Unlocking The Value Of Sterling Silver Flatware & Tea Sets

April 19th, 2024

Factors That Affect the Value of Your Sterling Silver Flatware and Tea Sets

Estate, Vintage, Antique and Modern Sterling Silver flatware and tea and coffee sets are our specialty.  We buy complete sterling silver flatware sets and individual sterling silver pieces


Elegant Sterling Silver Flatware Set for Fine Dining
LA SCALA" Sterling silver flatware set patented in 1964 by Gorham


What is sterling silver silverware?

There is no pure silver flatware because this metal is highly malleable and difficult to form into a solid object. The copper mixed into pure silver, to form sterling silver, makes the silver strong enough to be molded into objects. 

Sterling silver is the purest form of silver because of its high percentage of silver. Sterling silver flatware has been traditionally used to impress and show affluence and transforms dinner parties into elegant and formal occasions. 

sterling silver tea set has become unanimous with elegant serving of hot drinks like tea and coffee on special occasions. 

Brief History of Sterling Silver Flatware and Tea Sets

Sterling silver flatware first appeared in the 1840s but became widely used for elegant events and extravagant dinner parties from the 1870s to the 1940s. 

 During the Victorian Era, sterling silver flatware was a must when setting a formal table setting in Europe and the United States. Its luster and elegance was historically the main element in setting a proper table that served multi-course dinners. 

During the 19th century, every fashionable family in England had a sterling silver tea setTea sets came in lavish designs and were a must-have for wealthy families.        

5-Piece Silver Sterling Coffee/Tea Set & Grand Serving Tray Display
Vintage, PRIETO, Juarez Mexico, .950 sterling silver, hand hammered, 5 pieces Coffee/Tea set with large presentation tray


In the mid-1900s, the popularity of sterling silver flatware and sterling silver tea sets in fine dining diminished a bit because of the rising costs of producing silver.

Today, sterling silver flatware is used by traditional lovers for multi-course dinners usually for special occasions rather than everyday use. The time-consuming process of cleaning sterling silver tableware also contributed to its waning popularity. 

Although sterling silver flatware is not as widely used today as during the Victorian era, many people find many ways to revive the tradition of using sterling silver tableware. Some owners prefer selling sterling silver flatware

Sterling silver flatware and a sterling silver tea set are quite common possessions that get passed down for generations. 

While members of the older generation tend to keep sterling silverware sets as a family heirloom, the younger generation is less interested and instead opts to sell sterling silver flatware

We at SellUsYourJewelry.com pay top dollar for your sterling silver flatware and tea set.  


Understanding the Factors that Affect the Value of Sterling Silver Flatware and Tea Sets

Your sterling silver set is not only determined by the value of the silver in it. In addition, the value depends on many factors like: the manufacturer, design, pattern, age and condition. We pay more than the scrap value of your silver. Although the weight x purity x the spot price of silver contributes in huge ways into the final price of your piece. The desirability will also have a huge impact on the final price.


Popular brands we buy;

Georg Jensen, Tiffany & Co, Reed & Barton, Dominick & Haff, Wallace, Watson & Westmorland, International, Century & Fine Arts Sterling Co, Kirk-Stieff, Stieff, Schofield Co, Towle, Gorham, Whiting (Gorham), William Durgin (Gorham), Wood & Hugues (Gorham), Frank Whiting, George Schiebler & John Polhemus. 

We also buy any .925 Sterling Silver: 

Italian Sterling silver such as Buccellati, 

French Sterling silver such as Christofle, Puiforcat, Cartier, 

Mexican sterling silver such as Spratling, Aguilar, Sanborn. 

Peruvian Sterling Silver such as: Camusso, Arias. 

Material Composition of Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an alloy consisting of 92.5% (by weight) silver and 7.5% (by weight) other metals, typically copper. Copper is known to be the best metal to mix with silver. 

The copper sterling alloy contains fewer impurities yielding a brighter white finish. The copper alloy also improves the machinability of silver which is a difficult metal to machine alloy. 

Our experts at SellUsYourJewelry.com can accurately appraise the sterling silver flatware value of your heirloom pieces and tea sets. 

egant Grande Baroque Sterling Silver Dining Set
GRANDE BAROQUE" sterling silver flatware set patented by Wallace in 1941- 6 place settings for 12 + 12 serving pieces


Maker's Mark and Hallmarks

Hallmarks or Assayer’s marks are small, imprinted symbols found on the back or underneath your flatware and tea set pieces. They are typically applied on sterling silver pieces with a hammer and a punch. 

Hallmarks indicate the purity of the silver alloy in your flatware and tea sets. These hallmarks also identify the manufacturer or tradesman of the piece, the location of the manufacturer, and the manufacturing date.  

A hallmark indicating the number 925 means your sterling silver piece consists of 92.5% pure silver. A lower number indicates a lower proportion of pure silver. If the piece does not have a hallmark, it is only silver-plated. 

We at SellUsYourJewelry.com look for hallmarks in your sterling silver pieces to get a general idea of their value. 

Age and Rarity

The older your sterling silver flatware and sterling silver tea set, the higher their value because most likely, they are original pieces. 

If your sterling silver pieces were created by prominent silversmiths, known for their crafting skills and high quality, they may be collector items and can have an extremely high value.  

Buyers near me will offer the most money for the oldest and rarest pieces that are difficult to find in the market. We at SellUsYourJewelry.com have extensive knowledge of sterling silver flatware and tea sets from any era and how rare they are in the market today. 



The condition of your pieces also determines the value when you sell sterling silver flatwareWhile it is common for silverware to have a few small scratches, any further damage will lower its value. 

If your sterling silver pieces look tarnished or ruined, our specialists at SellUsYourJewelry.com may still find them valuable. They will evaluate what lies underneath the layer of dust to determine the real value of your pieces. 

Style, Design & Patterns

If you are looking at selling sterling silver flatwarethe value of your flatware and tea set significantly depends on the engraved patterns and execution quality. Complicated and intricate designs can give you a fortune. 

Sterling silver specialists at SellUsYourJewelry.com are highly knowledgeable of the brand, style and design of your pieces vis-a-vis their age and rarity. 

Market Demand and Trends

Sterling silver flatware and sterling silver tea set fall under different price categories depending on market demand and current trends. 

SellUsYourJewelry.com is always tuned into the market, as the price of silver and the desirability of certain makers and patterns because we use it as a barometer in determining how much your pieces are worth. We have the feel of the market and know what are the most sought-after sterling silver flatware and tea sets.


Stunning Luco Hand Wrought Sterling Silver 4-Piece Tea/Coffee Set
LUCO heavy Hand Wrought Sterling Silve, 4 pieces Tea/coffee set, 1960's reproduction of 1792 English Tea/Coffee set


Benefits of Selling Sell Us Your Jewelry

When you sell sterling silver flatware to SellUSYourJewelry.com, you are assured of getting the most money for your pieces. 

  • We offer competitive pricing and fair appraisals. Our sterling silver specialists have decades of experience in sterling silver flatware and sterling silver tea set.This allows us to give you the most accurate appraisal for your pieces to give you the most competitive offers.
  • We have a convenient and easy selling process.To sell sterling silver flatware, all you need to do is fill up our request quote form and send us your sterling silver pieces. We will send you our Easy Ship box to ensure your heirloom pieces safely get to us. 

    Upon receiving your sterling silver pieces, our qualified experts will inspect their authenticity and value. Once finalized, we will send your payment via check or wire transfer.
  • We are a trustworthy and reputable buyer. As the most trusted buyer of sterling silver flatware and sterling silver tea set, we will offer the most accurate value for your heirloom pieces.
  • We have several satisfied customers. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, thus we have several satisfied customers in the U.S. Our customers include sterling silver collectors who want to sell sterling silver flatware and sterling silver tea sets.



Not just because your flatware and tea sets are made of sterling silver, they are of high value. 

Sterling silver pieces have varying values depending on the fineness of the sterling silver, the maker's brand , and hallmarks on your pieces, as well as the age, rarity, style and design, and condition of your pieces.  The market demands and current trends also impact the value of your heirloom pieces. 

If you are interested in selling sterling silver flatware and tea sets, visit SellUsYourJewley.com and take advantage of our free appraisal and quote.  We offer you the best value of sterling silver flatware and tea sets. 




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