Sell Cartier Watch: The Timeless Appeal of Vintage Cartier Watches

July 2nd, 2024

Discover the Timeless Appeal of Vintage Cartier Watches


For over 165 years, Cartier has been creating exquisite timepieces that are icons of style and sophistication like the Santos, Tank, Tortue, Tonneau, Panthere, Pasha, Baignoire, Crash, Riviera, Must de 21 and many more. Even decades after certain vintage models have gone out of production, Cartier's designs have fascinated watch collectors for generations and remain highly sought-after in the secondary market.

The demand for vintage Cartier watches can be attributed to various factors. Firstly, the superior craftsmanship and mechanics of these timepieces allow them to not only stand the test of time aesthetically, but also remain functional despite their age. Additionally, the rich histories behind certain Cartier watch families, diffuse them with a depth of meaning that contemporary watches lack. But above all, the elegance of Cartier's designs, characterized by Roman numerals, blue steel hands, and the brand's signature cabochon sapphire crown, gives its vintage models a versatile and classic look that has never gone out of style.

Where can I sell my Cartier watch?

When it's time to sell your Cartier watch, you want confidence you'll get the maximum value possible. With over 44 years of experience of buying fine jewelry and watches, Sell Us Your Jewelry, specializes in getting Cartier owners top dollar for their vintage pieces. Our in-house watch experts recognize the sales trends and add value of having original Cartier documentation, boxes, papers, certificates etc. for your Cartier watches and get you the best price possible. As a trusted luxury watch buyer, we ensure Cartier owners maximize returns for their iconic timepieces.

Our 4 Step Process

  1. Request a free quote - Send us details about your jewelry pieces so we can provide a price estimate. 
  2. Once an offer is approved by you Request and Receive packaging materials - We will send you materials to securely package up your jewelry.
  3. Carefully package and ship your jewelry - Pack up your pieces, take them to the post office, and mail via registered mail with insurance. 
  4. Receive payment after in-house inspection - Our experts will inspect your watch’s condition and authenticity before finalizing the quote. You'll receive payment via check or bank wire once the inspection is complete


Our Different Payout Options for your Watch

Outright Sale

For quick cash, sell your Cartier watches directly to us. After inspection and fair valuation, we'll wire payment immediately, so you get paid fast. Our streamlined process from appraisal to payment ensures you receive payment quickly when you need to monetize your iconic timepieces.


If getting a higher price matter over fast cash, consign your vintage Cartiers to us, the buying division of Gray & Sons Jewelers. As a trusted name in jewelry for decades, we'll list your iconic timepieces on Gray and Sons website to maximize returns. Once sold, we'll send your payment via check or bank wire.


Looking to trade your Cartier watch for a different pre-owned model or another luxury item entirely? We make watch trade-ins easy. We handle the full trade-in process - from appraising your watch, to showcasing it, to finalizing the sale and sending payment. Trust our trade-in process for the simplest way to exchange your existing Cartier watch for something new-to-you while getting full value.   

Vintage Cartier watches we buy:

Cartier Santos Limited Edition 18k White dial 24mm Automatic watch

Preowned Cartier Santos watch for watch buyer
Preowned Cartier Santos Limited Edition for sale

The Cartier Santos Limited Edition in 18k white gold with an automatic movement shows the enduring allure of vintage Cartier timepieces. With its square case and exposed screws, the Santos design innovation from 1904 remains iconic. This limited-edition Santos ladies watch with a petite 24mm case interpreted in durable 18k white and yellow gold displays Cartier's classic elegance. The self-winding movement ties this watch to Cartier's long tradition of watchmaking. For collectors and aficionados, the Santos Limited Edition represents Cartier at its finest.

Cartier Tank Vermeil Must 21 watch in 18k Gold Plated on Sterling Silver Manual Watch

Sell preowned Cartier Tank Vermeil watch
Preowned Cartier Tank Vermeil Must 21 watch for sale

With its rectangle case and red, no marker dial, the Cartier Must 21 watch exudes timeless sophistication. This iconic women's design debuted in 1977 and remains coveted decades later for its blend of geometry and refinement. The 18k gold plating on sterling silver gives this Must 21 durability and radiance, while the manual winding movement connects it to Cartier's storied watchmaking heritage. The dark blue cabochon crown is a striking signature. For those looking to sell a vintage Cartier, the Must 21 is a prime example of the Maison's inimitable elegance and style.

Cartier Riviera "Riviera" 18K & Diamonds Beige dial mm Manual watch

Selling Preowned Cartier Riviera Timepiece
Preowned Cartier Riviera watch for sale

The Cartier Riviera exudes refined French elegance. With its round case and understated beige dial, this 1970s design epitomizes timeless Cartier style. The 18K gold case with diamonds radiates luxury. The manual winding movement connects to Cartier's storied watchmaking tradition. For watch aficionados seeking this graceful and coveted vintage timepiece, the Cartier Riviera represents the pinnacle of enduring elegance. Its refined aesthetics and impeccable craftsmanship make it a top choice for those looking to sell a vintage Cartier watch.

Cartier Must 21 in Stainless Steel with a White dial 28mm Quartz watch

Find preowned vintage Cartier for watch buyers
Vintage Used Cartier Must 21 watch for sale

The vintage Cartier Must 21 is a classic and iconic Cartier watch from the 1970s that has stood the test of time. Crafted in stainless steel with a sleek and minimalist white dial, this 28mm quartz watch exemplifies Cartier's elegant and refined aesthetic. Though small by today's standards, the modest 28mm case was fashionable for women's watches of the era. As an early example of a Cartier quartz watch, it represents an important milestone in the brand's history and evolution. With its instantly recognizable Cartier style and design, the Must 21 is a highly coveted Cartier timepiece. Its rich heritage, timeless elegance, and growing collectability make the stainless steel Must 21 an excellent Cartier watch to sell to vintage watch enthusiasts and collectors. 


The timeless appeal of vintage Cartier watches is clear. With their refined elegance, impeccable craftsmanship, and rich heritage, these iconic timepieces remain desired by watch aficionados decades after they were first created. For those looking to sell a vintage Cartier timepiece, models like the Santos, Tortue, Tonneau, Panthere, Pasha, Baignoire, Crash, Riviera, and Must de 21 represent prime examples of the brand's timeless style and sophistication. Trusted buyers like Sell Us Your Jewelry specialize in getting Cartier owners top dollar for their vintage pieces. Due to high demand, vintage Cartier watches continue to be considered good investments and items to sell for those seeking to monetize these classic luxury timepieces.



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