April 2nd, 2024

Selling My Diamond Without a GIA Certificate

Selling My Diamond Without a GIA Certificate

Let’s say you have a diamond ring or bracelet and you're selling diamond without a GIA certificate. But your diamond jewelry never came with a GIA certified paperwork. You should not have to worry, many have sold their diamond jewelry without the proper paperwork.

Yet you’re most likely wondering how selling my diamond without a GIA certificate is possible?  Well, I am here to guide you through the whole process. 

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your diamond jewelry contains an actual diamond. How you can tell if your diamond is authentic is based on its four characteristics. You’ve probably heard about these four, but just in case you have not the characteristics are color, clarity, carat, and cut.  By knowing this it will grant you more knowledge on your diamond, making you more aware when you are selling my diamond without a GIA certificate and what it can go for. 

sell-gia-diamond-ringDiamond engagement ring Without a GIA Certificate

Certifying your diamond

Sellusyourjewelry.com wants to help you, so you can get the most value for your diamond jewelry. We know selling my diamond without a GIA certificate is hard. We will send your diamond to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which is located in New York City.  We will get your diamond GIA certified at our expense. So you wouldn’t have to worry about certifying it yourself.  Selling my diamond without a GIA certificate requires professional care, and at SellUsYourJewelry.com, we have been a trusted source since 1980.


Getting your diamond certified well benefit you. When you provide the certificate to a jeweler like Sellusyourjewelry.com we will give a competitive price since we can view the characteristics and the quality of the diamond from the certificate.  


There will be cons when considering to certify your diamond before you try selling my diamond without a GIA certificate. 

When you send your diamond into GIA there is a cost to get it processed. But as I mentioned before if you let sellusyourjewelry.com appraise the diamond, we send it and cover all the cost when you come to us for selling my diamond without a GIA Certificate. The cost could be 150 to 200 dollars.

Besides the cost, there is a waiting time, and it could take up to 3 weeks, maybe more. It all depends on the size of the diamond. Also, remember just because you got the diamond certified does not guarantee an increase in price than selling my diamond without a GIA certificate.

selling my diamond without a GIA certificateSelling my diamond without a GIA certificate

Jewelers appraisal

Sellusyourjewelry.com can appraise your diamond jewelry for free. Unlike most online jewelers we have a showroom equipped with 6 in house jewelers and gemologists. We offer the best appraisal process if you cannot send it to GIA and are selling my diamond without a GIA certificate. 


You can attain more information on the diamond when you do so. And you can find out if it was processed in a laboratory before. The jeweler’s appraisal can also give you a professional analysis of your diamond regarding its characteristics. 


Appraisals can vary depending on the jewelry, some may say it’s worth more, some may say it’s worthless.  Some don’t even look for the four characteristics of the diamond.  

Do you want to appraise your diamond jewelry? 

You can fill out a form for a Diamond jewelry appraisal. You can always call in to speak to an expert in the field, or make an appointment to our showroom Gray and Sons Jewelers when selling my diamond without a GIA certificate.

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