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Trade Your Watch For Instant Cash In Bay Harbor Islands

If you have been searching the keyword “where can I sell my watch” then, congratulations, your search ends here. Selling a watch is tedious, and we got you to make it less tedious for you. Sell Us Your Jewelry is a family-owned business that buys the jewelry and watches from the greater Bay Harbor Islands and all over the US. So, if you are one of those who is looking to sell watches at the highest rate, we are here to help you in this regard. Our team of expert watch buyers knows how to inspect your watch and give you the best offer properly.

We have been serving the Bay Harbor Islands for over 30 years and know all the process of buying antique and vintage watches customers like you. 

watch buyer bay harbor
Sell Us Your Jewelry is a renowned watch buyer in Bay Harbor Islands.

Get The Best Offer For Your Watches

Gone is the time when you have to roam around the jewelry markets to sell your watch and give it for the least prices. Now, you have the authorized buying company that gives you the value your watch deserves. Not only we give you the best price for your watch but assist you as well about your item. The transparent selling process we provide to our customers is the reason why we are among the leading jewelry buyers of the U.S.

What Items Do We Buy?

At Sell Us Your Jewelry, there is a team of buyers, including diamond buyers, watch buyers, silver buyers, gold buyers, and platinum buyers. They buy all sorts of jewelry, including diamond, silver, gold, platinum, and luxury watches. We buy gold platinum, silver, and diamond in all forms. You can bring your bracelets, rings, pendants, and necklaces to us and get them appraised for the highest offers. 

Other than the jewelry, we are interested in buying various luxury and antique watches. So, to know the sorts of watches we buy, continue reading. 

luxury watch buyer bay harbor
You can sell your luxury watches in Bay Harbor Islands

What Sorts Of Watches Can You Sell To Us?

Be it an antique or a luxury watch; we buy various types of watches such as :

  • Analog Watches. 
  • Dress Watches.
  • Hybrid Watches.
  • Quartz Watches. 
  • Mechanical Automatic Watches.
  • Casual Watches.
Cartier Watch Buyer Bay Harbor Islands

Watch Brands We Are Interested To Buy

Since an authorized jewelry buying company, we buy watches from various brands. If you have watched from the below-mentioned brands, you are more likely to get the highest offer for it at Sell Us Your Jewelry. The watch brands we are interested in buying are as follows:

  • Patek Philippe
  • Rolex
  • Chanel
  • Breitling
  • Richard Mille
  • Chopard
  • Piaget
  • Panerai
  • Gublot
  • Omega
  • IWC
  • Cartier 

Three-Step Selling Process At Sellyourjewelry :

At Sell Us Your Jewelry, you are not obliged to undergo the various processes of selling your watch. There are only three steps you need to follow to sell your item to us. To make it simple for you, we have explained the selling process below:

Sell Cartier Watch In Bay Harbor Islands, Florida

Collect Your Items 

Before considering us to sell your items, make sure to collect all the items, including jewelry and watches you are interested in selling. You can bring every jewelry and watch you need to sell even if some of the items are damaged, untidy, or broken. Our buyers will clean your items before inspecting them. 

Make An Appointment – Give Us A Call

Once you have gathered your items to sell, give us a call to make an appointment. Make sure you are scheduling your appointment according to your availability. This might take one to two hours to get your items appraised by us, so schedule your appointment accordingly. When you visit us for an appointment, our jewelry and watch buyer will inspect all of your items and will make an offer. Our buyers will also explain the factors on which your items are appraised. Once you agree with our offer, you are good to go for the final step 

 Get Paid Instantly 

After acceptance of the offer, our finance department will instantly issue your amount to you.

sell audemars piguet watches in Bay Harbor
You can also sell Audemars Piguet watches in Bay Harbor Islands.

As you see, selling watches or jewelry to us is way more convenient than roaming around markets to find a suitable jeweler who might give you the least offers. 

Selling Watch Online

We do provide online selling services to people who have busy schedules and can’t take a walk-in appointment. The online buyer will appraise your watch when you ship it to us. Your offer will be sent to you, and you will get paid as soon as you acknowledge the offer. 

Sell Your Luxury Cartier Watch in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida

Our Policy

At Sell Us Your Jewelry, we have certain policies that make us different from other buyers. Our policy is to make private dealings so that if you want to sell your item confidentially, you don’t have to face privacy issues. Moreover, our buyers use all the latest and effective tools to scan the value your item deserves. 

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority!

Before selling your items to us, you may have a question in your mind,” why should i sell my items to you?” We are more than happy to answer this question. The reason why you should choose is that our priority is your satisfaction. We have a team of reliable buyers who strive to give you the best offers along with customers satisfaction.

sell your pre-owned rolex watches in Bay Harbor
We also buy authentic Rolex watches near you.

Regardless of the condition of your item, we appraise it and don’t charge you anything, even if you don’t sell your jewelry to us. Our transparent dealings are the reason we have the satisfied and happy customer from all over the Bay Harbor Islands.we do understand that you have an emotional and sentimental value to your items, and this is the reason we prioritize your satisfaction above everything. 

Contact Us!

From giving you the highest offers for your watch to make it easy for you to sell your jewelry and watches, we are among the leading buyers of the U.S. our aim is not only to buy your items but to assist you in this process. Our expert buyers will increase your knowledge as well so that next time you have to sell the jewelry and watch, you don’t have to get into any hassle. So, to get the best selling experience, contact us at 

Come see us last and that we will pay you more!

We Buy Luxury Watches in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida

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