Best Sterling Silver Flatware Brands You Need to Know

February 28th, 2024

Sterling Silver Flatware Brands To Watch For

Sterling silver flatware symbolizes timeless traditions at home shared with loved ones. It also creates priceless memories of every milestone celebrated in your home with the people you treasure the most. Therefore, sterling silver flatware is often considered a family heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation. In fact, some sterling silver flatware and hollowware are very valuable, especially those rare and antique pieces.


Sell your Silver flatware
Sell your Silver flatware


However, some unexpected life events may make you decide to let go of your sterling silver flatware collection. Maybe you are not  using the silver flatware anymore and  you are ready to completely part ways with them. Or you simply need immediate funds and resort to selling your sterling silverware for cash. Although finding sterling silver flatware buyers can be challenging. This is because most sterling silverware buyers are looking to melt your flatware and pay melt value per gram of silver without consideration for brand, pattern or heritage importance.


Where to Sell Your Sterling Silver Flatware?

If you need immediate cash, you may want to look for nearby marketplaces like antique silver buyers near me, silver buyer near me, sell silverware for cash near me where you can physically bring your flatware. You may search on Google for “sterling silver flatware buyers near me.” The first results may list pawn shops in your local community. Although it may seem that pawning your sterling silver flatware is the fastest way to turn them into cash, you will not get the best deal for them.

Therefore, you must look for a reputable sterling silver flatware buyer like Sell Us Your Jewelry. They have already built their name for many decades and have been the leading buyer of sterling silver flatware and hollowware since they were established in 1980 by Gray & Sons Jewelers.  They truly understand the value of your collection. Instead of melting them, they will refurbish and give new life to your sterling silver flatware and hollowware collection. They buy, trade and re-sell silverware like sterling silver dinner and lunch sets, sterling silver plates, serving dishes, sterling silver coffee and tea sets, sugar bowls and much more. 

Selling your sterling silver flatware to Sell Us Your Jewelry is convenient and can be done online. You may contact them or visit their website to request a quote. You will only need to provide descriptions and photos of the pieces you want to sell. An expert appraiser will assess your pieces and offer you a preliminary quotation. 

After you send the items to our store ( we provide Easy Shipbox )  They will contact you to give you the final offer within 24- 48  hours of receiving the package. If you are satisfied, you will immediately receive the payment. 

Sell your sterling silver flatware bowl
Sell your sterling silver flatware bowl
Sell your set of antique sterling silver flatware pots
Sell your set of antique sterling silver flatware pots

Most Sought-After Brands and Patterns

It is important to understand that the value of your sterling silver flatware varies depending on the rarity of the patterns and brands. Before selling your collection, it is imperative to consider these factors to set your expectations. 

The following sterling silver flatware patterns and brands are the most sought-after in the market today and cost relatively higher than other brands.


1. Georg Jensen sterling silver flatware and hollowware

Patterns: Acanthus, Acorn, Blossom, Cactus, Scroll, Bernadotte, Bitter Sweet, Blok, Acadia, Caravel, Continental, Cypress, Dahlia, Dolphin, Elsinore, Fuchsia, Harlequin, Lily of the Valley, and more.

Established in 1904, Georg Jensen sterling silver flatware and hollowware collections signify timeless designs and one of the most popular brands among collectors. This Scandinavian manufacturer has many patterns released over the years, but the rare and antique pieces are the most valuable and sought-after. 

2. Tiffany & Co silver flatware and hollowware

Patterns: Audubon, Saratoga, Italian, Century, Japanese, Vine, Blackberry, Strawberry, Holly & Mistletoe, Palm, Persian, Olympian, Chrysanthemum, Lap over Edge, Wave Edge, English King, and more.

This brand is known for its elegant patterns. Since the late 19th century, they have produced award-winning designs. In fact, many Tiffany flatware and hollowware are exhibited in different museums worldwide. No wonder Tiffany's silver flatware and hollowware cost more than other brands. If your great-grandmother left you with Tiffany sets, they might now have higher market value, especially those rare patterns.


3. Reed & Barton and Dominick & Haff

Patterns: Francis I, Love Disarmed, Les 5 Fleurs, Les 6 Fleurs, Burgundy, 18th Century, Lark, Diamond, Rose Pointe, Violet, Diadem, Pointed Antique, Tara, Spanish Baroque, Hampton Court, and more.

Reed & Barton is one of the top sterling silver flatware and hollowware makers. They have been in the industry for 200 years. Their products are still in demand because of their superior craftsmanship. If you own Reed & Barton sets, you can certainly sell them for cash. 

On the other hand, Dominick & Haff was established in 1821 but was absorbed by Reed & Barton in 1928. However, Dominick & Haff sterling silver flatware and hollowware remain the antique pieces that most collectors desire to acquire. 


4. Wallace, Watson & Westmorland

Patterns: Grande Baroque, Violet, St George, Waverly, Louvre, Marie, Kings, Lily, Peony, Meadow Rose, Carnation, Corinthian, Hamilton, Madison, Versailles, Pilgrim, Carthage, America, La Reine, and more.

Many American museums have collected the unique designs and patterns of Wallace, Watson & Westmorland silverware. They are known for their intricate patterns and superior craftsmanship. 


5. International Silver Co. & Fine Arts Sterling Co.

Patterns: Royal Danish, Frontenac, Joan of Arc, Jeanne d' Arc, Elsinore, Empress, Orchid, Prelude, Butterfly, Kings, Kenilworth, Revere, Warwick, Cambridge, Avalon, Cleone, Venus, Stratford, and more.

Fine Arts Sterling Co. was founded in 1944 and is known for selling patterns produced by International Silver Co. These patterns are superior and considered priceless in today's industry. Most of them are collected by elite museums.


6. Kirk-Stieff, Stieff, Schofield Co.

Patterns: Repousse, Stieff Rose, Rose, Primrose, Chrysanthemum, Corsage, Forget Me Not, Mayflower, Plymouth, Maryland, Puritan, Princess, Royal Dynasty, Baltimore Rose, Hand Chased Rose, and more. 

The company was established in 1892 and produced distinguished patterns. They expanded and purchased S. Kirk and Son in 1979. Many of these patterns are collected by different museums in the country. They remain to be important sterling silver patterns that are desired by collectors even today.


7. Towle

Patterns: Old Colonial, King Richard, Contour, Georgian, Albany, Arlington, Lenox, Old English, Empire, Canterbury, Richmond, Newbury, Lady Mary, Louis XIV, D' Orleans, Virginia Lee, Old Brocade, and more.

It is one of the oldest family-owned businesses, established over 200 years ago, continuously producing exceptional pieces. They have many silverware pieces collected by leading museums in the country.


8. Gorham

Patterns: Chantilly, Fairfax, Strasbourg, Buttercup, Melrose, Décor, Mythologique, Etruscan, Paris, Shamrock, Old French, Virginiana, Violet, Poppy, Lily, Orange Blossom, Versailles, King, and more.

It was one of the largest manufacturers of sterling silverware in the world. It was founded in 1831 and produced unique patterns many collectors desire to acquire. 


9. Alvin (Gorham)

Patterns: Orange Blossom, Bridal Rose, Cambridge, Monterrey, Apollo, Chippendale Old, Wellington, Florentine, Easter Lily, Chrysanthemum, Viking, Lily of the Valley, Majestic, Virginia, Bridal Rose, and more. 

Alvin Silver Manufacturing Company was founded in the late 19th century. It was one of the prominent manufacturers of sterling silver flatware and hollowware and created many unique pieces that can be found in many museums. Gorham Company acquired it in 1928.  


10. Whiting (Gorham)

Patterns: Prince Albert, Ivy, Japanese, Alhambra, Arabesque, Armor, Antique Rosette, Egyptian, Gibney, Berry, Heraldic, Persian, Antique Chased, Tuscan, Lily of the Valley, Mask, Old King, Louis XV, and more.

This brand was founded in 1866 and was the premier sterling silver flatware and silverware producer. However, they stopped manufacturing when Gorham Company acquired them in 1926. But until today, this brand remains one of the most sought-after by many collectors.


11. William Durgin (Gorham)

Patterns: Fiddle, Strawberry, Bug, Fleur de Lis, Honeysuckle, Scroll, Alcazar, Shell, Watteau, Bead, Cromwell, Empire, Dauphin, Madame Royale, Tulip, Orange Blossom, Winthrop, Iris, Jonquil, and more.

Durgin Silver Company was established in 1853 and was known for its high-quality and intricate designs. They have produced sterling flatware and hollowware that remain collectible and valuable for many collectors today. It is now part of the Gorham Company, known as The Durgin Division of Gorham.


12. Wood & Hughes (Gorham)

Patterns: Gadroon, New King, Celestial, Japanese, Medallion, Angelo, Byzantine, Cellini, Venetian, Murillo, Viola, Humbolt, Marguerite, Louvre, Princeton, and more. 

Founded in 1833, Wood & Hughes was once one of the largest manufacturers of sterling silver flatware and hollowware. They produced many intricate and delicate designs that have become popular among collectors. However, this company was acquired by Gorham in 1961.


13. Frank Whiting

Patterns: Donatello, Ecstasy, Lily of the Valley, Damascus, Josephine, Puritan, Princess Ingrid, Botticelli, Silver Song, Pierced, and more.

Frank Whiting was founded in 1878 and has produced many sterling silver flatware pieces. However, the company went out of business in 1960. But until today, their flatware pieces are still in demand among collectors and considered valuable in the industry. 


14. George Shiebler & John Polhemus

Patterns: American Beauty, Cupid, Montezuma, Luxembourg, Acanthus, Napoleon, Maintenon, Fiorito, Victoria, Corinthian, Armor, Bead, Ionic, Diamond, Oriental, Prince Albert, and more. 

John Polhemus produced notable flatware designs and patterns from 1833 to 1874. George Shiebler continued to produce sterling silver flatware using his patterns. These flatware pieces are still in demand and treasured today.


Final Thoughts

When selling your sterling silver flatware, we recommend doing  research on who to sell to, in order to ensure you will get the best deal, with a trustworthy established buyer. Check out the reviews and only trust merchants that are highly recommended.




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