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August 7th, 2023

Selling Silver Flatware Made Easy at a Price You Desire

Selling Silver FlatwareSelling Silver Flatware

How To Sell Silver Sterling Flatware?

Flatware is an essential requirement of a fine and exquisite dining table. It becomes even more majestic and magnificent when it is made out of silver metal. If selling silver flatware becomes a necessity, Sell Us Your Jewelry is here to help you out. Silver flatware brings a royal feeling to special and formal occasions. Moreover, it brings with itself a sense of civility to the dining table in today’s fast-track world. The flatware made of silver is distinguished into the following according to the purity of the silver:

Mostly, when referring to silver flatware, it commonly means sterling silver. Before selling silver flatware, you need to know a few details about it.

Selling Silver FlatwareSelling Silver Flatware & Silverware

Testing the Authenticity of the Silver Flatware

There are several ways to check the purity and authenticity of silver flatware. Some of the simple testing techniques are as follow:

Sonic Testing

If you rub your silver flatware together for a while and bring it close to your ear, you will hear a ringing voice. This simple test verifies the purity of silver flatware. If you hear a dull sound, it means the item is fake.

Acid Testing

Dip your silver flatware in a mixture of nitric acid, if the acid mixture turns into creamy white, it means the silver flatware is pure. If it turns into some other color, then the silver flatware is fake.

Bleach Testing

If you dip your silver flatware into bleach and the flatware became black in color then the silver flatware is pure. However, this testing is not recommended as it damages the color of the flatware.

Magnet Testing

Silver flatware is non-magnetic in nature. So if a piece of silver flatware sticks to a magnet, then you can be sure that it’s fake. This test can easily weed out fake ones that are instead made of steel or iron.

Ice Testing

Silver is a good thermal conductor. So if you put an ice cube on top of your silver item, then the ice cube will start to melt quickly. An ice cube placed on silver will melt quicker than on iron and a little quicker than on copper.

sterling silver buyerSell your sterling silver pieces at Sell Us Your Jewelry for instant cash.

Selling Silver Flatware

If you have an eye on a new design of silver flatware and want to sell your old flatware, or if you want to earn bucks from a vintage sterling silver flatware laying in your attic, you can sell it on We are the perfect solution to selling your silver flatware. Sell Us Your Jewelry is the online purchasing wing of Gray and Sons Jewelers. Gray and Sons Jewelers is in the business of buying silver items along with used luxury watches and branded jewelry for almost 40 years. With such vast experience and the ability to connect with you from our online store, we provide you with an opportunity to sell your silver flatware with ease and simplicity.

We have an in-house professional appraisal team, consisting of six Swiss-trained watchmakers and jewelers, that will provide you with an estimated as par good market value of your priced silver flatware.

High-Likely Selling Brands

We, at Sell Us Your Jewelry, are greatly interested in buying silver flatware sets from brands like:

  • Towle International
  • Wallace
  • Reed and Barton
  • Gorham,
  • Tiffany & Co
  • Christofle Paris
  • Georg Jensen

If you live in Florida, our in-store facility is located in Miami Beach and you can sell your silver flatware easily by visiting it. Furthermore, we also provide our services to silver flatware sellers living in any state. You can send us your silver flatware through secure shipping and we will get you a good price for it according to its condition and purity.

It is worth mentioning that all items we receive through shipping are stored away safely in a vault & are insured.

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