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Sell Sterling Silver Flatware | Best Sterling Silver Flatwear Buyer

#1 Sterling Silver Flatware Buyer in Miami Beach

Top Sterling Silver Flatware Buyer in the US! Along with the wide variety of sterling silver and precious metals we buy, rare silver flatware is the most popular item that enters our inventory. Whether you are in Miami, West Palm Beach, Brickell Avenue, Doral, or Sunset we service all of South Florida neighborhoods from our local showroom in Miami Beach. We also provide you with an easy online option to sell your fine watches and jewelry from the comfort of your home no matter where you are in the United States.

Sterling silver evaluation can be complicated for some, but we help make it easy to not only sell your silver flatware but also to understand the value of your sterling silver. We work to provide the best selling process when you come to us to sell your sterling silver flatware. We don’t just push the fact that we are the best in the business because our history of being Sterling Silver Flatware Buyer in Miami since the 1980s has established us as the best place to sell your vintage and antique silver flatware.


Sterling Silver Flatware Buyer


We buy individual silverware and sterling silver flatware sets at the highest price.

Looking to sell your Sterling Silver Flatware?

  1. Find and research a Sterling Silver Buyer: Silver buyers can offer prices based on what they find on your silver flatware or simply on the price of silver. This happens because silver buyers are looking to melt and resell your heirlooms. We look for pieces we can refurbish and give a new life to. We buy sterling silver flatware to provide collectors and sterling silver enthusiasts, meaning that we will offer the most cash for a uniquely beautiful silverware set or silver flatware piece.
  2. Get a Free preliminary Sterling Silver Quote:This is the way you can assure the best price for your silverware. Once you have an idea of what the cost of silver is and maybe some information on the silver flatware you want to sell you can request a quote for your piece. With us, you don’t need more than a few images of your silver flatware for us to consider buying it. 
  3. Visit the Showroom or talk to their Sterling Experts on the phone: The best way to sell your sterling silver is one that gives you confidence in the process. Sell Us Your Jewelry gives you the option to walk-in the store or talk over the phone with our sterling silver buyers. Our sterling silver experts have years of buying experience providing them with resources to give you the highest accurate appraisal for your sliver flatware when you decide to sell us your piece.
  4. Request an Easy Shipping Box & Confirm the price for your silver: While some silver matching services make you ship them your sterling silver flatware just for a quote, we allow you to review our preliminary offer before you ship. We also make it easy and simple to send us your sterling silver valuables. Once you review the preliminary silver flatware quote, we send you a box where you will be able to carefully wrap and ship your valuables directly to us for a final review of your product.
  5. Get cash for your metals and sterling silver: The entirety of the sterling silver flatware process is not one for you to rush through. From the moment you decide to sell your silver flatware to the second you get a quote for your piece there are a thousand questions that can cross your mind. With Sell Us Your Jewelry every one of those questions can be answered quickly via phone, email, or in our Miami Beach showroom. We make it easy to get the most cash for your silver flatware and we strive to provide you with the best service throughout your silver flatware selling experience. 

Sterling Silver Flatware Buyer

The Value of Your Silver

Silver tea sets was thriving throughout 18th century. Today, most are looking to sell their valuable metal heirlooms. Antique sterling silver flatware surpasses the value of basic silver because of designer sterling silver brands like Reed and Barton, International Silver “Prelude” sterling silver flatware, and Wallace “Waltz of Spring” silver sets, all of which we buy. We also consider other sterling silver brands and pieces of authentically unique flatware. Contact us and speak with one of the top sterling silver flatware buyers in the nation.

Sterling Silver Flatware Buyer

Sterling Silver Flatware Buyer

Why Sell Us Your Sterling Silver?

Understanding how the value of silver differs from the value of your silver flatware is tricky. With over thirty-years of experience, our experts can accurately identify and appraise the rarest pieces of sterling silver. Because of the antiquity of the art, the sterling silver selling process is a concept unfamiliar to many. Our sterling experts work with each client to accurately value the heirlooms and valuable antiques they are looking to sell. From the intricate designs and patterns of sterling silver to the date of its original production, when selling your silvers every aspect is important and accurately identifying your silver is vital. 

Gorham Sterling Silver


Find us near you!

Sell your sterling silver with confidence in a secure selling process whether you decide to sell your silver online or in a physical location, we are confident that with Sell Us Your Jewelry your experience will be personal, secure, and invaluable. We offer sterling silver quotes in person, online, and over the phone. You can visit our showroom and talk to an expert about the sterling silver flatware you want to sell. As the #1 place to sell your sterling silver flatware we are conveniently located in Miami Beach near Palm Beach and Broward County. We buy sterling silver sets from all over the nation and some international locations as well.

While providing quality service Sell Us Your Jewelry provides a personal and secure experience, so you can get the most cash for your silver flatware. We’ll guarantee to beat any competitor’s offer when you decide to get cash for your silver heirlooms, sterling silver flatware and other rare sterling silver. 

Sterling Silver Flatware Buyer

We buy used and preowned silverware and sterling silver flatware in Miami, West Palm Beach, and Broward County.

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