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Top Place for Watch Consignment

Top Place for Watch Consignment    

Where To Sell/Consign Your Watch in Miami?



If you’re planning to let go of your luxury watch, you have two options - sell and consignment. They are both good choices if you know how and where to sell/consign your watch. Watch consignment simply means leaving your own luxury watch in the possession of an authorized retailer to sell. Then, the consignor finds potential buyers for your watch, so you can get more money back from high-end watch buyers that you would not have access to on your own. If you choose a good consignor, you’ll most likely end up with a great price for your luxury watch effortlessly. 


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Sell Us Your Jewelry is known as the top place for Watch Consignment in Miami. Here is why:


Want more? At Sell Us Your Jewelry, we have experts on-site, including jewelers, masters, and master watchmakers providing high expertise, estimates, and quotes. We maximize value and pay more than anyone else. Your watch is first refurbished, polished, and cleaned - we bring it to a showroom condition before re-sell. For your comfort and safety, everything is insured by Lloyds of London. And yes, we offer fast and free quotes. No photo fees, no insurance fees, no shipping fees, no repair fees, and absolutely no commission fees.


Sell Us Your Jewelry is a global reseller of luxury goods with an enormous net of clientele that we sell to via the three legs of business: internet, monthly catalog, and in our showroom. That is why we are able to re-sell more efficiently and for more money. If you’re still in doubt, just come see us last. We will beat every other offer.


List of Watches You Can Sell/Consign at Sell Us Your Jewelry





… and many more.


List of Popular Watch Models You Can Sell/Consign at Sell Us Your Jewelry 

If you are happy to wait for a great price, consign your luxury watch and get more money than if we buy it on the spot (which we still give the best prices for). We are not like other companies, which often give you small print contracts where you sign off on an automatic price drop, and before you know it, you are selling your watch for much less. That will never happen with Sell Us Your Jewelry. No hidden fees, no small prints, just a better price. That’s why we are the top place for watch consignment in Miami.


Come Sell/Consign Your Watch in Miami With Us!


Do you want to sell/consign your watch in Miami and get the most cash for it? Selling your watch requires to be taken care of by professionals. Look no further than Sell Us Your Jewelry. We are the top buyers and sellers of pre-owned watches and top place for watch consignment in Miami. Our company opened in 1980 just next to the famous Bal Harbour Shops in Miami, Florida. Visit our showroom, and meet our Swiss-trained watch experts. We will beat any competitor jeweler in Miami. 


Customers from all around the world can request a free quote to sell/consign a luxury watch online without leaving their homes. If you want to consign you watch, all you need to do is submit images along with a description and some basic information and you will receive an estimate to outright buy or consign their items with us within 48 hours. For free.


Once you receive our offer and agree to sell/consign your watch, you can come to our store and bring in your item or request an Easy Ship Box (click here to get your free shipping box) to ship the item directly to our store. If you choose the Easy Shipping Box, we will supply you with all the necessary instructions and packaging materials to safely transport your item to Sell Us Your Jewelry. After the item has been re-evaluated and its condition has been inspected in-house, one of our sales specialists will reach out to confirm the agreed quote and method of payment. 


What happens next? We will aggressively market your luxury watch by professionally photographing and placing it on our printed monthly color catalogs, mailed to half a million potential buyers a year. Your piece will also be marketed on our website, in our showroom, and online. Our success rate is beyond impressive: over 85% of merchandise is sold within 8-10 weeks. All you need to do is to contact us. Sell/consign your watch in Miami on Sell Us Your Jewelry and we will pay you top $$ - it’s that simple. 


Do you have any questions? Chat with our specialist Victoria.


Who To Contact To Consign My Watch?


WEBSITE: www.sellusyourjewelry.com

CALL: 305-770-6955

TEXT:  Vika at 786-266-4763 for a quick response. 

EMAIL: sell@grayandsons.com

Gray and Sons Jewelers specializes in Pre-Owned, Estate,

Vintage, Antique, Heirloom, Used Watches & Jewelry


We Buy, Sell Trade, Consign and Repair Used and Pre-Owned Watches and Jewelry



Our customers say; "There are no better certified pre-owned Watch Specialists & Jewelers than Gray and Sons Jewelers in all of Florida and US"


Visit www.sellusyourjewelry.com



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