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Sterling Silver Tea Sets & Hollowware
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Reed & Barton The Pilgrim Sterling 5 piece Tea Set total weight 65.74 oz troy"THE PILGRIM" Sterling Silver 5 pieces Coffee/Tea set by Reed & Barton- (No Tray):ETRUSCAN by Gorham, 3 pieces Sterling Silver tea set, patented in 1913. Total approx weight: 51.56 ounces troy of .925 sterling silver.Victorian Charles Stuart Harris Sterling Silver Repousse presentation plate, dated 1891. Makers Hallmarks CSH, for Charles Stuart HarrisPRELUDE patented in 1939 by International silver Co, 3 pieces sterling silver coffee setBeautiful Gorham Puritan 5 piece sterling silver tea & coffee set - total weight 69.75 oz troy.PURITAN by Gorham 3 pieces Sterling Silver Coffee Set, patented 1956. Total approx. weight: 39.77 ounces troy"Les Cinq Fleurs" patented in 1900 by Reed & Barton, sterling silver bon bon dish.FAIRFAX, Gorham, 6 pieces sterling silver tea and coffee set, with silver tray, total approx. weight: 112 troy ounces .925 sterling silver.PRELUDE, 5 pieces tea set, patented in 1939 by the International silver Co. Over 2400 grams (77.4 troy ounces).Vintage 4 piece Sterling Silver Tea Coffee Set w/ wood handles, total approx. weight: 26.75 oz troyAntique IMPERIAL CHRYSANTHEMUM sterling silver oval bowl centerpiece, patented in 1894 by Gorham.PURITAN, Gorham, 5 pieces sterling silver tea and coffee set, patented in 1956. total approx. weight: 87.36 ounces troy of .925 sterling silverFrancis the First tea strainer, Francis the first nut dish, and Hanover By GorhamPORTSMOUTH, by Gorham, 5-pieces sterling silver coffee & tea set, patented in 1918. Total approx. weight: 68.00 ounces try of .925 sterling silver.PLYMOUTH, Gorham, 5 pieces sterling silver tea and coffee set. patented 1911. Total approx weight: 72.22 ounces troy .925 sterling silver.LUCO heavy Hand Wrought Sterling Silver, 4 pieces Tea/coffee set, 1960's reproduction of 1792 English Tea/Coffee set. Over 63 troy ounces of .925 handwrought sterling silENGLISH ANTIQUE by Reed & Barton, 4 pieces sterling silver tea and coffee set, with gallery silver plated tray, patented in 1895. Total sterling silver approx. weight 56.71 oz troy.Large & Heavy Sterling Silver Tray By Gorham. Magnificent Hand Engraved Center Monogram.PLYMOUTH patented in 1910 by Gorham, 4 pieces tea and coffee set, total approx. weight: 56.9 ounces troyPair of sterling silver 3 tiers candelabra by Gorham.PLYMOUTH, 4 pieces chocolate and water kettle sterling silver set, patented in 1911 by Gorham- Over 65 troy ounces of Sterling Silver-Gorham 8 Piece sterling silver Tea/Coffee set with Kettle & tray. over 257 ounces troyOrnate 3 pieces .950 Sterling Silver coffee set. Total approx. weight: 41.93 ounces troy.HAMPTON COURT, 5 piece sterling silver tea & coffee set, patented in 1964 by Reed & Barton. Total apprtox. weight: 81.17 troy ounces.OLD MASTER 5 piece Sterling silver tea/coffee set. 79.29 troy ounces of .925 sterling silverFrank M. Whiting 5 pieces hand chased heavy sterling silver tea set. Circa 1900- Over 137 troy ounces of .925 sterling silver.Art Nouveau "Francis I" Sterling Silver Serving Bowl patented in 1907 by Reed and Barton.Reed & Barton sterling silver 6 piece coffee & tea set with kettle and serving tray. Over 194 oz tReed & Barton Sterling Hampton Court Gorham 6 piece Tea Set over 121 oz troy.Victorian 4 pieces tea & coffee sterling silver set, by the Lebkuecher & Co Sterling Silver Company from Newark, New JerseyPRELUDE, International, 4 pieces tea and coffee sterling silver set, patented in 1939. Total approx. weight: 68.78 ounces troy.