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How to sell Diamonds West Palm Beach? Diamonds, although an allotropic form of Carbon, entail in themselves quite high a monetary value. If you possess a luxurious piece of diamond-studded jewelry or ring and live in the nearby region of West Palm Beach, selling your precious, luxurious and branded diamonds is not a matter of concern anymore. Sell Us Your Jewelry offers one of the most convenient yet expertise-based services to satisfy the in-demand needs of its customers who want to sell diamonds in West Palm Beach.

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Available in different sparkling eye-catching colors, diamonds have been the center of attention since their discovery in 4th B.C. From royal families to elite class, everyone since then has tried to get these pieces of jewelry. Known for their charm, beauty, and elegance, these small sparkly pieces offer a great value. Diamonds, in any form – loose, diamond rings, and/or jewelry – always retain their net monetary worth. Whether you want to sell a diamond engagement ring, diamond bracelet, earrings, or any other form of diamond, we are here for you. We also deal in various brands, so if you're interested in jewelry consignment, or looking to sell Tiffany jewelry, selll Louis Vuitton Jewelry, sell John Hardy jewelry, come see us!

Sell Diamonds West Palm Beach

Sell Diamonds West Palm Beach like this diamond engagement ring.Sell diamonds West Palm Beach.

In order to their ever-rising monetary value, people tend to collect, sell, and/or buy diamonds for various reasons. Even some diamonds, due to their unique color, texture, or presence often get auctioned in billions. The process of buying or to sell diamonds in West Palm Beach has become a global phenomenon, owing to globalization and the resulting boom in the e-commerce platforms.  

Time to sell diamonds in West Palm Beach, diamond engagement rings

If you own loose diamonds, diamond-studded jewelry, or engagement/wedding rings, the diamond experts of Sell Us Your Jewelry is here to offer their services. These services in West Palm Beach can be attained by either visiting our in-house facility or by online diamond quote.

How to Retain Your Precious Diamond’s Net Worth?

Diamond, though one of the most precious and sought-after worth investing artifact, demand equal care, and safe-keeping. In order to help you retain the value of diamond for a lifetime, the worth considering to-dos have been devised as follows:

Keep them Safe & Alone

The first and foremost point to consider while ensuring the safety and well-being of the diamonds is to keep them in a safe, secure, and separate compartment/safe/box. Diamonds should not be stored in the same box, where other jewelry is stored/kept to avoid unnecessary and avoidable scratches/marks and should not be touched unless required.

Sell your diamond bracelet like this one in west palm beachYou can sell diamonds in West Palm Beach at Sell Us Your Jewelry.

Even before taking off the diamond jewelry or handling loose diamonds, they should be grabbed from the sides rather than applying direct pressure on the center stone. For extra safety and care, the diamonds can be wrapped in mark/scratch-resistant tissues or clothes. Moreover, to avoid any breaking or cracks, the diamond in any form should not be scrubbed harshly. 

Avoid interaction with Chemicals/Detergents

Irrespective of the kind and/or the net value of the jewelry, every piece of jewelry should be kept secured from unnecessary and/or prolonged exposure to the detergent or any chemical. Whether it be a dish-washing liquid, detergent powder/solution, and/or bleach, every chemical offers a varying intensity of danger. In any unavoidable interaction with the chemical of any kind and/or anticipated harmful reaction can be avoided by wearing protective gloves or by simply taking the jewelry off. 

Make them Shinning & Sparkling Forever

In order to keep your diamond shine through a lifetime, diamonds like any other precious article requires proper scheduled cleaning. An easy do-it-yourself (DIY) cleaning can be done in the home by rubbing gently through a soft brush the diamond with a mild detergent solution along with warm water treatment.

Keep the Diamonds Clean All the Time

For even secured and better results, the diamonds can be cleaned with a diamond-specific cleaning solution. These harmful chemicals, however, are not just limited to the aforementioned ones, but the daily use of lotions, hair spray, make-up setting spray, and/or perfume can harm the diamond may leave permanent marks/patches.

Service Your Diamond Regularly

No matter whether or not you regularly wear diamond-based jewelry and/or touch the loose diamonds, they may eventually lose their sparkle/shine. So, just like other jewelry articles, diamonds also need a regular visit to the trusted and expert jewelers/diamond-dealers.

Engagement Ring Buyer

sell diamond jewelry like this engagment ring in West Palm BeachSell diamonds West Palm Beach.

The diamond dealers help you retain the original shine and sparkle via the rhodium-based plating technique. In order to allow your diamonds to maintain the newly finished shine, they should be then stored in a chamois bag. For even better results, clean and polish your diamonds via ultrasonic cleaners, as provided by the professional jewelers/diamond dealers.

Be Extra Careful

Last but not the least, the diamonds in any form should be given the utmost care. Diamond, being one of the most precious stones in the world, should not be exposed to unnecessary wear. Any loose prong in the diamonds-studded jewelry, any mishandle or loss of a minute diamond could lead to a huge unrecoverable monetary loss.

Similarly, one should avoid to unnecessary carry these while traveling or during any rigorous outdoor activity. Although diamonds are one of the hardest elements in the world, any harsh blow can lead to permanent crack and a direct resulting devalued monetary worth

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Sell Us Your Jewelry, a buying division of the Gray & Sons Jewelry established in 1980, is providing its services regarding diamonds for the residents of West Palm Beach. The Swiss-trained jewelers make sure that they offer expert advice and a market-compatible net value to your invaluable diamond collection. You can reach out to us by visiting our in-store facility or buy getting an expert quote via our web-portal!

sell diamonds rings and earings like these inwest palm beachSell diamonds West Palm Beach.

Other Services

Apart from dealing in the precious/semi-precious diamonds, engagement rings, our team also possesses the expertise of dealing in the in-demand branded vintage/antique watches, gold jewelry, white jewelry, estate jewelry, and/or sterling silver!


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Sell Diamonds West Palm Beach

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