Expert Guide: Selling Your Cartier Watch for Top Dollar

May 28th, 2024

Selling Cartier Gold Watches: Transforming Luxury into Cash

Luxury watches have always been synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and craftsmanship. Cartier is an elite watch brand that consistently defines luxury and style. Owning a Cartier gold watch is a symbol of prestige, provides much enjoyment and functionality, and  when you choose  to sell Cartier watch can provide a financial benefit.  

Cartier watches are renowned for their rich history and unmatched artistry. These timepieces hold a special place in the hearts of watch collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. 

This blog will discuss why you want to transform these timeless luxuries into cash and where to sell Cartier watches and gold Cartier watches 

  1. The Luxury Watch Secondary Market 
  2. Understanding Cartier Gold Watches
  3. Why Sell a Cartier Watch
  4. Cartier Reference and Serial Numbers
  5. Boxes and Papers
  6. Why Sell Us Your is the Best Place to Sell Your Cartier Watch 
  7. Cartier Brands We Buy
Sell Used Cartier Jewelry: Iconic Tank Francaise Timepiece
Preowned Cartier Tank Francaise 1820 18k Yellow Gold White dial 20mm Quartz watch, discover where to sell cartier watch.

The Luxury Watch Secondary Market

The secondary luxury watch market is a dynamic space where pre- owned timepieces of timeless designs and exquisite craftsmanship find new owners. The secondary luxury watch market dynamics revolve around pre-owned pieces with modern or vintage appeal and value trading. 

Used luxury watches, particularly those from prestigious brands such as Cartier, often retain a significant portion of their value through the years. The secondary watch market provides an attractive venue for sellers and buyers to upgrade their watch collection, trade or simply raise funds when the used watch is sold.  Watch collectors and enthusiasts often seek timepieces no longer in production, unique  or discontinued models. 

Understanding Cartier Gold Watches

Cartier has been a trailblazer in the watchmaking industry since it was founded by Louis-Francois Cartier in 1847. Cartier watches blend functionality, artistry, timeless design, and meticulous craftsmanship. 

Cartier was initially renowned for its exceptional jewelry collection. In the 20th century, the brand expanded its expertise into watchmaking, creating iconic watches that have left an indelible mark on the industry. 

The legendary Santos de Cartier, created in 1904 for aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, marked the birth of the modern wristwatch. This timepiece, with its square case and exposed screws, revolutionized timekeeping and set the stage for Cartier's future success in watchmaking.

Exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive design set Cartier watches apart. Each collection showcases the brand’s commitment to perfection, from the Tank to the Ballon Bleu. Cartier watches often feature signature elements like the blue sapphire cabochon crown, Roman numerals, and sleek, sophisticated lines with timeless appeal. 

Cartier movements are developed and produced in-house. This dedication to horological excellence ensures that each Cartier timepiece performs precisely and reliably while having a captivating design. 

Cartier watches have graced the wrists of cultural icons, celebrities, and royalty, from the iconic Tank worn by Princess Diana to the Santos de Cartier embraced by Hollywood legends, such as French actor Alain Delon. 

Transforming Luxury into Cash

Owning a Cartier watch is undoubtedly a symbol of prestige. However, there comes a time when the decision to sell the Cartier watch arises. A financial need for an emergency or if you no longer use the watch is the reason for Selling a Cartier watch. It may be also driven by your desire to upgrade your watch collection. As your lifestyle and personal preferences evolve, so do your choice of luxury watches. 

Cartier Reference and Serial Numbers

The first step when selling a Cartier watch is identifying its reference and serial numbers. These numbers serve various purposes, such as identification and authentication. 

Cartier’s reference number indicates the watch’s model. It is often engraved on the back of the watch case. It helps identify the specific design and features of your timepiece. The format can vary but often always includes letters and numbers. The numbers indicate the exact number within that series. 

Each Cartier watch is assigned a unique serial number for authentication and tracking. The serial number is typically engraved on the case back or, in some models, between the lugs. Cartier serial numbers consist of a combination of letters and numbers. 

The reference and serial numbers, along with its condition, original packaging, and current market trend, help determine the overall value of your Cartier watch

Cartier Boxes and Papers

If you are selling a Cartier watch, including a gold Cartier watch having the original box and papers can significantly increase the value of your timepiece. Packaging details can vary based on collection, model, and era. Common elements in the original packaging of Cartier gold watches include: 

  • The presentation box is in leather or faux leather exterior bearing the Cartier logo. 
  • Custom-fitted cushion to secure the watch. 
  • Booklets and documentation
  • Outer packaging with the Cartier logo to protect the inner presentation box. 
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Cleaning cloth
Elegant Preowned Cartier Ballon Bleu for watch buyer
Preowned Cartier Ballon Bleu18k Yellow Gold White dial 36mm Automatic watch, perfect for us watch buyer.

Why Sell Us Your the Best Place to Sell Cartier Watches

Sell Us Your is the dedicated online buying platform of Gray & Sons Jewelers. We have been buying luxury watches, including Cartier gold watches, since 1980. 

Here are significant reasons Sell Us Your is where to sell Cartier Watch:


Sell us Your has master trained watchmakers and a team of qualified appraisers with a combined experience of over 150 years to ensure accurate valuation of your Cartier watch. 

Competitive Offers

As our tagline goes, “See Us Last!” We strive to offer the most money for your Cartier gold watch. 

Transparent Transactions

You can contact us anytime by email, phone call, or chat for any questions you may have throughout the selling process. 

Trustworthy Watch Buyer

We evaluate your Cartier watch and offer you the best value for your timepiece. You can contact us, and we will gladly explain the factors our qualified appraisers considered when determining the true worth of your timepiece. 

We are the top Cartier watch buyer including gold, platinum and stainless steel  Cartier watches in the United States. We are a member of the International Watch and Jewelry Guild and the National Association of Watch Collectors, Inc. 

Superb Selling Experience

Sell Us Your has a seamless and quick selling process. 

  1. Request a free quote to receive an initial offer. 
  2. Mail us your Cartier watch using the Easy Ship Box. 
  3. We will physically evaluate your timepiece and provide you with a final offer. 
  4. You will receive immediate payment upon finalization of the transaction. 

Sell Us Your has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau based on reviews from thousands of satisfied customers. 

Cartier Watches We Buy

Tank Collection

Launched in 1917, the Tank collection symbolizes geometric elegance. These watches feature a rectangular or square case and are inspired by the design of military tanks during World War I. They offer a perfect balance of form and function. 

Santos de Cartier

 The Santos de Cartier collection is Cartier's pioneer wristwatch. Modern versions maintain the original's bold and geometric design while incorporating contemporary elements for a refined and versatile timepiece.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier

 The Ballon Bleu de Cartier collection is characterized by its distinctive round case and signature blue sapphire crown. The collection showcases Cartier's ability to combine classic and avant-garde design elements.

Calibre de Cartier

 The Calibre de Cartier collection highlights Cartier's expertise in watchmaking. The collection features in-house movements and contemporary designs. The Calibre de Cartier watches are known for their precision and technical prowess.

Are you ready to sell a Cartier Watch and transform luxury into Cash? Start here!



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