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June 27th, 2024

5 Steps – A Sell Diamond Guide

Need a Sell diamond guide? With so many options to choose from, when you want to sell your diamond jewelry, diamond engagement ring, or diamond studs you may find yourself asking questions you never considered. “What is the safest, quickest, most profitable path to sell my diamond ring?,” and more importantly “what do I need to look for in a diamond jewelry buyer?” Knowing that it can be hard to find reliable information online, we have summed up five things to consider when you’re selling your diamonds online or to a local jeweler. Take a look at this sell diamond guide. 

sell diamond guide

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1. Why do you want a sell diamond guide?

This may be obvious but sometimes it’s better to take a moment and reevaluate the reason why you are looking for a sell diamond guide. For some, the diamonds may have been passed down by a family member, a gift you no longer have a use for. We at Sell Us Your Jewelry know that some diamonds may have priceless sentimental value. Whatever led you to choose to sell diamond guide or diamond earrings we are here to help you through the entire selling process. Here is how our simple, fast and hassle-free process works: Our Diamond Selling Process. 

2. Know what to expect, get a sell Diamond guide 

Selling your diamond jewelry and loose diamonds is fairly simple but you can’t go into this venture without precautions. Before you start you need to become familiar with the market, your diamond, and the diamond buyer. If you don’t take these aspects into account you run the risk of your diamond being undervalued. This happens when people want the quickest way to get cash but overlook key factors when selling their diamond studs and diamond wedding ring; specifically knowing your diamond and a sell diamond guide.

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3. Know your Sell Diamond Guide Characteristics 

Bigger is better, right? Not always. Big diamonds don’t always translate into more money. There are certain things that experienced jewelers and diamond buyers must consider when pricing your diamond. These sell diamond guide characteristics are known as the Four C’s: Clarity, color, cut and carat. 

Carat: Usually the carat weight is the descriptor that you may be most familiar with. Diamonds that are big in size carry a higher carat weight, making it more valuable. However, a smaller GIA certified diamond can cost more than a non-certified diamond that is bigger in size. This difference is because of the other valuation factors.

Color: Colorless diamonds tend to have a higher value. Colored diamonds, such as yellow, brown, or black diamonds, have a different evaluation scale. When examining your diamond look at your jewelry in good lighting and place it over a white sheet of paper for a more accurate representation.

Clarity: Not all diamonds are created equal. Some may crack after natural wear-and-tear. If you look at your diamond closely and you see some blemishes, scratches, or minuscule flaw this will reflect on the value of your diamond.

Cut: The cut, or shape of your diamond, is the last important factor to consider when selling your jewelry. Modern diamonds tend to have clean, precise cuts and will yield a higher cash value per carat. 

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5. Know the Diamond buyer

Online diamond buyers and local jewelers are a dime a dozen. How do you find the best one? There are a few things you can look for to give you a peace of mind when selling diamonds online. The first thing you can do is try contacting the business over the phone. If there is no phone number available look for reviews on third-party sites like Google Review or Yelp. This will give you an idea of who you are working with. Check out our reviews here! 

The second thing you can look for is accreditations. Sell Us Your Jewelry, the buying division of Gray and Sons Jewelers is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds an A+ rating. This is an indicator that you are doing business with a reputable diamond buyer. Experienced diamond buyers can properly evaluate designer diamond jewelry that sells for a premium in the market.

For example, if you are selling a Cartier Diamond love bracelet, a Tiffany Diamond ring, or a Graff diamond necklace you should be paid the premium for the name brand, but only experienced jewelers and diamond buyers know their true value. SellUsYourJewelry is the #1 sell diamond guide buyer of Cartier, Graff, Harry Winston, and Tiffany diamond rings and jewelry. 

Learn about the shipping process. When you sell diamond guide online, you will have to mail it so make sure you have insurance and tracking. You can simply ask the buyer how this works if the information is not easily available on their website. Sell Us Your Jewelry works with FedEx and USPS when shipping and is fully insured for your protection and our own. It’s important that your item is not at risk of getting lost in the mail or delivered incorrectly.

If you reside in Miami, Coral Gables, West Palm Beach, or Pinecrest Florida, come and visit us at our luxury showroom located in Miami beach; where we can evaluate and buy your diamond for the most cash! 

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5. Know the process of selling your diamond

There is a basic procedure that any online or local Diamond buyer has. The following three steps are followed by most online buyers before any transfer of money occurs. 

  1. Preliminary quote: This will usually be over email or a form on the buyer’s website. You will have to submit some basic information about your diamond. Some diamond buyers will have you send images of your diamond as well. You will then receive a preliminary quote for your diamond. Once you decide to proceed you will have to send your diamond in for a final evaluation.  
  2. In-house Inspection: Send in your diamond Sell Us Your Jewelry will ship you an Easy Ship Box for you to send in your diamond jewelry. All you have to do when you receive the box is put your items inside and send it back! It’s that simple.
  3. Agreement: When your item is received, it will be evaluated by our diamond experts. If you have a GIA certified diamond we have to review your certification and diamond: reference our article on selling GIA certified diamonds. Once your diamond is accurately examined you will receive a final price where we agree on. With this you can accept or deny the offer. If you accept the final quote, the final step is immediate payment through bank wire or check. Otherwise, your diamond will be shipped back to you in the most secure and fast manner. Come for a sell diamond guide. 

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