Top Bvlgari Watches: Popular Picks to Add to Your Collection

April 27th, 2024

Cash For Your Luxury Watch: Sell Bvlgari Watch Today

Bvlgari watches exemplify elegance, luxury, and innovation. These timepieces are renowned for their iconic designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and a seamless blend of Italian style and Swiss precision engineering. If you own one and do not need it,  you can sell a Bvlgari watch to Sell Us Your and get top dollars. 

Whether you have a classic design or an avant-garde Bvlgari timepiece, you own a testament to the brand’s rich heritage of watch-making, with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. 

I want to  sell my Bvlgari watch. What’s next ? 

Sell Us Your, the buying division of Gray & Sons Jewelers is the answer to where to sell Bvlgari jewelryWe are widely considered by our customers the # 1 buyer of pre-owned luxury watches, including Bvlgari timepieces. We offer a safe, secure, transparent, and hassle-free selling process, topped by superb customer service to ensure an awesome selling experience.

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Most Popular Bvlgari Watches We Love to Buy

Why Sell Us Your

Our Selling Process

Maximizing Cash Returns for Your Bvlgari Watch

Bvgalri Watch Models We Buy

Final Thoughts


Sell Used Bvlgari Watch with Leather Strap
Discover how to sell Bvgalri watch with this pre-owned Bvlgari, CH 35G 36mm, Quartz, 18k, Leather Strap.

Most Popular Bvlgari Watches We Love to Buy

Sell Us Your is interested in buying all models of Bvlgari watches. Some of the most popular models we love to buy include: 


Launched in 2014, the Bvlgari Lucea collection is inspired by the radiant beauty of the sun and the timeless charm of ancient Rome. The name “Lucea” is derived from the Italian word “light,” reflecting the collection’s emphasis on luminosity and brilliance. 

The Lucea collection is renowned for its feminine and luxurious design, offering a range of elegant timepieces adorned with precious gemstones and exquisite details. Pre-owned Lucea timepieces, particularly those with unique dial designs or rare materials, may attract interest from collectors and fashion-conscious buyers. 


The Bvlgari Diagono debuted in 1988 as the first sports watch of the brand. The collection is known for its sporty yet elegant aesthetic, featuring distinctive elements such as the iconic Diagono bezel design, which consists of diagonal lines intersecting at the corners.

One notable aspect of the Diagono collection is its association with high-performance sports and athletes. Bvlgari has collaborated with prestigious sporting events and organizations, such as the Olympic Games and the America's Cup. 

Pre-owned Diagono watches, especially vintage models or limited editions, may appeal to collectors seeking a blend of style and functionality.


Introduced in the early 2000s, the Ergon watches are celebrated for their distinctive tonneau-shaped, ergonomically curved cases to fit comfortably on the wrist.

The Ergon collection may not be as widely recognized as other Bvlgari collections.  But, it has gained a dedicated following among enthusiasts and collectors who value its unique design and craftsmanship. 

Bvlgari produces a limited number of Ergon watches compared to some of its other collections. Thus leading to relatively limited availability in the pre-owned market. This scarcity can increase demand among collectors seeking to add a rare and unique piece. 


The term “Quadrato” means “square” in Italian. Thus, watches in the Bvlgari Quadrato collection are characterized by their square-shaped cases.  This collection typically features sleek, minimalist designs with high-quality Swiss movements and fine materials like gold, diamonds, and leather straps. 

The Quadrato collection caters to individuals seeking sophisticated and elegant timepieces with a modern twist. The rarity of some watches in the Quadrato collection appeals to collectors and enthusiasts who seek distinctive and less widespread timepieces. 


“Tubugas” refers to a specific technique for wrapping flexible metal bands around a rigid core to create a distinctive, tubular design. Bvlgari has used the Tubogas technique since the 1940s in their rings, necklaces, and watches. 

The Tubogas watch collection features unique bracelet designs created using the Tubogas technique to create bold, fluid lines. The brand’s ability to seamlessly combine flexibility with structure creates pieces that are both elegant and comfortable to wear. The Tubogas collection appeals to individuals who appreciate fine craftsmanship, innovative design, and timeless elegance in their watches.


The Assioma collection offers a combination of elegance and technical sophistication with models featuring innovative case designs and complications such as chronographs or dual time zones. 

As one of the best pieces that capture Bvlgari’s horological philosophy, pre-owned Assioma watches, particularly those with rare features or materials, are highly sought after by collectors. 


Solotempo'' typically refers to a type of movement used in watches. The Solotempo movement is an in-house movement developed by Bvlgari. Watches with in-house movements often hold their value better in the second-hand market than those with generic or outsourced movements.

The allure of the watches in the Solotempo collection is known for their clean and colored dials,  refined cases, strap options, and harmonious proportions. Collectors highly prize the movement of the watches because it demonstrates a watchmaker’s technical expertise and dedication to craftsmanship. 


The name “Rettangolo” is Italian for “rectangular,” which hints at the distinctive shape of the watches within the collection. The defining characteristic of the Rettangolo watches is their rectangular or elongated cases, which set them apart from more traditional round or square watches.

Many watches in the Rettangolo collection boast minimalist dial designs, often with clean lines, simple hour markers, and sleek hands. This minimalist aesthetic contributes to the timeless appeal of these timepieces.


Known for its snake-like and unique designs, the Bvlgari Serpenti collection features watches with serpent-shaped cases and bracelets.  The timepieces are often adorned with diamonds or colorful gemstones, making them luxurious, eye-catching, and highly sought after by aficionados and fashion enthusiasts. 

Preowned Bvlgari Quadrato for watch buyer
Pre-owned Bvlgari Quadrato, sq22ss 22mm, Quartz, Stainless Steel, Metal Bracelet, perfect for watch buyer

Why Choose Sell Us Your

When you sell a Bvlgari watchyou want to get the best price that reflects the true value of your timepiece. You want a watch buyer that knows your timepiece's true worth and eliminates the intermediaries between you and the buyer. 

Online marketplaces, auction houses, etc., act as middlemen and charge commissions or fees, reducing the amount you will get when you sell your Bvlgari watch. For many reasons, sell Us Your is the top buyer in the United States for pre-owned Bvlgari watches. 


Expert evaluation and authentication are crucial to getting top dollars when you sell Bvlgari watches. We have a team of master-trained watchmakers who can meticulously evaluate your pre-owned Bvlgari, from assessing its condition to verifying its authenticity. Our experts have vast knowledge and experience with Bvlgari watches and can give you the best offer for your timepiece. 


Sell Us Your has been buying pre-owned luxury watches, jewelry, diamonds, and sterling silver pieces since 1980. We are a trusted watch buyer because we uphold the highest standards of accuracy and integrity throughout the evaluation process when you sell Bvlgari watches 

Working with a trustworthy watch buyer specializing in high-end timepieces can help you get the most out of your precious possessions. It is crucial to seek reliable watch buyers with a proven track record of buying and selling luxury timepieces, and that’s Sell Us Your 


Sell Us Your is a proud International Watch & Jewelry Guild member and the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. These accreditations show proof of our expertise and commitment to ethical business practices. 


Sell Us Your provides a fair and competitive offer for your pre-owned Bvlgari watch based on its condition and market value. Our transparent valuation process ensures you are fully informed and empowered to make the best decision for your timepiece. You can contact us any time, and we will explain how we came up with how much your watch is worth. We do not have hidden fees. 

Safe and Secure

Sell Us Your is a highly professional and trusted watch buyer that can help you get a competitive price for your timepiece conveniently and securely. You can be confident when sending your timepiece to us for evaluation because we value your timepiece as much as you do. We are fully insured so your timepiece is safe with us while in our possession. 

Remember always mail your watch to us via registered mail and fully insured. 

Superior Customer Service

We are a trusted destination for where to sell Bvlgari watch. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau based on online reviews and ratings for a superb selling experience. We have hundreds of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. 

We uphold the best customer service standards. You can contact us by telephone, email, or chat with any questions, and our sales specialists will gladly and competently assist you. 

See Us Last!

We ensure the best offers for your Bvlgari watch as the buying division of Gray & Sons Jeweler. Gray & Sons has a ready network of buyers for your Bvlgari watch. We constantly update our website and catalog, adding pre-owned merchandise we purchase and selling directly to other watch enthusiasts. Thus, we can pay more for your pre-owned Bvlgari watch.

Easy Selling Process

We make it easy for you to sell your Bvlgari watch. Simply submit your watch details through our online platform, and let us take care of the rest. Whether you ship your watch to us or visit our showroom, we strive to make the selling process as convenient and stress-free as possible.

Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the premier destination for selling pre-owned luxury timepieces, jewelry diamonds, and sterling silver pieces.

Past Sales of Bvlgari Watches

Our Selling Process

Sell Used Bvlgari Watch

Part ways with your Bvlgari timepiece with ease and confidence. Sell Us Your is dedicated to providing a streamlined selling process, competitive offers, and personalized service, allowing you to maximize the value of your timepiece without the hassle.

Request a quote

Request a Quote

Fill out our request quote form to know the worth of your Bvlgari watch. Upload photos of your watch from multiple angles and provide as many details on the condition of your timepiece. as possible. The more pictures and information you can provide, our quote will be more accurate.

send us your jewelry

Send Us Your Jewelry

If you are interested in our initial offer, send us your timepiece via registered mail using our Easy Ship Box, complete with instructions on how to package your precious watch and shipping labels safely. Make sure to use registered mail insured. 

full jewelry inspection

Full Jewelry Inspection

Once we receive your watch, we will examine its authenticity and ensure its condition is as described in the request for free quote form. After being meticulously assessed by our experts, we will give you a final offer.

receive payment

Receive Payment

If you accept our final offer, we will process payment immediately via check, wire transfer, Bitcoin, or PayPal.

You can also visit our showroom at 9595 Harding Ave. Surfside (Miami Beach), Florida (Located across from Bal Harbour Shops).

Maximizing Cash Returns for Your Bvlgari Watch

Your Bvlgari watch is a prized possession. You can do many things to maximize the cash returns for your timepiece. 

Look for the original box and other packaging of your Bvlgari. This will enhance the overall allure of your watch.

Gather the original documents of your Bvlgari watch. This may include the sales receipt, certificates of authenticity, warranty card, service records, and all documents that came with your Bvlgari watch. This will increase the worth of your timepiece.

When you sell your Bvlgari watch, having the original box and papers allows you to get the maximum value of your timepiece.

Bvgalri Watch Models We Buy And Sell: 

Gray & Sons proudly presents an unrivaled selection of iconic Bvlgari luxury watch models, each accompanied by its distinctive reference number, such as the Octo Finissimo (102364), Octo L'Originale (103035), Diagono (101850), Octo Solotempo (102105), Octo Velocissimo (102924), Octo finissimo (103011), Octo Velocissimo Chronograph (102800), Bvlgari Serpenti (102782), Octo Solotempo (102858), Bvlgari-Bvlgari (BB33SSD), Diagono Scuba (SD38S), Diagono Chronograph (CH40SLDTA), Serpenti Tubogas (101817), Lucea (102192), Serpenti Seduttori (103144), Divas' Dream (103146), Lucea (102197), Serpenti Tubogas (101924), Serpenti Misteriosi (102870),  Lvcea Moon Phases(102695), Bvlgari Astrale (103493), Ergon (EG40C6SSD), Diagono Professional (CH40GLDTA), Assioma (AAP31G), Serpenti Seduttori(103143), Bvlgari Bvlgari Carbon Gold(102632), Bvlgari-Bvlgari Solotempo (102929), Octo Finissimo Tourbillon (103295), Bvlgari Assioma  (AAP48BGLD), and Octo Roma Tourbillon (103032). Explore our extensive inventory, where our knowledgeable experts can help you find the perfect reference timepiece to suit your style.

Sell Us Your is the best destination to sell Bvlgari watches. We are a trustworthy and credible watch buyer. The vast knowledge and experience of our master watchmakers and qualified jewelers ensure you get the most accurate and competitive offer for your Bvlgari. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you evaluate my Bvlgari watch?

We will evaluate your watch based on its authenticity, materials, condition, and market demand.

2. Should I have my Bvlgari watch cleaned or repaired before selling it to Sell Us Your

A Bvlgari watch in good condition will fetch a higher price. However there is no need to get your watch cleaned or repaired. Our master watchmakers are experts at repairing and restoring luxury watches to their best condition.

3. How does my watch get to Sell Us Your

Once you want to proceed after the initial offer, request an Easy Ship Box and mail your Bvlgari watch to us via registered mail and insured.

4. Can I sell my Bvlgari watch without the original box and documents?

Having the original box and papers can increase the value of your Bvlgari watch. However you can sell your timepiece without its original box and papers.

5. What if I do not accept your final offer?

You can decline our final offer, and we will mail back your watch.




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