Selling Your Preowned Rolex Watch Through Consignment

June 24th, 2024

Sell My Rolex: Selling your Rolex through Consignment

Whether upgrading to a newer model, seeking a change in style, or simply looking to liquidate assets, selling a Rolex requires careful consideration to ensure a rewarding outcome. While there are various ways to sell my Rolexconsignment presents a compelling option for maximizing returns.

As one of the most iconic and sought-after watch brands, Rolex commands a significant presence in the dynamic luxury watch market. Rolex timepieces have been well-regarded for their timeless design, precision engineering, and lasting value for over a century. 

If you want to sell Rolex watch, know that the demand for pre-owned Rolex watches remains robust. Enthusiasts and collectors actively seek desirable and rare models. 

The method you choose and where to sell a Rolex watch profoundly impacts your financial returns and overall satisfaction. Sell Us Your, the online buying platform of Gray & Sons Jewelers, offers three options to sell Rolex: outright sales, trade-in, and consignment, each with advantages and challenges. 

Consignment selling offers several distinct benefits, making it an attractive choice when looking to sell my Rolex. 

In this blog, we will look into selling your Rolex through consignment, exploring its benefits, and the importance of selecting the right Rolex buyer for your cherished timepiece.

Table of Contents

Definition of Consignment Selling
Advantages and Challenges of Consignment Selling
The Sell Us Your Advantage
How Consignment Works
Some Rolex Models We Love to Buy
Final Thoughts
Used Rolex Cellini Quartz for a rolex buyer
Pre-owned Rolex Cellini, 6651 29mm, Quartz, 18k Yellow Gold, Metal Bracelet, perfect for a rolex buyer

Definition of Consignment Selling

Rolex timepieces have one of the highest resale values of all luxury watches. With that in mind, choosing the right selling method ensures you get the highest possible returns. Consignment selling is the best option, depending on your circumstance, to get the highest potential returns when you sell Rolex watch. 

Consignment selling is a transactional arrangement where you entrust your item to a professional watch buyer, such as, to sell on your behalf. Unlike an outright cash sale, where you will receive payment upfront, in a consignment sale, you, as the seller, retain ownership of the item until it is sold. When your watch is sold, you will receive payment. 

Advantages and Challenges of Consignment Selling

Luxury watch collectors and enthusiasts always want to get their hands on rare, discontinued, and vintage Rolex models. When parting ways with your timepiece, you can get more cash when you sell Rolex through consignment. 

So, why don’t owners of pre-owned Rolex watches consider selling their timepieces through consignment? Consignment can be a long process, and if you are in immediate need of cash, consignment is not the selling method for you. But if you are willing to wait, you will achieve a higher selling price than other selling methods when you sell Rolex via consignment. 

You have decided to consign your Rolex. What’s next? Contact Sell Us Your and be on your way to consigning your Rolex. 

The Sell Us Your Advantage

Are you asking yourself, “Where can I sell my watch?” 

Sell Us Your, the top Rolex buyer in the United States, offers a straightforward process of selling your timepiece through consignment. We have been buying luxury watches and jewelry, diamonds, and sterling silver pieces since 1980. 

We have six in-house master watchmakers, qualified jewelers, and expert sales specialists who have a combined experience of 150 years.  Thus, we are a Rolex buyer with extensive knowledge and expertise in evaluating luxury watches, especially Rolex timepieces. 

We have a transparent selling process. You can contact us anytime through telephone, email, and chat for any questions throughout the process. 

Our trustworthiness in buying pre-owned luxury watches and superior customer service has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for a flawless selling experience. Our membership of good standing with the International Watch & Jewelry Guild and the National Association of Watch Collectors, Inc. ensures we offer the best value when you sell Rolex.

Used Rolex Day-Date II for a watch buyer
Learn how to sell Rolex watch with this pre-owned Rolex Day-Date II, 218238 41mm, Automatic, 18k, Metal Bracelet.

How Consignment Works

Here is how consignment selling works at Sell Us Your

Step 1:  Request for a Free Quote

Fill out our online form. Provide us with some basic information and photos of your watch from multiple angles so we can give you an initial offer.

We need to know your Rolex's model, reference number, and serial number. Also include your certificate of authenticity, sales receipt, and service records, if available.  Let us also know if you are considering a consignment sale. 

If you are happy with our initial offer, request an Easy Ship Box with shipping labels and instructions on how to package your item safely. Send your package to our showroom via registered mail. Make sure to get insurance for your package. 

Step 2: Final Inspection and Evaluation

Our master watchmakers and qualified jewelry appraisers will make a final physical evaluation of your watch to determine if it is in good condition and if all the components of your watch are authentic. We will then let you know our final outright and consignment offer. 

Step 3: Listing your Rolex

Once you accept our consignment offer, we will take multiple professional photos of your timepiece. We will include your watch in our Gray & Sons Jewelers monthly catalog, website, and online platforms. 

We will work on finding a new owner who is willing to pay a premium for your Rolex. Consigned luxury watches typically take about 30 to 90 days to sell. 

Step 4. Receive Payment

We will send you an immediate payment based on our agreed consignment price once your Rolex is paid for by its new owner. We will not charge you for any repairs, photography, marketing expenses, or commissions.

We offer a consignment quote higher than we would offer for an outright sale. The higher quote is a premium for waiting for us to sell your Rolex before receiving payment. This makes the consignment of your Rolex a more rewarding option for selling your timepiece.    

Some Rolex Models We Love to Buy and Sell   

Final Thoughts

A consignment sale is your best option if you want a higher price for your Rolex and are willing to wait until a new owner is ready to buy your watch. Sell Us Your is your best choice when you sell my Rolex through consignment. 

Contact us now and get started with the consignment process for your Rolex.



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