus points such as :

  • Free of finance selling services.
  • Market competitive offers.
  • Diamond grading by a professional diamond buyer. 
  • Easy, secure, and fast selling process.

Get The Best Offer Of Your Engagement Ring: Contact Us 

Selling an engagement ring to Sell Us Your Jewelry will ensure you get an ideal return on your item. We have a team of expert diamond buyers who will grade your diamond ring and will give you an accurate value of your engagement ring. So, give it another thought and bring your engagement ring to us or contact us at 305 770 6955  for further details.

Come see us last and that we will pay you more!

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