Selling Silver Near Me | How To Get Top Dollar?

August 7th, 2023

Selling Silver | Get The Top Dollar

Selling Silver Near MeWe buy all sorts of sterling silver jewelry

Selling Silver Near Me

If you are thinking about selling silver near me, continue reading and you will have your answer. Jewelry has become a customary item for formal and special occasions. Women, in particular, have developed a very high passion for jewelry and the new attractive designs have compelled them to buy new articles. Time is changing and the importance of jewelry has increased gradually. Gold and other precious metals are getting expensive over time. In such times, silver jewelry has become an item of interest for jewelry buyers, as its jewelry articles are highly appreciated for their durability and affordability.

Top Brands of Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is not just an in-expensive item that is only associated with local jewelers or pawn shops. High-price brands have a separate collection of silver jewelry and can cost you a good fortune to buy it. Some infamous brands that produce Silver jewelry products are as follows:

Selling Silver Near MeYou can sell your branded silver jewelry pieces in Aventura.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is one of the leading jewelers across the globe. They have not only bound themselves to gold & diamond jewelry but have produced brilliant designs in silver, titanium & platinum too. In silver, Tiffany & Co. has introduced not only necklaces, earrings & rings but have introduced cufflinks, flatware, and everyday objects boxes.

Tiffany and Co. has a collection of the following silver jewelry articles:

  • Butterfly silver rings
  • Ladybug silver earrings
  • Open Heart silver pendant
  • Infinity sterling silver earrings
  • Interlocking sterling silver rings

Tiffany and Co. silver jewelry will cost you between 150 to 1450 USD.


Cartier is undoubtedly the King of the Jewelry industry. Cartier has used silver in the jewelry and daily use articles in a very unique manner. Contrary to its competition, it has introduced a collection of baby egg cups, tumblers, and spoons made out of silver. These silver items have made the babies be born with silver spoons. You can buy the aforementioned for roughly 600 USD. Cartier has also introduced a collection of sterling silver cufflinks that come in various shapes and designs.

pinecrest silver buyerSelling Silver Near Me

David Yurman

Another tycoon of the jewelry industry, David Yurman, is also using silver for making its jewelry articles. You can buy David Yurman’s sterling silver cable inset band, blackened silver Stax round necklace, box chain silver bracelet, chevron cross, and silver streamline tag.

Selling Silver Near Me

Selling Silver Near Me

Sell Us Your Jewelry is an e-commerce platform to assist silver selling customers to get a fair price for their sales. A division of Gray and Sons Jewelers, Sell Us Your Jewelry deals with the purchasing of pre-owned jewelry and luxury watches. You can pit stop at our store in Miami Beach and can show us your precious silver for examination and evaluation. We are a trusted buyer and seller of jewelry and if you are wondering if it’s a suitable option for selling silver near me, you are absolutely right.

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Have you got the answer to selling silver near me? If yes, we will wait for you to sell your precious silver items, otherwise, do call us to clear your ambiguities. Selling silver near me was never this easy, was it?

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