Guide to Selling Patek Philippe Watches for Optimal Returns

January 12th, 2024

How to Sell Patek Philippe Watches Successfully

Patek Philippe is celebrated for crafting timepieces that blend artistry and engineering; thus, it has a legacy synonymous with excellence. Intricate movements and enduring beauty define every Patek Philippe timepiece. If you want to sell Patek Philippeensure Sell Us Your is at the forefront of your experience. 

Sell Us Your is a watch buyer specializing in evaluating luxury watches, explicitly focusing on Patek Philippe watches. The in-depth knowledge of our master watchmakers and experts ensures fair and accurate valuations to give you the most money for your Patek Philippe timepiece. 

 “Where can I sell my watch?” Trust only Sell Us Your in your journey of selling your Patek Philippe. We have over 43 years of experience in the luxury watch market; selling, buying, trading, restoring and repairing Patek Philippe watches.

Patek Philippe Watch Selling Guide: Unlock Maximum Value
Patek Philippe Calatrava watch for watch buyer

Understanding Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer with a history of producing some of the most sought-after and valuable timepieces since 1839. Patek Philippe timepieces embody luxury, with their value increasing over time. 

The company has created several iconic models that have become highly sought-after by enthusiasts and collectors, such as the Aquanaut, the Nautilus, and the Calatrava. Many factors contribute to the Patek Philippe watches’ value. 


Extraordinary craftsmanship goes into each Patek Philippe timepiece. Highly skilled craftsmen make each watch component by hand using precision tools and traditional techniques. 

Patek Philippe watches' complex and intricate movements consist of hundreds of individual parts assembled with precision. The Patek Philippe Seal ensures each watch has passed a series of rigorous inspections and tests to ensure they meet the company’s highest standards of craftsmanship. 


The company’s rich legacy and history contribute to Patek Philippe’s value. The brand has been a favorite of heads of state and royalty for decades, and some of the most famous and influential people in history have worn a Patek Philippe. 


Patek Philippe manufactures only a small number of watches each year and never reissues or reproduces its vintage models.  Several of its most valuable and iconic models are limited-edition pieces. Thus, the rarity of these timepieces contributes to their value. 

Investment Value

Patek Philippe watches are generally regarded as sound investments. They often retain and even appreciate over time, making them desirable for collectors and investors. In 2014, the Sotheby's Auction sold the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication, one of the most complex watches ever made, for $24 million.

Luxury Patek Philippe Calatrava Watch for Sale
Patek Philippe 4456-2 18k Champagne dial 24mm Quartz watch for watch buyers near me.

Understanding Your Patek Philippe Watch

The model and specifications of your Patek Philippe can help you determine its worth and authenticity. 

Patek Philippe Hallmarks

A genuine Patek Philippe will have several hallmarks that are difficult to reproduce accurately. Check samples for these hallmarks in your timepiece.

  • A hallmark on the case back indicates the purity of the watch’s metal. “750” means the watch is made from 18k gold, and “950” indicates the metal is 95% pure platinum. 
  • A “PPCo” within an oval is used on genuine Patek Philippe watches. It is required to be included in all Swiss precious metal goods. 

Serial and Reference Number

For solid-case back models, the serial number appears on the inside or non-visible side of the case back. For transparent case-backs, serial numbers are on the interior edges. 

Original Documents, Receipts  and Packaging 

The paperwork of Patek Philippe watches includes a Certificate of Origin, which serves as a certificate of authenticity. It contains information about the watch reference, caliber, movement, and information on the bracelet, dial, gemstones, case, and original purchase date. 

Having your original documents, receipts and original packaging will increase the value of your Patek Phillipe watch. 

Selling Options with Sell Us Your

Three flexible selling options are available to suit your individual needs when you sell Patek Philippe. 

Selling Outright:

You will receive immediate payment for your Patek Philippe after the finalization of the transaction. You do not have to wait for your item to be sold to a new owner before getting paid. 

Trading In

Trading in allows you to exchange your watch for store credit you can use to purchase another piece. This option appeals to those looking to refresh their collection without a direct cash transaction. 


This option allows sellers to showcase their Patek Philippe in our inventory while maintaining ownership until the item is sold. Patient sellers may benefit from a higher selling price. 

When you sell your Patek Philippe, to Sell Us Your You can choose between online and in-store selling. 

Online Selling

This selling option allows you to initiate the selling process from the comfort of your home. The Sell Us Your Jewelry online platform ensures a straightforward and efficient experience. Request a free quote to start the selling process. 

In-Store Selling

If you prefer a face-to-face interaction, visit our showroom at 9595 Harding Avenue, Bal Harbour, Florida 33154, for a personal consultation with our experts. Bring your timepiece and leave our showroom with cash if you opt for an outright sale. 

Finding the Right Watch Buyer:

You can sell Patek Philippe in pawnshops, local jewelry stores, auction houses, social media platforms, or personal contacts. However, Sell Us Your is the best of all watch buyers near me. 

Why choose to Sell Us Your to sell Patek Philippe?

  • We have six Swiss-trained watchmakers who have in-depth knowledge of Patek Philippe timepieces and can give you an accurate appraisal of your item. 
  • We have been the top Patek Philippe watch buyer in Miami and the United States since 1980.
  • We will buy your Patek Philippe watch regardless of its condition.
  • We have a transparent and reliable selling process. 
  • You can choose to sell your Patek Philippe via our online platform or by visiting our showroom at 995 Harding Avenue Bal Harbour, Florida. 
  • We offer the most money for your Patek Philippe.
  • We have an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau for top-notch customer service. 
  • You can get in touch with our Buying specialist anytime through email (, phone (tel. 1-305-770-6955), or chat (

The Selling Process

Sell Us Your has a straightforward selling process:

  1. Request a free quote to receive an initial offer for your timepiece. We will assess your timepiece based on your uploaded photos and description. 
  2. If you agree to the initial offer, send your timepiece via registered mail using the Easy Ship Box. 
  3. When we receive your timepiece at our showroom, we will evaluate your timepiece and give you a final offer. 
  4. If you accept our final offer, you will receive immediate payment through check or wire transfer for outright sales. 

If you choose to sell your Patek Philippe in-store, we will immediately evaluate your timepiece and give you a final offer. You will leave our showroom with your cash. 


Patek Philippe is one of the most sought-after luxury watch brands because of its legacy, craftsmanship, rarity, and investment value. If you want to sell Patek Philippe, Sell Us Your is your ultimate destination. 

Sell your Patek Philippe successfully only with Sell Us Your We offer top dollars for your timepiece. Start the selling process now!



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