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July 1st, 2024

Sell Us Your Jewelry: The Silver Buyer Specialist

Silver stands as a valuable metal renowned for its timeless grace and enduring value. Whether your silver items hold sentimental value as family heirlooms or have been obtained as part of an investment strategy, they possess both emotional and financial significance. If you want to sell your silver pieces, work with a reputable and trustworthy silver buyer. 

The alluring possibility of achieving financial profit stands out as a compelling motive to contemplate the sale of your silver collections. On the flip side, if your silver collection lacks personal meaning and is merely gathering dust while occupying valuable space, you might also want to think about selling it.

Sterling silver is a high-quality silver alloy commonly used in jewelry and tableware. Pure silver is soft and pliable. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, most often copper, to enhance the durability of silver. Thus, a sterling silver piece labeled “925” indicates it contains 92.5% pure silver. 

If you’re wondering, “who’s selling silver ?” Sell Us Your Jewelry is the answer!  


Sterling silver buyer's premium tea and coffee set
A splendid FAIRFAX, Gorham, 6-piece sterling silver tea and coffee set, complete with a complementary silver tray. This elegant set, patented in 1910, is a true gem for both silver collectors and those interested in selling silver


Why Choose Us

Sell Us Your Jewelry, the buying division of Gray & Sons is the top sterling silver buyer in Florida. We are a silver buyer that allows you to sell your silver collections online (via ) and via the Gray and Sons showroom across Bal Harbour Shops in Miami Beach.

Sell Us Your Jewelry buys sterling silver flatware, tea and coffee sets, and sterling silver tray sets as a collection or by individual pieces. Since 1980, the company has been a highly regarded and certified silver buyer in Florida.

The proficient silver specialists at Sell Us Your Jewelry possess vast expertise and experience in their role as silver purchasers. Their adeptness in recognizing and appraising your silver items enables them to provide you with the most favorable monetary value.

The company lives up to its slogan – See Us Last! Because they offer the highest possible price for your sterling silver pieces and the best-selling experience. 

Services Offered

If you want to sell sterling silver pieces, Sell Us Your Jewelry is your best destination. The company expert silver buyer can help identify the condition and authenticity of your sterling silver pieces. 

Moreover, Sell Us Your Jewelry will meticulously examine factors such as design, pattern, maker's marks, hallmarks, and overall condition to ascertain the appeal of your sterling silver items within the market. Most significantly, they will appraise the value of your sterling silver pieces and present you with the most favorable price offer.


Sterling silver Primrose set for discerning silver buyers.
Discover PRIMROSE, a classic sterling silver flatware set by International patented in 1936, featuring 165 pieces including dinner and lunch sets, 12 serving pieces, and over 175 troy ounces of .925 sterling silver, making it an attractive choice for silver collectors

Sterling silver Grande Baroque set for discerning silver buyers.
Explore the elegance of the "GRANDE BAROQUE" Sterling Silver Flatware Set, patented by Wallace in 1941 – a remarkable collection of 157 pieces totaling over 271 troy ounces of .925 sterling silver (with stainless steel blade pieces counted as 1.00 ounce troy), appealing to silver collectors


Types of Silver Jewelry We Accept

Sell Us Your Jewelry buys known brands of silver jewelry and sterling silver pieces from designer brands. 

Coffee/Tea Set

The sterling silver coffee and tea sets beautifully embody the timeless elegance of a specific era. Each piece has been meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, reflecting their utmost dedication and emanating an aura of sophistication.

These coffee and tea sets encompass various items such as coffee pots, teapots, creamers, and sugar bowls, all meticulously made from 925 sterling silver. 

We are prepared to offer you the highest value for your sterling silver coffee and tea sets, whether you choose to sell them as a complete set or as individual pieces.


Sterling Silver Flatware

Sterling silver flatware represents refinement and luxury during mealtime. They are family heirlooms known for their elegance, craftsmanship, and durability. 

Sterling silver flatware includes eating and serving utensils such as forks, knives, spoons, and various serving pieces. 

A significant number of individuals who have inherited these cherished heirlooms are contemplating selling them in order to transform them into cash. Sterling silver brands with designer origins, such as Reed and Barton's "Francis I," International Silver's "Prelude" sterling silver flatware, and Wallace's "Waltz of Spring" silver sets, possess a greater value compared to standard silver items.


Silver Holloware

Silver collectors love sterling silver bowls. Sterling silver bowls serve both decorative and functional purposes, coming in various sizes, shapes, and intricate designs. These bowls can be utilized to present food, showcase decorative pieces, or act as captivating centerpieces during special events. Sterling silver bowls are highly favored among local silver collectors due to their exceptional value and cherished status.


Silver tray

Sterling silver trays are flat, often decorative, and sometimes ornate serving platters or trays. They come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. They have aesthetic and practical uses, such as serving food, drinks, or appetizers during formal gatherings and special occasions. They also serve as exquisite centerpieces.

Silver trays' functional elegance and top-notch craftsmanship make them highly in demand with silver collectors. A sterling silver tray typically has two handles and can be up to 2 feet long. The rarity of a "Salver," a sterling silver tray without handles, stems from the destruction of most of these pieces during the English Civil War. 

Sell Us Your Jewelry is the top sterling silver buyer. We pay the most money for such designer brands.  

Sell Us Your Jewelry may be interested in buying your sterling silver flatware, tea, or coffee sets. However, these are the brands we are most interested in buying. 


ntique 1897 Sterling Silver Trophy perfect for silver collectors
An exquisite English London Sterling Silver Trophy from 1897, adorned with the engraving "HANDICAP DE DEAUVILLE - 1897," containing over 12.37 troy ounces of .925 sterling silver, perfect for silver collectors


Selling Process

Sell Us Your Jewelry has a simple selling process. 

1. Request a free quote

2. Request an Easy Ship Box and send your pieces via registered mail. Make sure to get insurance for your valuable items. 

3. The sterling silver experts will inspect your pieces for their condition and authenticity. 

4. After finalization, you will quickly receive payment via check or wire transfer. 



How long does the selling process take?

Once Sell Us Your Jewelry receives your sterling silver pieces, a qualified expert will contact you within 48 hours to give you a final offer. If you agree to the price, we will send payment via check or wire transfer on the same day.


Can I get an exact quote before sending my items?

No. You will only receive a non-binding estimate based on the digital images and description you upload on the free quote form. Qualified experts must physically inspect each item to determine its final value.


Can I take my sterling silver pieces to your showroom? 

Yes. You can take your silver collections  at 9595 Harding Ave Surfside (Miami Beach), Florida (across from Bal Harbour Shops). 



Sell Us Your Jewelry is a top silver buyer. The company has experienced sterling silver buyers who can inspect and authenticate your silver pieces to offer you the most money for your items. You can sell your sterling silver sets or individual pieces. Login to  for a free quote, or visit the Gray & Sons showroom. 


Customer Reviews

Sell Us Your Jewelry has an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This means the company is a top sterling silver buyer that offers customers the best-selling experiences. 

Sell Us Your Jewelry satisfied customers include silver collectors and persons who have inherited sterling silver heirloom pieces.




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