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Sell Us Your Jewelry is the top buyer of Sterling Silver in Florida. Our Gray and Sons storefront is conveniently located across from Bal Harbour Shops in Miami Beach.

See us last! We are currently buying silver flatware sets, individual pieces, sterling tea sets, silver coins, and a multitude of other sterling silver products. We will offer the best price for the silverware, sterling silver, or silver tea set, or coffee set that you want to sell.

Sell Sterling Silver florida, tea and coffee set buyer

sell sterling silver florida

As one of the top buyers in the business, we understand the sentimental value of your silver. Sell Us Your Jewelry, Miami’s top independent gold and silver dealer, will buy your sterling silver flatware, tea sets, bullion, and silver coins as a collection or by individual piece for top dollar. We are confident you will be satisfied with your experience when you decide to sell sterling silver Florida and precious metals.


Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau we are the sterling silver buyer with satisfied customers throughout the nation. Our clients include sterling silver and precious metal collectors who come to us when they want to sell sterling silver Florida, antique silver flatware, or sterling tea sets and trays. We take the time to examine, evaluate, and give an accurate value for any sterling silver piece that you want to sell.

Sterling Silver & Precious Metals Specialists

We have been the top-rated, certified sterling silver buyer in Florida since 1980. Locally operated in Miami, our expert silver dealers are well equipped with three decades of experience and knowledge. Our sterling silver and precious metal buyers have the ability to expertly identify and evaluate your silver items. We believe in professionalism, and that is why we ensure to never compromise our standards and principles when delivering our services. We are known worldwide for our reliability, integrity, and honesty.

If you need estate buyers and perhaps you have sterling silver, whether it be antique sterling silver flatware, sterling silver tea and coffee, or silver trays sets that you consider being extraordinary, or attractive do not hesitate to contact us, because we buy silver and sterling silver at the highest possible price.

sterling silver tea set top buyer

Florida’s Sterling Silver Flatware Buyer

Silver flatware started gaining popularity in the 18th century. Today, most are looking to sell their valuable metals. It will interest you to know that antique sterling silver flatware surpass the value of basic silver because of designer sterling silver brands like Reed and Barton “Francis I”, International Silver “Prelude” sterling silver flatware, and Wallace “Waltz of Spring” silver sets, all of which we buy. We also consider other sterling silver brands and pieces of authentically unique flatware. Contact us and speak with one of the top places to sell sterling silver in Florida.

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We buy sterling silver tea & coffee sets in South Florida at the highest value

Our sterling silver experts look to invest in quality pieces of sterling silver and precious metals. If you have an antique sterling silver tea set that you intend to sell, you can visit our showroom to see how our collection has developed in thirty-years of buying sterling silver and precious metals. Sell your tea set and coffee set with us and get the most cash value for your pieces.

Our experts know how to accurately appraise the value of rare flatware patterns, bullions, silver coins, along with sterling flatware, tea, and coffee sets. We don’t just pay the value of silver. As the most trusted buyers we will give you the most cash for your sterling silver tea sets.

Miami, Broward & West Palm Store to Sell Sterling Silver Florida

We buy Sterling Silver trays because they are not just classic accessories to add to your home, but they are also beautiful to behold, and asides from the aesthetics that they bring, they are usually very valuable for the right buyer. The normal design of a Sterling silver tray comes with 2 handles and is designed to be as long as 2 feet.

However, if the trays with you do not come with handles, then you have what is known as a “Salver,” and it is a rare item, as a lot of such trays got destroyed during the English Civil war. We know the value of trays like this, and that is why we are your place to sell sterling silver Florida.

Sell Your Sterling Silver Tray

Old decorative floral ornate frame.

Sterling Silver Bowls Buyer

Sell sterling silver Florida, rather than have them occupy unnecessary space in your home. They come in beautiful styles and designs, and some part of their value lies in the fact that they have been in existence for a very long time. Sterling silver bowls rank among the most valued silver items and have been a favorite of collectors for a long while. They come in different sizes and patterns. We pay the most cash for your sterling silver bowls anywhere in the nation. With our Easy Ship Box the process is safe and simple to sell sterling silver in Florida.

Best Place to Sell Sterling Silver Florida

Do you want to sell sterling silver Florida, but you have no idea where to go with them? We are your best option to sell sterling silver Florida. We want to buy your sterling silver. Many people don’t know what to do with their sterling silver items; we have the solution for you. Let us help you turn that sterling silver into cash in your pocket. If you have any sterling silver you intend to sell; we can assure you that we will buy them at the top price. We are the #1 store to sell sterling silver Florida.

Sell Sterling Silver Florida

Carry Out Some Research

It is imperative that you do some finding out on your own, so you have an idea of what’s involved when selling sterling silver. Better still, you can contact us as the trusted buyers to help you determine the value of your sterling silver items. It is imperative that we identify whether the sterling silver items are authentic and that can be achieved by looking out for markings like “Sterling” or “925” which means it is 92.5% pure silver, which is called Sterling Silver. Other factors that we will check include the desirability, condition, manufacturer, and pattern, whatever the case may be, we will give you the best prices to sell sterling silver Florida.

Our Special Interests in Buying

While we want to buy all your sterling silver, sterling silver flatware, or sterling silver tea sets, there are some brands that we are especially interested in buying.

Customers sell sterling silver Florida such as:

  • Gorham Fairfax sterling silver tea set
  • “Tete a Tete” sterling silver pot
  • Reed & Barton “Tapestry” sterling silver flatware
  • Reed & Barton “Ashmont” Sterling Silver Flatware
  • Gorham “La Scala” sterling silver flatware
  • Reed & Barton Antique Silver
  • Towle “Old Lace” sterling silver flatware
  • Reed & Barton “Classic Rose” sterling silver flatware
  • English Gadroon Pattern sterling silver tea set
  • Reed & Barton Francis 1st
  • Wallace “Grand Colonial” sterling silver flatware
  • Alvin “French Scroll” sterling flatware
  • Towle “Old Master” sterling silver flatware
  • Wallace “Orchid Elegance” sterling silver flatware
  • Gorham “Ribbed” sterling silver tea set
  • Gorham “Sovereign” sterling silver flatware
  • Frank M. Whiting
  • Heavy and Regal Gorham Puritan sterling silver
  • Gorham “English Gadroon” sterling silver flatware
  • Wallace “Romance of the Sea” sterling silver flatware
  • Gorham “Strasbourg” sterling silver flatware
  • Antique Reed and Barton sterling tea set
  • Kettle by Warwick
  • Tuttle “Onslow” sterling silver flatware
  • Reed and Barton Pilgrim sterling silver
  • Vintage Tiffany & Co. Heavy sterling silver tea set
  • Frank M. Whiting hand chased with a gold gilded sterling silver tea set
  • Vintage sterling silver tea set
  • Wallace “Grand Baroque” Sterling silver flatware
  • Gorham “Chantilly” sterling silver flatware
  • Fine Arts “Crown Princess” sterling silver flatware set
  • Reed & Barton sterling Hampton Court Gorham
  • Gorham “Chantilly” Sterling silver flatware
  • Gorham Sterling silver Fairfax
  • And all other sterling silver sets

We are the top place to sell sterling silver Florida, even brands like Francis I Reed and Barton Sterling, Georg Jensen flatware, sterling silver, hollowware, Acanthus sterling silver, Acorn sterling silver, Blossom, Cactus sterling by Jensen, Scroll sterling silver, and many more. Bernadotte sterling silver, and Pyramid sterling silver, and many more Georg Jensen patterns we pay the most for.

We buy Tiffany Sterling Silver such as English King sterling, St. James sterling silver, Chrysanthemum sterling, Vine Multi Motif sterling silver, Olympian sterling, Bamboo sterling silver, Faneuil sterling, Japanese sterling silver, Renaissance sterling, Hampton sterling silver, Wave Edge sterling, and San Lorenzo sterling silver we are the #1 buyer for these Tiffany sterling silver patterns.

We are the dedicated buying division of the highly esteemed Gray and Sons Jewelers, and as an establishment that admires the art of tradition and antiquity. We are the top buyers for all sterling silver flatware sets, silver bowls, sterling trays, and scrap silver. With more than 150 years of expertise divided among our in-house professional appraisers, no one is better suited to evaluate and buy your sterling silver. Fill out our form for a quick and easy estimate, and you will see that dealing with Gray and Sons Jewelers and is more than just another store to sell sterling silver Florida— it’s an experience worth remembering.

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