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April 2nd, 2024

Sell David Yurman Pendants | #1 David Yurman Buyer

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SellUsYourJewelry.com is Gray & Sons Jewelers’ dedicated online purchasing site for preowned David Yurman jewelry.

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How to sell David Yurman pendants? David Yurman jewelry is the perfect example of extravagance without the price tag. This luxury jewelry company mastered the execution of subtle elegance that remains unmatched by any other designer brand in the industry. For those seeking to sell their jewelry pieces, our team at SellUsYourJewelry.com provides an easy and trusted source to save you both time and money. Let us help you get what your David Yurman pieces are worth, as we believe a piece of high-end jewelry deserves all the attention it asks for.

How to Sell David Yurman Pendants

  1. Fill out the David Yurman Jewelry Quote form to get a preliminary quote
  2. We will then send an Easy Ship Box that contains packaging material
  3. Once you receive our box, pack your David Yurman jewelry and send it to our secure store in Miami Beach, Fl
  4. After an in-house inspection, we agree on the best price and your money is sent immediately by check or bank wire

Pretty much textbook, isn’t it? Fill up and get in touch!


Do David Yurman Pendants Hold Value

Which jewelry appreciates in value, and how do you really know that the jewelry you are about to buy will appreciate in value after they leave the jewelers?

While there is a lot that you need to consider as you shop jewelry and sell David Yurman pendants, the most important consideration for you, a question that you must ask is, whether the jewelry you are considering will be worth more than the price and if it’s worth your time and money.

As an investor, you already think of your purchases as investments, and you need to make sure that the jewelry you buy is an appreciating purchase worth your money.

In this article, we’ll review the main types of jewelry that will appreciate in value. So, keep reading.


David Yurman Estate Jewelry – Pendants

Founded in the 1970s, David Yurman is the youngest jewelry brand on this list, however, the brand remains iconic within the jewelry market. In 1983, David Yurman introduced his signature cable bracelet, which quickly became an icon in the jewelry industry. Today, these items continue onto their value well on the resale market

David Yurman is a timeless model of inspiration, innovation and consummate craftsmanship. America’s foremost luxury jewelry and timepiece brand, the company was founded in New York City by David, a sculptor, and his wife Sybil, a painter, and built on a passion for art and design. When they began collaborating, their intention was not to start a business but to make beautifully designed objects to wear.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the David Yurman company, paved the way for other American jewelry designers. With their artistic approach to creating unique, thematic pieces, the Yurmans soon gained a devoted following. As more working women began to purchase jewelry for themselves rather than waiting for gifts, customers started a tradition of collecting David Yurman jewelry in the same way art is collected.

In 2003, their son, Evan Yurman joined the company. Drawing inspiration from natural textures, antiquities, and cutting-edge materials, he has played an integral role in the design direction of the Men’s, Wedding, and High Jewelry Collections. Today, Evan collaborates with David and Sybil on every aspect of the business.

Where can I sell My David Yurman Jewelry – Pendants


About US

SellUsYourJewelry.com is Gray & Sons Jewelers’ dedicated online purchasing site for preowned David Yurman jewelry.

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Step 1: Get a Valuation


Tell us about your jewelry with our simple form. The more information & photos you share with us the more accurate the market valuation will be.

Step 2: Use Easy Ship Box


If you like the quote you’ll receive a pre-paid shipping label including insurance. Face-to-face collection can also be arranged.

Step 3: Jewelry Inspection


Once we receive your jewelry our qualified experts will inspect its condition and authenticity.

Step 4: Receive Payment


Once finalized you will quickly receive payment via check or wire payment.




Alexey Khichenko

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4 days ago

Incredible customer service. The manager Victoria did everything perfectly, I highly recommend contacting her. I bought a rolex gmt in perfect condition, at a very good price.


Mark Cecil

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a year ago

I have sold two watches to Gray and Sons and bought one. Each time they went above and beyond my expectations. These guys are beyond trustworthy. I can't say enough good about them.


Irene Sharp

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2 months ago

Amazing service, great selection of inventory! Friendly staff and welcoming environment. Thank Viktoria and Natalia.

Rich was so helpful in helping me find a necklace for someone special this past holidays on super short notice. exceeding my expectations. They get the job done!

Thank you!


Jason B

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a year ago

I found a grey watch at a great price. More importantly the level of personalized service Viktoria provided made the difference. Her knowledge of the watch and assistance with my questions as well as details I hadn’t considered were excellent. Five stars all around. I highly recommend Gray and Sons!


Ally Kutner

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4 months ago

My fiancé and I went to Gray & Sons to transform my grandmother’s stone (on an earring) into an engagement ring. They really took the time to listen to what I envisioned my ring to look like and then custom made my dream into reality. It is so beautiful. I look forward to wearing it forever. I cannot thank you enough. I highly recommend Gray & Sons Jewelers. The quality of their work is beyond compare. Claudine is the best! She really knows her craft and goes above and beyond to ensure that the end product is exactly what you wanted, or in my case, better than I imagined.




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