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October 5th, 2023

#1 Rolex Day-Date Buyer – How to Sell Rolex Day-Date

Rolex Daydate 18k white gold buyer

Sell Rolex Day-Date

How To Sell Rolex Day-Date to No. 1 Buyer? – Rolex watches are one of the most stylish and iconic watches in the world. They aren’t just stunning timepieces but also a style statement. For many, Rolex watches are the epitome of luxury and the perfect representation of high status and success. The Day-Date series is one of Rolex’s most worn and loved collections. If you are wondering how to sell Rolex Day-Date near you, then you’re in the right place.

Rolex Day-Date is an exceptional watch and you would do yourself a disservice if you sold it to a local pawn shop or jewelry buyer, who will likely have little to no knowledge about this stunning timepiece. Sell Us Your Jewelry has been dealing in luxury watches and precious jewelry since 1980 and with our experience and vast knowledge of luxury watches, we can offer you the best price for your watch.

Sell Rolex Day-DateSell Rolex Day-Date

How to Sell Rolex Day-Date in Miami

Rolex watches are incredibly stylish and tend to retain their monetary value over the years, which is why if you are in need of fast cash, you could make it by selling our Rolex Day-Date. If you have already decided to sell your watch, you must be tired of googling ‘how to sell Rolex Day-Date’.

We understand how exhausting it can be to look for a trustable and reputable luxury watch buyer. Most jewelers get you to undersell your watch. This is where Sell Us Your Jewelry comes to your rescue. We are the number 1 buyers of the Rolex Day-Date in Miami and we deal in all versions of the watch. Whether it is Stainless Steel, 18K white gold, yellow gold, or the platinum bracelet, we evaluate all and provide you with market competitive prices.

If you reside in Miami, Florida then come and visit our boutique and get a free evaluation of your watch. People who are not in Miami can use our online evaluation process.

Rolex DayDate 18k Yellow Gold BuyersSell Rolex Day-Date

Rolex Day-Date – The President’s watch

Do you ever wonder what is it about the Rolex Day-Date which makes it so special? Well, alongside being incredibly classy, the Rolex Day-Date has historical value as well. The Rolex Day-Date in the United States is also called the President’s watch and it made its first appearance back in 1950.  It received its nickname because it was won worn by some of the USA’s most famous leaders, one of them being John F. Kennedy. This watch was gifted to John F. Kennedy by Marilyn Monroe.

This watch has several key characteristics, one of them being its day display present at the 12’o clock marker. It also has a cyclops display at the 3’o clock position. The gold bracelet of this watch contains 3 semi-circular piece links. Furthermore, the Rolex Day-Date is available in 26 different languages.

Why Choose Sell Us Your Jewelry

Sell Us your Jewelry is the buying division of Gray & Sons Jewelers and we have over 40 years of experience in repairing, restoring, selling, and buying Rolex watches. Thus, if you’ve been searching online, how to sell Rolex Day-Date, look no more!

We have an expert team of six in-house Swiss-trained watchmakers that have several decades of experience in evaluating and buying Rolex watches.  We, therefore, make sure that you get the best quote and the most market competitive rates.

Getting your watch evaluated at any jewelry shop, can be a pricey process however at Sell US Your Jewelry, is free of cost as we believe in providing you with the best service.

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