Sterling Silver Tea Sets & Hollowware
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FAIRFAX, Gorham, 6 pieces sterling silver tea and coffee set, with silver tray, total approx. weight: 112 troy ounces .925 sterling silver.Reed & Barton Sterling Hampton Court Gorham 6 piece Tea Set over 121 oz troy."Les Cinq Fleurs" patented in 1900 by Reed & Barton, sterling silver bon bon dish.OLD MASTER 5 piece Sterling silver tea/coffee set. 79.29 troy ounces of .925 sterling silverPURITAN, Gorham, 5 pieces sterling silver tea and coffee set, patented in 1956. total approx. weight: 87.36 ounces troy of .925 sterling silverReed & Barton The Pilgrim Sterling 5 piece Tea Set total weight 65.74 oz troy"THE PILGRIM" Sterling Silver 5 pieces Coffee/Tea set by Reed & Barton- (No Tray):PRELUDE, 5 pieces tea set, patented in 1939 by the International silver Co. Over 2400 grams (77.4 troy ounces).HAMPTON COURT, 5 piece sterling silver tea & coffee set, patented in 1964 by Reed & Barton. Total apprtox. weight: 81.17 troy ounces.Reed & Barton sterling silver 6 piece coffee & tea set with kettle and serving tray. Over 194 oz tPRELUDE patented in 1939 by International silver Co, 3 pieces sterling silver coffee setGorham 8 Piece sterling silver Tea/Coffee set with Kettle & tray. over 257 ounces troyOrnate 3 pieces .950 Sterling Silver coffee set. Total approx. weight: 41.93 ounces troy.ETRUSCAN by Gorham, 3 pieces Sterling Silver tea set, patented in 1913. Total approx weight: 51.56 ounces troy of .925 sterling silver.Vintage 4 piece Sterling Silver Tea Coffee Set w/ wood handles, total approx. weight: 26.75 oz troyAntique IMPERIAL CHRYSANTHEMUM sterling silver oval bowl centerpiece, patented in 1894 by Gorham.Pair of sterling silver 3 tiers candelabra by Gorham.Frank M. Whiting 5 pieces hand chased heavy sterling silver tea set. Circa 1900- Over 137 troy ounces of .925 sterling silver.Francis the First tea strainer, Francis the first nut dish, and Hanover By GorhamVictorian Charles Stuart Harris Sterling Silver Repousse presentation plate, dated 1891. Makers Hallmarks CSH, for Charles Stuart HarrisArt Nouveau "Francis I" Sterling Silver Serving Bowl patented in 1907 by Reed and Barton.PORTSMOUTH, by Gorham, 5-pieces sterling silver coffee & tea set, patented in 1918. Total approx. weight: 68.00 ounces try of .925 sterling silver.Beautiful Gorham Puritan 5 piece sterling silver tea & coffee set - total weight 69.75 oz troy.PLYMOUTH, Gorham, 5 pieces sterling silver tea and coffee set. patented 1911. Total approx weight: 72.22 ounces troy .925 sterling silver.LUCO heavy Hand Wrought Sterling Silver, 4 pieces Tea/coffee set, 1960's reproduction of 1792 English Tea/Coffee set. Over 63 troy ounces of .925 handwrought sterling silENGLISH ANTIQUE by Reed & Barton, 4 pieces sterling silver tea and coffee set, with gallery silver plated tray, patented in 1895. Total sterling silver approx. weight 56.71 oz troy.PURITAN by Gorham 3 pieces Sterling Silver Coffee Set, patented 1956. Total approx. weight: 39.77 ounces troyVictorian 4 pieces tea & coffee sterling silver set, by the Lebkuecher & Co Sterling Silver Company from Newark, New JerseyLarge & Heavy Sterling Silver Tray By Gorham. Magnificent Hand Engraved Center Monogram.PRELUDE, International, 4 pieces tea and coffee sterling silver set, patented in 1939. Total approx. weight: 68.78 ounces troy.PLYMOUTH, 4 pieces chocolate and water kettle sterling silver set, patented in 1911 by Gorham- Over 65 troy ounces of Sterling Silver-PLYMOUTH patented in 1910 by Gorham, 4 pieces tea and coffee set, total approx. weight: 56.9 ounces troy