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Sell your Diamond in Fort Lauderdale

Diamond has always referred to as a symbolic embodiment of class, elite and fashion statement. Women have been long using diamond-based jewelry – with the textual reference of diamonds dates back as old as 3000 years ago, in the region of the subcontinent. Moreover, Buddhist historians also mentioned the presence of diamonds as old as 4 B.C.

The first mention of diamond-studded jewelry – a Queen’s crown – has been mentioned in Hungarian history back in 1074 AD. Later on, the cuttings of jewelry soon became an art, originating within Paris at the start of the 15th century. Over 50 years later, the diamond ring soon became a traditional engagement gift. With the discovery of diamonds in South Africa in 1866, diamond-studded jewelry and watches soon became a fashion statement around the globe.

Diamonds have always retained and enhanced their value since their discovery. These apparently small studs although carry a huge monetary value within themselves. They not only increase the monetary value of the jewelry they are studded, but they also give out an elegant look. 

As a result of their ever-increasing market value and demand, people always seem to be interested in investing in diamonds, gifting them to their beloved ones or collecting these apparently transparent-stones of a rare kind as a passionate hobby.

But what if you want to monetize your diamond assets at the best price? Need not worry because we’ve got it covered for you. If you are a resident of Fort Lauderdale and the nearby area, you can get the best price for your diamonds or diamond jewelry by visiting our nearest store or find the best quote via our web-platform:

Fort Lauderdale Showroom

Sell Us Your Jewelry is the byproduct of Gray & Sons, a leading name in the jewelry & diamond industry, providing its services since 1880. Since the beginning, it has retained a top-quality service image in its market. From re-selling luxurious jewelry, diamonds and diamond-studded watches, it has expanded its services from the United States to a global level.

Within the Fort Lauderdale premises, our services speak for themselves. We have got a master’s team of Swiss-trained polishers and jewelers. Within our diamond section, our most experienced Diamond artisan is Sammy, 71, from Israel who has been associated with the diamond industry for over 50 years. Our showroom is located 30 minutes away from the Fort Lauderdale airport, at the Miami beach. Visit our store for an expert quote and consultation regarding luxurious and costly diamonds!

Monetize your Invaluable Diamonds at Fort Lauderdale

Before selling your precious and aesthetic diamonds, it is necessary for you to evaluate the market value before finding a prospective buyer. For selling a piece of jewelry, there can be multiple reasons for the liquefaction going to take place. Be it getting rid of a ring engraving painful memories, liquefaction for investment rising opportunities or any other reason, the monetization of diamonds becomes inevitable. Though a time-consuming and hectic process, exchanging diamonds for money needs to be carried out with a trusted jeweler/buyer. We, Sell Us Your Jewelry, offer a hassle-free service, regarding consultation and re-selling of diamonds, via the following three easy steps:

  1. Get a free consultation and quote for your diamond, jewelry and/or watch.
  2. Received your Easy Ship Box and Mail use your item to be re-sold.
  3. After detailed verification and examination, our team will get in touch with you within 5 working days for the buy-in option and/or price.
  4. Confirm the price, visit our nearest in-store facility and get the monetary return immediately.

How to Carry Out the Monetary Evaluation?

As discussed earlier, the monetary evaluation of the diamond to be sold is quite a tricky and hectic process, unless you have got ample expertise & know-how in the re-selling market. For obtaining the highest possible value for the diamonds, please follow these instructions:

  1. Sell your diamond jewelry at the right time,  suitable at the time of hype in the market price and demand of diamonds.
  2. Do not sell it your local jewelry buy or anyone who doesn’t have expertise in the diamond field.
  3. Search a reputable diamond dealer and get a market competitive evaluation for your diamond. 

For a trustworthy experience, visit our store or get a free consultation from our experienced Swiss-trained professional jewelers and polishers, regarding your GIA diamond and engagement ring. You can also get a free quote and consultation from our Master Diamond Artisan, Mr. Sammy.

We, Sell Us Your Jewelry, deal in the authentic, genuine, mounted and/or unmounted ½ carat and above diamonds. The diamond-studded jewelry can be new, pre-owned and/or used, including but not limited to GIA certified diamond, engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond bracelets & bands, diamond necklaces, diamond lapel-pins and diamond earrings. We accept the GIA certified diamonds of the following brands:

  1. Cartier
  2. Arpels
  3. Van Cleef 
  4. Graff
  5. Harry Winston
  6. Tiffany

Why Sell Your Jewelry on Our E-Commerce Platform?

Though we, Sell Us Your Jewelry accepts the diamond buying-in both at the in-house showroom and online, we offer a higher quote at our online facility than the physical one. Being a buying division of the high tanked jewelry dealers, Gray and Sons Jewelers, we offer a secure gateway for enabling you to sell your genuine precious diamonds within the comfort of home. Established since 1980, Sell Us Your Jewelry has since then made a reputable standing within the diamond industry. 

Other Services

Apart from diamond mounted jewelry, Sell Us Your Jewelry also deals in the gold, platinum and silver jewelry and/or ornaments as well as branded watches. The brands we deal with include but not limited to are Cartier, Rolex, Bvlgari. For details, do visit our website or have a chit-chat over at our in-house facility!

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