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June 28th, 2024

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Sell My Chronoswiss Watch

There are multiple considerations you must take when selling your Chronoswiss watch. Are you dealing with a reputable jewelry buyer with a long history of excellence? Are you getting the highest possible price that you deserve? Can you get your price quickly with as little irritation as possible? Choose Gray and Sons Jewelers when deciding to sell your Chronoswiss watch, and you won’t have to worry about any of those considerations. Since 1980, we have been a leader in the luxury watch industry, and we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else.

How to sell my Chronoswiss Watch

As watch connoisseurs ourselves, we believe no Chronoswiss watch should go unloved. Our quick, easy, and, more importantly, safe buying process ensures that you get top dollar for your timepiece while guaranteeing a secure transaction. Give us a try, and you will see why selling your Chronoswiss watch has never been easier. Take the first step to sell your watch by getting your free online watch quote today.



Past Sales of Chronoswiss Watches

Where Can I Sell My Chronoswiss watch?

If anyone types “where to sell my Chronoswiss watch jewelry” on any search engine, they should be directed to For over 40 years, SUYJ has dealt with clients across the country wanting to “sell my Chronoswiss watch”. Whether located near our showroom in the heart of Miami or in or in a different town, Gray and Sons Jewelers caters to all the luxury needs of clients in states such as California, New York, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and more.

On our buying site, customers anywhere can request a free quote to sell their items without leaving the comfort of their home! By simply submitting images along with a description and some basic information, customers can receive an estimate to outright buy or to consign their items with us within 48 hours! Our sales specialists have been in the business of buying all brands of high-end jewelry for over 40 years so one can rest assured knowing they’re receiving an honorable quote.

Once customers receive our offer and have agreed to continue with the deal, they have the option to come into our store and bring in their item or request an Easy Ship box to ship the item in. In this Easy Shipping box, we supply customers with all the necessary instructions and packaging materials to safely transport their item to us. Once the item has been re-evaluated and its condition has been inspected in-house, one of our sales specialists reach out to confirm the agreed quote and method of payment. It’s really that simple to “sell my Chronoswiss watch”!

Not only is Gray and Sons Jewelers a center to buy or sell my Chronoswiss watch, we also do trades and repairs for all jewelry and swiss-made watches. With professional polishers, jewelers, and six in-house swiss-trained watchmakers, Gray and Sons Jewelers carries the combined experience of over 150 years in the luxury jewelry business. We guarantee to give our customers the best offer they’ll receive which is why we ask customers to come see us last. Everyday Gray and Sons purchases new items from clients all around, we are always looking to expand our inventory!

Every day we receive an influx of emails from customers wanting to sell their watches and jewelry to an honorable business. See us to “sell my Chronoswiss watch”!

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Easy 3 Step Process

Step 1:


Get an Online Watch, Jewelry or Diamond Quote.

Step 2:


Request pre-labeled Easy Ship Box and mail in your item.

Step 3:

step 3

After verifying the item we will contact you with a buy price or consignment terms.


Chronoswiss Watch Models We Buy And Sell

Gray & Sons offers an unrivaled selection of the most iconic Chronoswiss luxury watches for both men and women. For gentlemen, we carry sporty stainless steel Professional models like the legendary Delphis (CH 1423), Lunar Triple Date (CH9323), Regulateur Chronograph (CH12431), Sirius Chronograph Moonphase (CH 8523), Opus Chronograph (CH-7543.1S-BLSI/71-2), Flying Regulator (CH-8753.1-SIBLB), Sirius Artist (CH 8923), Timemaster Chronograph Skeleton (CH-9043SB-BK), Grand Regulateur Night & Day (CH 6723), Sirius Mysterieuse (CH-3521.1R), Opus Chronograph Flag (CH-7543.1S-BLSI/71-2), Régulateur Rétrograde (CH-6923), Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton (CH-6723S-BKYE), Kairos Chronograph (CH 7523), Régulateur 30 (CH-6725S-REBK), Lunar Chronograph (CH-7541LR-ZB), Sirius Chronograph Jumping Hour (CH-8323-GRGR), Sirius Artist Jumping Hour (CH-8323-GRGR), Regulateur Rétrograde Date  (CH-2951), Kairos Small Second (CH 7523), Delphis Chronograph Skeleton (CH-1423.1-BKBL), Flying Regulator Open Gear (CH-8753-BLBL), Opus Chronograph Skeleton (CH7523S), Flying Grand Regulator (CH-6725S-REBK), Régulateur Rétrograde Hand-Wound (CH-6721R), Sirius Chronograph Day And Night (CH-8763.1-BLSI2), Lunar Triple Date Chronograph (CH9321R), Regulator Classic (CH-8773-SI), Sirius Jumping Hour Regulator (CH-8323-GRGR), Flying Regulator Clou de Paris (CH-1242.3-BLBL). With an unparalleled inventory of Chronoswiss' refined dress classics spanning both modern and vintage, our Chronoswiss experts can find the perfect reference timepiece.


Where is the best place I can sell my watch? We are!



Claudine Faifer: Estate Jewelry & Sterling Silver Specialist

Meet Claudine Faifer: Estate Jewelry & Sterling Silver Specialist

Meet Claudine Faifer an estate jewelry, watch and sterling silver specialist with a professional career spanning over 50 years, including an impressive 30 years career at Gray and Sons Jewelers, the premier destination for selling, buying, repairing and consigning luxury watches and estate jewelry… Read more for more of Claudine Faifer's Expertise




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