Top Tips and Tricks For Selling Your Estate Jewelry

March 7th, 2024

Selling Your Estate Jewelry and Getting the Most for It

If you have just inherited jewelry and they are not to your liking or you just simply have a jewelry you are not using you can sell estate jewelry for cash. You can start with getting an opinion from a  trusted professional who will evaluate your pieces. 

Diamond bangle in 14k yellow gold. Round brilliant cut diamond
Diamond bangle in 14k yellow gold. Round brilliant cut diamond


The terms estate, antique, and vintage are often used interchangeably. 

  • Estate Jewelry.  This is pre-owned or second-hand jewelry that is part of the “estate” of a deceased person. The jewelry may be vintage or antique which is considered a significant piece. 
  • Antique Jewelry. These are pieces of jewelry that are over 100 years old as of 2023 which means they were crafted before 1923. 
  • Vintage Jewelry. These are pieces of jewelry crafted during the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, or Art Deco Eras.  


Estate jewelry is also often referred to as “heirloom jewelry” or fine jewelry that has been passed on through generations. 

If you have decided to sell estate jewelrybut seem overwhelmed by the process, read on and learn how to sell your estate jewelry and get the most for it! 


Reasons to Sell Estate Jewelry


Mother of pearl and 18K yellow gold bangle
Mother of pearl and 18K yellow gold bangle

 Why would you want to sell estate jewelry? There are many reasons.

Fine jewelry and gold have substantial value, thus it can be a good idea to sell estate jewelry for any reasons you may have:

  • Out of style. Estate jewelry, more often than not, is vintage or antique pieces. You may not be something you want to wear because they are out of style. 
  • You do not have use for them. If you are a man and inherited women’s jewelry and vice-versa. Keeping them in your jewelry box will take up space and they may even lose value. Sell estate jewelry so you can use the money to buy something you like. 
  • Instant cash. Perhaps money has more use to you than jewelry. By selling jewelry you inherited, you can get instant cash you can use for different things. 
  • You want to trade up or down your watches or jewelry for a newer model or another piece of jewelry.

Whatever your reason for selling estate jewelryan educated decision will help you get the most for it. 


How to Sell Estate Jewelry

Do you need to unlock the mysteries of how to sell estate jewelry

Know everything about what you are selling

Your grandmother told you her diamond engagement ring was valuable but that does not mean it is a fact. It would be wise to get a jewelry appraisal to determine the authenticity and quality of your inherited jewelry. 

Know your selling options

You can opt to sell estate jewelry to individuals or the jewelry industry. You will have the most advantage by choosing estate jewelry buyersMake sure to choose a reputable company that adheres to ethical business practices. Check out google and yelp reviews or other platforms featuring consumer reviews of the jewelry buyers. 

Have a selling price in mind

You need to have a realistic selling price in mind. Have your estate jewelry appraised because it could give you the potential resale value of your jewelry by following present market trends. 

Follow these tips and you are on your way to getting the most for your estate jewelry. 


Where to Find Good Estate Jewelry Buyers

Finding estate jewelry buyers can be a challenging experience. The market for pieces of estate jewelry is complex. 

The best way to deal with these nuances is to select knowledgeable and reputable buyers of estate jewelry

Finding a good estate jewelry buyer depends on how you want to sell estate jewelryThe jewelry buyer needs to be professional and reputable. More importantly he needs to be knowledgeable of the complexities of estate jewelry. 

You can find good estate jewelry buyers online. Make sure to research the company and read customer reviews and testimonies. 

Factors that Determine the Value of Estate Jewelry

Buyers of estate jewelry consider these factors to determine the value of your estate jewelry:

  • Essential value.  This is the value of the metal and gemstones in the secondary market. 
  • Demand and supply. Pieces of jewelry from a certain period are continuously in demand. Jewelry pieces from the Edwardian and Art Deco are highly collectible pieces. 
  • Rarity. This refers to how much of your piece was produced at a given period and how many of these pieces have survived. Some pieces are rare but low in value because there is little demand for them. 
  • Beauty. This depends on personal taste but it is always a top consideration in value and quality. 
  • Craftsmanship. This refers to well-made jewelry with all components fitting smoothly and with a textured or polished surface. 
  • Materials. The materials the piece of jewelry was made affects its value and are related to quality, too.
  • Condition. The more the piece of jewelry was kept in top condition, the more it is a premium piece. The value lowers if it has been previously restored. 
  • Alterations. This refers to any remodeling or repair done to the estate jewelry. The effect of the alteration on the value and quality of your estate jewelry depends on how well they were done. 

All these factors put together make the value and quality of estate jewelry a complicated topic. This is not so with expert estate jewelry buyers

Vintage "Double Horse Heads" cufflinks in solid 18K yellow gold with 0.10 carat bezel set diamonds
Vintage "Double Horse Heads" cufflinks in solid 18K yellow gold with 0.10 carat bezel set diamonds


How to Get the Most for your Estate Jewelry

Before selling your estate jewelry, educate yourself about the best place to sell your piece/s and know more or less what affects its value. With that said, here is how to prepare to sell your estate jewelry. 

  • Clean or polish your jewelry. 
  • Keep it with its original packaging especially if it is in good condition and is a well-known brand (e.g. Cartier, Tiffany, etc.). 

More importantly, sell estate jewelry only to professional and qualified buyers of estate jewelry.


Final Thoughts

When you are selling estate jewelry, avoid going to pawn shops, online websites, or physical stores that are not estate jewelry buyersThey will, most likely, offer lower prices because they are not familiar with the value of estate jewelry. 

Visit for expertise, highest prices, and instant payments. 




Claudine Faifer: Estate Jewelry & Sterling Silver Specialist

Meet Claudine Faifer: Estate Jewelry & Sterling Silver Specialist

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