Selling Diamonds for Cash after a Divorce

June 25th, 2024

Reasons to Sell Your Diamond Jewelry after Divorce

Whether you are going through the process or are recently divorced, your diamond engagement and wedding rings may not be something you wish to keep. So if you are ready to move on and cash out, you need to locate a diamond jewelry buyer and more specifically, a diamond ring buyer!

There are emotional, financial, and practical reasons to sell diamonds for cash after a divorce. 

Sell your diamond silver ring
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Why Selling Diamonds for Cash after a Divorce is a Win-Win Option?

1. Sell Diamond Rings and start a New Life Chapter 

Holding on to your engagement and diamond rings can keep you stuck in the negative feelings they bring. And after all you are just starting a new chapter in your life. 

2. Raise Necessary Funds and Improve Your Financial Stability 

Depending on how fast you need the funds there could be different ways how to go about getting cash for your diamondsYou can sell your diamonds through a pawnshop, put it into auction, or sell it or consign it with a local jeweler. While considering all those options you must know the pluses and minuses associated with them. Pawn Shops offer lower prices and may lack the expertise on your diamond rings, Auction houses and online consignment platforms may have hidden fees and automatic price reductions built into their contracts. Wedding ring consignment may get you a higher price if you wish to wait for a right buyer and longer wait time is not an issue. 

Selling your diamonds need not be difficult. You can easily sell your engagement and wedding rings or any other diamond jewelry to a trustworthy diamond buyerwhich often is your local jeweler. 

3. If you no Longer need the Jewelry… Or if you are just simply tired of your old pieces and you wish to get something new, you can sell, consign or trade your diamond jewelry. Outright sale will result in collecting fast payment via cash, wire or check. The same will happen with trade up when you exchange your diamond wedding ring for another item. Listing your diamond with the auction house or consignment platform will require some patience as the items may not sell right away. 

How to Sell your Diamond Engagement Ring

Gold Ring with Diamonds
Bezel set approximately 0.65 carat H-I color, SI-I clarity diamond ring in 14k white and yellow gold with 0.50 carats in G-H color, VS-SI clarity diamond accents. Size 5, width tapers 3.5mm - 7mm.

Square Diamond Silver Ring
This GIA certified ring is currently size 7 and some items can be sized up or down, please ask! It weighs 6.67 pennyweights and is 18k White Gold.

Whether you are selling your engagement ring for emotional, financial, or practical reasons, make sure to contact an established diamond ring buyer who can give you the most accurate  value of your jewelry based on in-depth knowledge and expertise of pre-owned diamonds. 

You will want the cash for diamond process to be hassle-free, safe and profitable. 

When getting ready to sell your engagement or wedding diamond ringcollect all certificates that came originally with the ring. Bringing a  GIA certificate or certified appraisal will be a powerful tool to net higher prices. If you don’t have a GIA certificate contact your jeweler and ask them for assistance to get one. 

Get a professional appraisal to understand the grade, setting, weight of the stones, and resale value of your engagement ring. 

After establishing the quality of the stone, other factors like; the brand and condition of the rings will factor in. Diamond experts will be able to assess those factors and come up with the resale value of your jewelry, in its current, pre-owned condition. 

While there are many ways to sell your diamond jewelry including selling to pawn shops, online auctions and consignment platforms, reaching out to established jeweler may be your best option. 

Gray and Sons Jewelers has been in business for 42 years, selling, trading and consigning diamond jewelry, but most importantly they are an established, trustworthy diamond jewelry buyer known for paying best, highest prices in the shortest time including cash purchases. 

The process is easy; 

  1. You can do it online through their online platform from the comfort of your home. Just start the process by filling out the form with basic information about your engagement or wedding ring. 


  1. You can do it in person by visiting their Bal Harbour / Miami showroom. No appointment is necessary. Their diamond experts are available on site , 6 days a week during business hours. Visit 9595 Harding Ave, Bal Harbour FL 33154 . 




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