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March 8th, 2024

Sell Your Antique Pocket Watches

Antique pocket watches have a timeless appeal encapsulating the sophisticated craftsmanship and refined style of a bygone period. Having one is comparable to having a piece of history in your possession; it is frequently handed down from generation to generation, and each tick reverberates with a different story. 

How do you know if you have a vintage or antique pocket watch? You can do so by determining the age of your pocket through its serial number on the watch movement (mechanism). Detach the back of the case to expose the movement and find the serial number stamped or engraved on the movement plate. The serial number indicates the manufacturing date of the pocket watch. 

 Vintage pocket watches are between 20 and 99 years old. Some vintage pocket watches may be sought after by collectors, especially if they represent a specific design period or have historical significance.

Conversely, antique pocket watches are 100 years old or more. They are not only old but are also considered to be artifacts of a bygone era. These watches are often more valuable due to their rarity. 

You may be interested in selling your antique pocket watch for various reasons. The appeal and value of these timepieces, which have expanded beyond emotions, will ensure you will get top dollars. 

Understanding the Value of Antique Pocket Watches

The value of antique pocket watches transcends mere aesthetics.  

  • Craftsmanship. Many antique pocket watches often feature intricate designs, engravings, and high-quality materials that showcase the craftsmanship of their time. 
  • Style and Elegance. These unique timepieces often embody a sense of style and elegance that may be missing in modern watches, 
  • Mechanical Complexity. The intricate gears, springs, and other components showcase the ingenuity of watchmakers in creating accurate timepieces without the help of modern technology. 
  • Historical Significance.  An antique pocket watch is often connected to a historical period or famous watchmakers. 
  • Collectability. Some antique pocket watches are rare or have unique features; thus, they are highly sought after by collectors. Limited production runs, specific designs, or historical connections can contribute to their value. 
  • Investment Potential. These antique timepieces can appreciate over time (especially when they are well-preserved), come from reputable makers, or have historical significance. Some collectors view them as investments that may increase in value. 


Vintage Elegance: Selling Antique Pocket Watches
Discover vintage luxury with our Tiffany & Co. yellow gold pocket watch, boasting a 35 x 35 mm case, Round case back, and a White Arabic Numeral dial—sell your antique pocket watches now.

An antique pocket watch in good working condition from a renowned maker can command a higher price. Understanding these intricacies is crucial when determining the value of antique pocket watches


Past Sales of Pocket Watches

Preparing Your Pocket Watch for Sale

It is necessary to carefully prepare your antique pocket watch before selling it to ensure you get the most value. 

  • Gather Documentation. Gather any documentation you may have related to your pocket watch, such as certificates of authenticity, historical records, or previous appraisals. 
  • Research Your Watch.  Identify the model and year of manufacture the materials used (case metal, dial, and movement. It is also best to research the watchmaker's history and any significance of the timepiece. 
  • Market Research. Research current market trends for similar antique pocket watches.  You may check online auction sites and other platforms to understand the going rates for comparable timepieces. 
  • Set a Realistic Price. Based on your research, set a realistic and competitive asking price for your pocket watch. Consider the condition, rarity, and historical significance when determining the value. 
  • Seek multiple offers to choose the highest price and best terms. 

The final step in preparing your pocket watch for sale is choosing the proper selling method. 


Where to Sell: Exploring Options

Have you decided to part ways with your cherished antique pocket watch? Knowing where to sell your precious item can significantly impact your selling experience. 

Many platforms exist for selling antique pocket watches, each offering distinct advantages and disadvantages. Choose the right pocket watch buyers to ensure you get the most dollars for your horological treasurer. 

Where you sell an antique pocket watch depends on your preference, the value of your watch, and the level of time and effort you can invest in the selling process. 


Unlock Value: Sell Your Antique Pocket Watches
Explore the Waltham pocket watch 337299 in yellow gold, a 45 x 45 mm masterpiece with a Round caseback, Gold Roman, and Stick dial—sell your antique pocket watches and embrace timeless elegance.


  • Specialty Forums and Collectors Groups 

Connect with private collectors who may have an interest in antique pocket watches and do some personal selling.  You can tap specialty online forums, social media groups, or local collector groups. 

Selling your pocket watch on your own will give you the highest returns. However, this may take a lot of time and effort. You will have to answer queries and negotiate with individual buyers. You may also have to get an appraisal for your timepiece. This can be a tedious task for you. 

  • Specialized Online Marketplaces 

You can sell your pocket watch on specialized online platforms focusing on vintage and antique timepieces.  These platforms often have a dedicated audience interested in buying vintage timepieces. 

However, many specialized online platforms charge fees or commissions for listing and selling items. These fees can significantly reduce the money you receive from the sale. You also run the risk of dealing with scammers and fraudulent buyers. 

These platforms also often have many sellers offering similar items, and the increased competition can make it challenging to stand out and secure a buyer. Besides, some buyers on these online marketplaces may attempt to negotiate aggressively or make lowball offers. This could be frustrating if you want a fair value for your antique pocket watch. 

  • Local Antique Shops 

Local antique shops may be interested in purchasing your antique timepiece. Selling your pocket watch to a local antique shop can be convenient if the shop is nearby. Sometimes, local antique shops may offer instant payment upon agreement on a purchase price. 

However, some antique shops may undervalue your pocket watch to increase profit margins. In face-to-face negotiations, you may feel pressured to accept a lower offer, especially if you are not well-versed in the value of your pocket watch. This could make you sell your item below its worth. 

  • Pawnshops.

 Pawnshop may be interested in purchasing antique pocket watches, especially if they have monetary or historical value. They typically provide immediate cash, and the selling process is generally straightforward. 

However, pawnshops offer lower prices than your item's fair market value. The pawnshop staff may not have specialized knowledge of antique watches. They might undervalue your pocket watch if unaware of its market or historical significance. Besides, pawnshops are accustomed to dealing with individuals needing quick cash so that you can be disadvantaged during negotiations. 

  • Sell Us Your

Sell Us Your is the buying division of Gray & Sons Jewelers. We understand the uniqueness and value of your antique pocket watch. Thus, our expert appraisers can thoroughly evaluate your timepiece based on its condition, rarity, materials, and history to determine its true market value and offer you the most money for your item. 

If you inherited a pocket watch and cannot determine whether it is vintage or antique because it does not have an engraved or stamped serial number, it is still possible to trace its history. The highly trained eyes of the watch experts at Sell Us Your can determine its authenticity and age. Even if you have a damaged antique pocket watch, we can evaluate it and determine if it is still saleable. 

When you sell your antique pocket watch to us, you can get the most value unmatched by pocket watch buyers anywhere.  You will also get the most satisfying selling experience.    

Pricing Your Antique Pocket Watch

We at Sell Us Your meticulously evaluate your antique pocket watch to offer you the best price. Our expert watchmakers and appraisers  take into consideration these factors: 

  •  Condition. The condition of the pocket watch significantly influences its value. Pocket watches of excellent working condition with minimal wear or damage tend to fetch higher prices. 
  •  Brand and Rarity. Renowned brands or those with historical significance often command higher prices. Additionally, rare or limited-edition pocket watches tend to be more valuable due to their scarcity.
  • Age and Historical Significance. Antique pocket watches from specific eras or those associated with historical events may have increased value. The age, historical context, and unique features or innovations contribute to the watch's desirability.
  • Materials and Craftsmanship. This refers to the materials used in the watch's construction, such as gold, silver, platinum, or intricate designs. High-quality craftsmanship, detailed engravings, or intricate mechanisms can elevate its value.
  • Provenance and Documentation.   Any provenance or historical documentation that verifies the watch's authenticity, previous ownership, or historical significance can positively impact its value.

Market Demand. We also consider the current market demand for similar antique pocket watches. Trends and fluctuations in the market can also influence pricing.

Vintage Timepieces for Sale: Sell Your Antique Watches
Own a piece of history with the Grandjean pocket watch 1833, made out of yellow gold, boasting a 55 x 55 mm case, Round caseback, and a White Roman Numeral dial, all wrapped in the charm of the 1890s – a must-have as you explore and sell your antique pocket watches.


We are interested in buying antique pocket watches from these brands: 

  • Patek Phillipe. A renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker has been crafting watches since 1839 and consistently producing high-quality timepieces known for their precision, craftsmanship, and elegance.
  • Tiffany & Co. is an American luxury jewelry and specialty retailer known for its high-quality products and reputation for elegance. During the 19th century, they collaborated with watchmakers to produce timepieces, including pocket watches.
  • Chopard. A Swiss luxury watchmaker and jewelry manufacturer known for its craftsmanship and elegant designs.
  • Lange and Sohne. A German luxury watchmaking company founded in 1845, is known for its precision and craftsmanship. 
  • Vacheron Constantine. One of the oldest and most prestigious Swiss watch manufacturers, dating back to 1755. 
  • Omega. A Swiss luxury watchmaker with a rich history from 1848, it is well-known for its precision timepieces. 
  • Jules Jurgensen. A well-known name in the history of watchmaking, particularly for its high-quality pocket watches, dating back to the 18th century.
  • Movado. A  Swiss watchmaking company known for its distinctive and minimalist design since 1881. 
  • IWC  (International Watch Company). A  Swiss watch manufacturer with a rich history dating back to 1868. IWC is well-known for producing high-quality watches. 
  • Jaeger LeCoultreA Swiss luxury watchmaker known for its high-quality and innovative timepieces since 1833. 
  • RolexA renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker since 1905 that is primarily associated with wristwatches. It produced pocket watches in small quantities. Thus, antique Rolex pocket watches are relatively rare.


How to Sell Your Antique Pocket Watch

Selling your antique pocket watch to us is an easy and quick process. Before going through our selling process, take clear, high-quality photos of your pocket watch from multiple angles. You can also get a better price if you have certificates of authenticity or any documentation of your item. 

  1. Request a free quote by filling out our online form. Include a thorough description of your pocket watch. Upload photos and certificates of authenticity and appraisal certificates (if available).  Indicate if you opt for an outright, consignment, or auction sale. 
  2. We will evaluate your pocket watch based on the information you provide and give you an initial offer. 
  3. If you agree to our initial offer, mail your pocket watch using our Easy Ship Box.  Remember to get insurance for your item. 
  4. Upon receiving your item, our expert appraisers will evaluate your antique pocket watch more thoroughly and give you our final offer. 
  5. If you agree to our final offer, we will send immediate payment via check or wire transfer if you opt for an outright sale. We will pay you when we can sell your pocket watch if you opt for consignment or auction sale. 

Selling your antique pocket watch to Sell Us Your is easy and straightforward.  We will clean and restore your pocket watch (if necessary) before offering it to our network of buyers. 


Why choose us? - Sell Us Your  

  • Expert Appraisals. We have a team of six seasoned Swiss-trained watchmakers who understand the antique pocket watches market in-depth. We conduct thorough appraisals to ensure you receive the most accurate appraisal for your pocket watch.
  • Transparent Valuation Process. We provide a straightforward valuation process and ensure you understand how we determine the value of your antique pocket watch.
  • Most Value Offers. We have been buying and selling antique watches for over 10 decades; thus, we can proudly say, See Us Last! Our Swiss-trained watchmakers ensure you get the most value for your pocket watch.

We also have a vast network of ready customers interested in buying your pocket watch. Thus, we can offer you top dollar for your timepiece. 



When you are ready to part with your antique pocket watch, choosing the right selling platform will give you the most money for your timepiece. 

We at Sell Us Your can offer the most money for antique pocket watches. We have been buying and selling pre-owned jewelry, luxury watches, sterling silver, and diamonds since 1980. We offer fair and competitive prices and a transparent selling process. Thus, we are confident in saying, “See Us Last!”

Sell your antique pocket watch to  Sell Us Your and maximize the returns on your timepiece! We take the nuances of doing all the marketing efforts to sell your pocket watch - sell us your pocket watch, and we will give you the most money! See Us Last! You can sell, consign, or trade your pocket watches to us. There is a huge market waiting out there for antique pocket watches. 

Contact us today at (350) 770-6995 or browse through our website. You may also drop by our store at 9595 Harding Ave., Surfside (Miami Beach), Florida 33154 (located across from Bal Harvour Shops). 




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Meet Claudine Faifer: Estate Jewelry & Sterling Silver Specialist

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