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June 30th, 2024

Sell My Patek Philippe Ellipse

Where To Sell My Ellipse 

Patek Philippe buying division has been the #1 luxury Patek Philippe buyers to sell my Ellipse to since 1980; offering the best value to sell my Ellipse watch while making it simple and easy throughout the selling process. Our 3 step no hassle process makes it easy and fast to sell my Ellipse. Gray and Sons Jewelers is a family owned jewelry store in Miami Beach that has been the authority in the preowned watch business for almost 40 years now and has made satisfied customers all over the United States of America. To sell my Ellipse will be nothing but a breeze with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable buying specialist.

Sell My Ellipse To Gray and Sons

Here is a list of some popular Ellipse models and reference numbers that we buy in steel, 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, 18k white gold, and 18k and steel.

  • sell my ellipseEllipse Self-winding
  • Golden Ellipse
  • Ultra Thin Ellipse
  • Ellipse in 18k rose on strap
  • Ellipse in Platinum on strap
  • Ellipse with 18k gold bracelet
  • Ellipse in 18k white gold
  • Ellipse in 18k yellow gold

From sending you an easy shipping box to offering you the top value for your timepiece. We are the premier, go-to resource to sell my Ellipse. Let us work with you in maximizing the money you get from selling your Patek Philippe watch while minimizing the hassle. Get your free watch quote today!

Does your Patek Philippe need to be repaired or serviced

Here is a big difference between Sell Us Your Jewelry and anyone else that buys luxury watches; we buy these fine wristwatches in any condition because we have the ability to restore and recondition any Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Cartier watch to like-new conditions with our expert in-house swiss-trained watchmakers, polishers, and jewelers. Our 6 in-house specialist have over 150 years of combined experience and can take any broken luxury watch and refurbish it to its like-new condition. 

Lets us take you through a Patek Philippe Ellipse Watch Repair 

Patek Philippe has over the years graced us with their elegance and innovation through its collection of luxury watch models. One in particular leaves behind a rich yet simple approach using ratio for its case construction. The Patek Philippe Ellipse is one of the most elegant timepieces in the market and it uses geometry to achieve its simplistic case design. With a mix of a round and rectangular case shape, the Ellipse steps outside the box of traditional watch cases on the market.

Patek Philippe Manual Movement Buyer

#1 Place to Sell My Ellipse 

The design is inspired by the Golden Section which is an ancient Greek ratio representing the proportion of Phi. During the Renaissance era, the Golden Section represented the “divine proportion” interpreted in nature and the human body. We will take an up-close look at this timepiece through the service department’s point of view.

Patek Philippe Manual watch buyer

Our Quality and Service 

Here at Gray and Sons, we pride ourselves in delivering the best quality in service to preserve and maintain the proper working conditions of all Patek Philippe models. We recently received a Patek Philippe Ellipse, reference 3848, come through the workshop for a maintenance service. Factory specifications indicate you should routinely have your Patek Philippe serviced every 3-4 years taking into consideration the owners operating habits.

Buying All Luxury Quartz Watches | Patek Philippe | Rolex Watches 

Popular Patek Philippe watch models we buy are the Patek Philippe Ellipse and Patek Philippe Hobnail. These watches models come in round and oval case shapes with automatic, manual, and quartz movements. Many people do not know that the luxurious watch brand Patek Philippe makes quartz watches but they do. Even Rolex has made quartz watches like the Rolex Daydate 19018 and Rolex Datejust Oysterquartz 17013; SellUsYourJewelry has been buying Patek Philippe Ellipse and Rolex Quartz watches since 1980! 

Patek Philippe Ellipse Buyer


#1 Patek Philippe Ellipse 3838/ Sell My Ellipse


Patek Philippe Quartz Buyer


Sell My Ellipse Quartz


This Ellipse has a 30-meter dive capability with a stylish 32 X 27 MM case measurement representing the heritage of its golden section design. The dial has diamonds placed at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions to add a small touch elegance. Our in-house watchmakers and polishers with over 150 years of combined experience were up to the task of servicing this extravagant Ellipse. To begin the process, our master watchmaker carefully disassembles the case to separate the movement from the container housing all of the casing components.

The case is then sent to our polisher for case refinishing to restore the luster of this Patek Philippe. Now with the movement carefully out of the watch case, our master watchmaker begins disassembling the components piece by piece. During which they are meticulously inspecting each part for wear or damage to properly ensure the lifespan of the service. 

buying Rolex Daydate quartz watches


Rolex Day-Date Oysterquartz Sell My Ellipse


#1 Patek Philippe Ellipse Buyer Miami Florida


We Buy All Rolex Datejust Oysterquartz

The Final Steps of our Watch Repair Process 

Once completely torn down to the last screw, the movement is gently placed into our ultrasonic cleaner which will use vibration in three different solutions. During the process, old coagulated oil is dissolved and components are cleaned and returned to their original clean state. Once the movement parts are dried our master watchmaker begins assembly by carefully putting together each component in their appropriate order while checking pivot end shakes and freedom for accurate function. During reassembly of the Patek Philippe Ellipse, the watchmaker uses four different synthetic oils to lubricate each point of friction and rotation through factory specifications.

Movement is then tested for timing accuracy and amplitude to ensure all proper adjustments were made during the reassembly process. With a freshly clean and regulated movement, it is time to return the movement into its beautiful refinished case where it will again be checked for functionality and display. The Ellipse is water tested to its suggested depths to ensure water resistance. The watch will then be put on time and quality controlled over the course of 1-2 weeks to observe its power reserve and automatic system. Gray and Sons is proud to be your choice for Patek Philippe services and repairs to return your timepiece to its original working condition.

Are you asking yourself “Where should I sell my Ellipse?

We specialize in buying vintage and modern Patek Philippe watches. Gray and Sons Jewelers have been buying Patek Philippe Ellipse models since 1980 and are known as the top Patek Philippe watch buyer and place to sell my Ellipse in the USA. As our collection shows a lot of customers come to us to sell my Ellipse models.

They sell my Ellipse in 18k yellow gold 3648, Ellipse in platinum 5738, Ellipse in 18k white gold 3544, Ladies Ellipse in 18k yellow gold 4764, Ellipse Selfwinding 3748, Ellipse in 18k rose gold 5738, and lots more. We buy them in every shape and form in 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, on a gold bracelet or on a strap. Come sell my Ellipse!

With the help of our in-house Swiss trained watchmakers and Patek Philippe specialists, we work together to evaluate your Ellipse and give you a top buy offer. For over 39 years Gray and Sons Jewelers has been one of the elite independent service centers. Containing in-house swiss-trained watchmakers for Patek Philippe repair, polishing, and detailing.

Making us the best place to sell my Ellipse. You can sell my Ellipse watches including Ellipse in almost new, pre-owned, second hand, unused, and used condition. Other Swiss watch brands we buy include; Roger Dubis, Omega, Cartier, Vacheron and Constantin, Rolex, Piaget, and many more.

The Best Place to Sell My Ellipse

Patek Philippe was looking to create a watch to represent perfect harmony and looked into ancient mathematics to do it. Have you ever heard of the golden ratio? The golden ratio is a mathematical formula that symbolic for balance and harmony. This specific number, the golden ratio, the divine proportion has been used and can be found in pretty much everything. Including the famous Elliptical case of the Patek Philippe Ellipse, also known as the Golden Ellipse.

It was an amazing surprise to see Patek Philippe design a case that was not the normal round or square, but right in the middle using the golden ratio. It was first introduced in 1968 and has kept its simplistic famous design from the beginning to define elegance and class.

In addition, Gray and sons Patek Philippe buying division will offer you the best value from the rest of the competition whenever you’re ready to sell, upgrade, or trade in your luxury watch. Our offer for you to sell my Ellipse is guaranteed to be a top offer and leave a smile on your face.


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