Turning Time into Cash: Sell Your Rolex Watch Today

June 6th, 2024

Turning Time into Cash: How to Successfully Sell My Rolex Watch

Are you thinking of selling your Rolex? If you are, you are in for a worthwhile journey with high rewards. You can get top dollars for your Rolex watch if you partner with the right Rolex buyer

Rolex timepieces are among the top pre-owned watches to sell. While most watches reduce value over time, Rolex timepieces generally maintain their value or even appreciate. 

To get the most value for your Rolex watch, you should deal with a reliable and trustworthy Rolex buyer and make smart decisions. This guide will walk you through the steps needed to sell my Rolex seamlessly at the best possible price. 

Are you ready to sell my watch near me? Where do you start? Where can I sell my watch? How do I get the best price?

Classic preowned Rolex Oyster Perpetual for Premier Rolex Buyer
Where to sell my preowned Rolex Oyster Perpetual 67193 18k & steel 24mm auto watch?

About Rolex Watches

Rolex is the most popular Swiss luxury watch brand in the world. Rolex was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. Rolex thrives on the principles of quality, innovation, and functionality. 

Rolex watches are aesthetically pleasing, practical, and reliable. Rolex is credited with several innovative achievements, including the first waterproof wristwatch in 1926 (the Rolex Oyster) and the first self-winding machine with a perpetual rotor in 1931 (the Rolex Perpetual). 

Many famous personalities, celebrities, athletes, and influential individuals often favor Rolex watches, including Paul Newman - Rolex Daytona; Submariner and Sea-Dweller models featured in various Bond films; and many more celebrities. 

How Much is My Rolex Worth? 

Several factors affect the value of pre-owned Rolex watches. These elements are crucial when you sell my Rolex. 


All Rolex timepieces retain their value, and some rare models are more sought after. A Rolex's model (reference number) and serial number can be found on the Rolex card, under the watch’s bracelet, or engraved on the rehaut. 


A well-maintained Rolex watch, in mint condition warrants the top payout. But even an average condition Rolex is salable. 


Vintage watches, limited edition models, or certain Rolex models become highly desirable and increase in value. 

Precious Metals and Stones

Rolex timepieces are crafted from various high-quality materials, including precious metals, to create watches known for their durability, precision, and elegance. The choice of precious metals significantly influences the value of Rolex watches. Here are some of the precious metals commonly used in Rolex watches in order of rarity and value: 

  • Stainless Steel
  • Rolesor (Two-Tone)
  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Everose Gold
  • Platinum
Premier preowned Rolex Submariner for watch buyer
Preowned Rolex Submariner Stainless Steel Blue dial 40mm Automatic watch, perfect for watch buyers.

Where can I Sell My Rolex

Finding a Rolex buyer is one of the most crucial decisions when selling your Rolex. Choosing the best watch buyer for your Rolex can help you get the best possible price: 

Friends, Family, and Referrals

You will get the best possible price when you sell my Rolex to family, friends, and referrals. However, this option is also the most tedious. You need to take charge of everything from researching the price, getting an appraisal, having your watch cleaned (if required), answering queries, shipping or delivering the item, and receiving payment. 

In a Pawnshop

You will get instant cash when you sell my Rolex to a pawnshop. However, pawnshops will offer you the lowest possible value for your Rolex. Pawn Shops do not employ staff knowledgeable in luxury watches to offer the true worth of your timepiece. Besides, in most instances, pawn shops are more interested in loaning you money with your Rolex as collateral. 

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces such as FaceBook, eBay, Craigslist, or other classified platforms offer convenience because you can do the selling process from your home. However, online marketplaces are prone to scams and unscrupulous buyers. 

Professional Luxury Watch Buyer

A professional luxury watch buyer like Sell Us Your Jewelry.com is the best place to sell my watch near me. This Rolex buyer is probably the safest and fastest way to receive the true worth of your timepiece. 

You can sell my jewelry to Sell Us Your Jewelry through its online platform or visit the Gray & Sons Jewelers showroom at 9595 Harding Ave, Surfside (Miami Beach), Florida (Located across from Bal Harbour Shops). 

Fill out this form to receive a free quote for your Rolex watch. 

How to Sell My Rolex

At Sell Us Your Jewelry.com, we make selling your Rolex easy, quick, and safeWe are a Rolex buyer with over 44 years of experience buying and selling pre-owned fine jewelry, luxury watches, diamonds, and sterling silver pieces. We are the top Rolex buyer in Miami and the United States. 

Here is a step-by-step process on how to sell my Rolex to Sell Us Your Jewelry.com

Step 1. Find your Rolex's reference number (model number style number). 

The reference number shows the Rolex model you have. For example, a reference number 1163xx means that you have Rolex Datejust II. Rolex reference number with a “0” means your Rolex is made from stainless steel. You can find the reference number of your Rolex in the paperwork on your watch or on the watch itself. 

Step 2. Find out the serial number of your Rolex. 

The serial number is unique to your Rolex watch. It shows the approximate production date of your watch. For example, a Rolex serial number L,980,000 means the watch was produced in 1966. 

You can research to determine the meanings of your Rolex's reference and serial number. 

Step 3. Research the approximate market value and market demand for your Rolex. 

Now that you know your Rolex's reference and serial numbers, Google your specific Rolex watch. You should be able to find a ballpark figure of how much your timepiece is currently worth in the market. 

Step 4. Decide on the best place to sell your Rolex. 

Now is the time to decide on the best Rolex buyer. 

Sell Us Your Jewelry.com is the top Rolex Buyer in the United States. Here is how to get started:

  1. Request for a free quote so you can receive a preliminary offer. 
  2. If you accept the offer, mail your Rolex using the Easy Ship Box. 
  3. Our Rolex experts will inspect your watch and give you a final offer. 
  4. Receive payment via check or wire transfer. 

Top Rolex models we buy: 

Sell Us Your Jewelry.com offers a seamless, safe, and transparent selling process. We are the best Rolex buyer who offers top dollars for your timepiece. We aim to ensure you successfully sell your Rolex with a superb selling experience with us!



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