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Where Do I Sell My Corum Watch in Miami

Corum Perpetual Calendar 183.201.70 Platinum Moonphase Skeleton dial 42mm

Where Do I Sell My Corum Watch in Miami

If you are interested in selling your used Corum watch in Miami at the best place, we would love to help you! Gray And Sons Jewelers is the #1 watch buyer that you will find. Their buying division, Sell Us Your Jewelry is the perfect place for your watch selling needs. Curious about how Gray And Sons Jewelers / Sell Us Your Jewelry can help you? Our qualified watch expert will determine the worth of your watch. Then offer the highest prices available for your used Corum watches. You will get great customer service, fast results, and instant cash. 

Corum as a company has been creating watches at La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland since 1955. This luxury brand is acknowledged all over the world for its high-quality watches, aesthetic watch designs with excellent technical features. Known for their iconic collection releases such as the $20 Liberty Eagle Coin watch, Golden Bridge and Bubble models collection. Undoubtedly, Corum is a true combination of two brilliant guiding principles “creativity and boldness” in watchmaking. Corum is loved by aficionados and watch collectors.

Such a magnificent collection of Corum watches embrace shiny metal like gold and lustrous stones including diamonds, and sapphire crystals. If you have decided to sell your used Corum watch, sell your used watch now to get the highest cash in return.

Come to our in-person site at 9595 Harding Ave Surfside, Florida, across from Bal Harbour Shops / Miami, the renowned luxury shopping mall. 


Where can I get the highest price for my used Corum watch in Miami?

Get the highest price for your used Corum watch at Gray and Sons Jewelers and their buying division, Sell Us Your Jewelry. Being the leading watch buyer in Miami, it is a great pleasure for us to offer the highest prices for used luxury watches like Corum. We make sure your watch is valued correctly and bought from you at a price that’s the highest. We want you to receive the most cash possible.


How Do I Sell My Used Corum Watch?

Ever had the feeling that you have no idea how to sell your used Corum watch online? Follow our easy steps and get the highest amount for your used Corum watch.

Sell Your Corum Watch Online

  1. To sell your Corum watch online, visit
  2. Time to submit your form with basic information.  Fill out the form. It will take your two minutes.
  3. After submitting your form, our specialist Viktoria will get back to you within 24 hours. 
  4. In the last step you will send us your watch, click here to get your easy ship box. After receiving it, you will send your Corum watch via this easy ship box back to our luxury store. We pass it to our evaluation department where our trustworthy and proficient watch experts inspect your Corum watch in detail and check its worth.

Our online procedure is simple, easy, and totally free of cost. If you have any question in mind, chat with our specialist Victoria. You will get a fast response here. 

Sell Your Corum Watch Onsite

In case you prefer to sell your luxury watch onsite, simply visit Gray and Sons Jewelers showroom in Miami, where you can meet our highly trained and qualified watch experts. The Gray & Sons Jewelers Showroom opens six working days a week, Monday to Saturday at 9595 Harding Ave Surfside, Florida, across from Bal Harbour Shops.


Can I get cash for my used Corum watch?

Of course, you can get cash for your used Corum watch! If you are looking for the highest cash value for your pre-loved and used Corum watch, then Gray And Sons Jewelers is the best recommendation. 


How can I trade my used Corum watch?

Trading the luxury watch you don’t need or want to have will be a great idea when looking to get something extraordinary from Gray And Sons Jewelers. Branded watches like Corum are lovable pieces that are in demand in the market. So it will be the best time if you sell your Corum watch now to get the maximum cash. Chose something new from our showroom you want to trade your watch for.


Can I consign my used Corum watch at Sell Us Your Jewelry?


How? After getting our customer’s luxury watch on consignment, our team of watch specialists clean and refurbish the piece. Next, we present it in our display area for selling purposes. So we can get more money. After it sells, we become able to give more money to our consigning customer. 

We value trust. Giving you the peace of mind that you deserve, everything is assured by Lloyds of London. You will find it a great experience!


Will Sell Us Your Jewelry buy and trade all Corum watches?

Yes! At Sell Us Your Jewelry, we have highly trained watch specialists who serve people such as yourself. We sell, buy and trade luxury watches online and onsite. Whether it is a Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Corum or any other luxury brand watch, our purpose is to help you get the highest money back for your heirlooms. We are well familiar with the market, and we promise to get you the highest market value possible for your worthy timepiece.

We Buy All Corum Watches Including Popular Model References:

  • Corum Bubble 52 Boost Limited XX/88 Automatic Swiss Made, L407/03573
  • Corum Admiral's Cup Legend 42 5N Gold Chronograph Swiss Made, 984.101.24/0F01 AN12
  • Corum Admirals Cup Challenger 44 Chronograph Complete Set, 753.771.24
  • Corum Admirals Cup Tides Steel Blue Dial Mens 44mm Automatic Watch BP, 977.653.20
  • Corum Golden Bridge Yellow Gold Skeleton Mens Watch, 13.240.58
  • Corum Ti-Bridge Handaufzug Titan Herrenuhr Glasboden, 05.0040


Sell Us Your Jewelry And Watches

Gray and Sons Jewelers and Sell Us Your Jewelry buy, sell, trade, repair, and consign all high-end used and pre-owned watches and jewelry since 1980. These luxury watches and jewelry include estate, used, pre-owned, pre-loved, vintage, ancient, and heirloom watches and jewelry. That’s why Gray And Sons Jewelers is highly recommended not only by our customers who sell, buy, trade or consign their treasures but also by our thousands of clients who have done their business with us.

We are also well known as: “The Top-rated Independent Corum Watch Service Center, Restoration, and Repair Corum Shop in Miami/Bal Harbour.” 


Who to contact to sell used Corum watch?

You can freely contact our highly trained specialists: 

Call: 305-770-6955

Chat:  Vika at 786-266-4763 for a quick response. 


Visit Our Website:


Gray and Sons Jewelers specializes in Pre-Owned, Estate, Vintage, Antique, Heirloom, Used Watches & Jewelry

We Buy, Sell, Trade, Consign and Repair Used and Pre Owned Watches and Jewelry


Our customers say; “There are no better certified pre-owned Watch Specialists & Jewelers than Gray and Sons Jewelers in all of Florida and US”



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