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West Palm Beach Engagement Ring BuyerWest Palm Beach Engagement Ring Buyer

West Palm Beach Engagement Ring Buyer

Engagement rings are precious and usually carry a lot of sentimental value for their owner. It doesn’t matter what the reason behind selling your engagement ring is, if you feel that it needs to be done, it is important that you choose a reputable and widely trusted buyer. Sell Us Your Jewelry is your go-to West Palm Beach engagement ring buyer if you are looking for one.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many buyers in the which provide a good price in exchange for jewelry, offer a good sale service, and ensure a quick and secure transaction. Sell Us Your Jewelry does all this and more!

We offer a safe, convenient, and swift exchange procedure, unlike others, to save you from the trouble of visiting several local businesses and pawn shops only to get lower rates than what your jewelry is actually worth.

Diamond Engagement Ring 3West Palm Beach Engagement Ring Buyer

Why Choose Sell US Your jewelry?

Established in 1980, Sell Us Your Jewelry, the best West Palm Beach engagement ring buyer, is the buying division of Gray & Sons Jewelers. From day one, we have adhered to our principles of providing the best possible service to our customers. When you go out to sell an engagement ring, you will notice a plethora of options available, however, it’s hard to find a trustable buyer for your precious jewelry items. Most buyers don’t understand the true value of your jewelry as well as Sell Us Your jewelry does.

We understand the sentimental value people have for their engagement rings which is why we make sure we offer a fair, market-competitive price to our potential sellers. Moreover, we have simplified the process of selling your engagement ring online into three easy steps, to save your time and effort on the transaction. This is the reason why we are considered the top West Palm Beach engagement ring buyer around.

As far as the appraisal of your jewelry is concerned, it is done by our esteemed team of professional gemologists and Swiss-trained jewelers. They examine and evaluate the different aspects of your jewelry to determine its value and offer you a market competitive price. 

Diamond Engagement RingWest Palm Beach Engagement Ring Buyer

Best West Palm Beach Engagement Ring Buyer

If you reside in the West Palm Beach area in Florida, all your jewelry selling troubles are gone. Sell Us Your Jewelry offers its convenient and expertise-based services to all West Palm Beach residents. We deal in all kinds of new and old precious jewelry including engagement rings, earing, etc. It is pertinent to mention here that we are the best West Palm Beach engagement ring buyer for a reason.

How to Retain A Diamond Engagement Ring’s Worth?

Diamond engagement rings or any diamond jewelry, require a certain amount of care and if not cared for, they will lose their shine and value. A broken diamond or one with scratches has a lower monetary worth than a regular one. Here are a few ways you can maintain your diamond engagement ring and keep its value intact:

Store Them Separately

People often make the mistake of keeping their diamond jewelry in the same box as their other jewelry pieces. This may cause scratches and marks on your diamond ring which could’ve been avoided. Thus, store your diamond jewelry safely in a separate box.

Avoid Exposure to Chemicals

Prolonged exposure or unnecessary exposure to a dish-washing liquid, detergent, bleach, or chemicals will harm your diamond jewelry no matter what its net value is. It is important to wear protective gloves or take the jewelry off if the interaction is unavoidable.

Clean Them Routinely

It is important to clean your diamond engagement ring routinely, with a specific diamond cleaning solution to keep them shining as bright as they can.

Get Them Serviced

If you continue to wear a jewelry piece that has loose diamonds, the diamonds may lose their shine or fall off entirely at some point, leading to great monetary loss. Therefore, get them serviced regularly from an experienced jewelry dealer who will fit them back in place to look as good as new.

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