March 1st, 2024

Sell Us Your Jewelry: Sell Gold

Do you have gold pieces you no longer want or need? Many people have drawers full of all sorts of necklaces, rings, brooches, coins, scrap gold, broken watches and more that they received as gifts, inherited or simply they are tired of and would like to turn to CASH.    

If they are simply collecting dust, it might be worth selling them. Finding a reputable gold dealer can seem like a daunting prospect, which is why so many people put off selling their unwanted rings, necklaces and other gold jewelry pieces.   

The great news is that is your neighborhood gold buyer, now available nationwide. We are the buying arm of one of Miami’s premier jewelers, Gray & Sons. Thousands have visited us at our beautiful showroom in Miami Beach, right across from the famous Bal Harbour Shops. Now, with, you can receive the same great service and expertise from your home.

 US gold coins. sell gold coins like these to reputable buyers like

We Resell, Not Just Recycle!

The idea of having these special pieces of jewelry just melted down just doesn’t sit right with us. We want your gold rings, necklaces and bracelets, because we know that we’ll find buyers for these items who will wear and treasure them.   

Broken? Tarnished? With, it doesn’t matter. We want to buy your gold bracelets with or without jewelry; class rings; antique brooches, necklaces and more. We know that we can connect those pieces with a buyer, which is why we pay more for gold than other jewelers.


We Buy Any Gold Pieces

People have gold jewelry that comes in all shapes and sizes! At sellusyourjewelry, we buy all pieces, whether they are in perfect condition, or broken. We have all the experts in-house to restore these pieces and help them find a new home whenever possible.   

Class Rings

Perhaps that ring was important to you at a younger age, but you’d rather convert the value to cash now to spend on something else. Or, perhaps a class ring was passed down to you and is just sitting in a drawer. We buy class rings all the time. Get your free quote today.   

Gold Necklaces And Chains

People often have dozens of gold chains and necklaces sitting unused. They may have been given as gifts, or maybe it was something you bought for yourself but it now longer fits your personal style. Turn those unwanted gold necklaces into cash!   

Antique Brooches

Plenty of people still buy and want to own antique brooches, but if it’s not part of your style and is just taking up room in your jewelry drawer, now is a great time to use our quick and easy free quote form to see how much you can sell those unwanted gold pieces for!

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Give Our Easy Gold Selling Process A Try Today! has made it easier than ever to sell your unwanted gold pieces without ever leaving your home. Of course, we love meeting our clientele in person in our gorgeous showroom located in Surfside but we know that’s not always possible. Our process is safe and easy, and we can give you an accurate FREE quote quickly.

Being by filling out our free quote form, located on our website. Provide your contact information and as much information as possible about the bracelets, rings, necklaces or other pieces you’d like to sell, along with some clear photos.   

One of our highly trained experts will review this information and generate a quote as soon as possible, allowing you to make a decision that’s right for you.   

If you decide to sell you gold pieces, we’ll mail you an Easy Shipbox. Take this box to your local USPS location. Purchase the shipping method you’d like, along with insurance, and send it to our headquarters in Florida. We will reimburse you the cost of insurance and shipping.    

One of our highly qualified gold buyers will review the pieces you’ve sent and confirm the initial quote you received. You’ll have another chance to review and accept the terms. When you do, you’ll get paid right away.

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Miami’s Most Trusted And Well Respected Jeweler is backed by the years of expertise of Miami’s foremost jewelry, Gray & Sons. We’d love to evaluate all your gold pieces, no matter the shape, style or condition. Fill out our free quote form today!

Sell Us Your Jewelry (SUYJ) is the #1 jewelry buyer in the nation. Headquartered in beautiful Surfside, FL and surrounded by Bel Harbour, Miami and Miami Beach, SUYJ is where to sell a Rolex, especially after getting our impressive Rolex Prices.

SUYJ also has the best jewelry consignment service in the industry. Sell jewelry, for example, sell Tiffany jewelry, estate jewelry, sell engagement ring, and even sell Van Cleef and Arpels after receiving our expert-vetted jewelry quotes.


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